anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

@nYo/v3 /_ivEd 1n a /O/~Etty h()w tO\\/N
(wI~|~h (_)p $0 fLoA+In9 |v|Any B[-Lls dOWn)
$/>R1n9 5u|v||v|e/^ a(_)TUMn \\/!/vt[-r
HE S@NG hI5 |)1[>n'T |-|3 |)4|\|ce|) h!$ c|!c|

women @/v|) |\/|En(|3o+# /_It+lE and S|v|@Ll)
caR3|) /=()/^ a|\|YOne no+ 4~|~ a/_|_
~|~#ey so|/\|3d +heiR !5|\|'t +|-|3y R3@pE[> +#E!R SA|v|3
SuN moo/v sta/^s RAiN

chil[>R[-|\| gu35$3[>(B(_)t 0|\|lY a fEw
a|\||) |)OwN t#ev/ phOr9ot @$ Up +|-|3Y gr3\\/
aUT(_)m|\| wi/vtEr sp/^!ng $|_|mmer)
thAt |\|0()ne lo\/E|) H!|\/| |\/|oRE bY |v|or3

W#e|\| |3Y /v0w @nc| TRe3 8v/ l3@f
s#3 laUg|-|Ed hi$ J0Y She c/~13d h1s g/~!3ph
bIRd B`/ snO|/\| and $+!/^ bv/ ST!Ll
4nv/o/ve's anv/ W@S A/_/_ To |-|E/^

S0m[-on3s |v|ArR!3|) ~|~Heir ev[-ry0n3S
lA|_|g|-|3d t#[-1/~ crv/i|\|gS A|\|D Di|) ~|~#e!r |)a/vce
(SL[-e/> Wa|<[- hope @nc| tH[-/v)They
Sa!c| T|-|3I/^ /veveRs t#eY 5LEPT +|-|3Ir Dr[-4m

$tar$ r4!/v su/v |\/|oO/v
(And ON/_y +#3 snOw CAn beGIn +0 3></>|_AIN
h0W cHi|_c|/~eN a/^E APt To F()r9e+ tO /~3M[-|v|BEr
wit# up $O fl()a~|~iNg |\/|@n`/ BE/_/_s c|ow|\|)

0n3 d4y @Ny()n3 [>iEd 1 9U[-sS
(and |\|ooN3 St()O/>3c| t() kI$5 hi5 /=@cE)
|3|_|sY FoLk BU/^i[-d TH[-M $1d3 by $ic|e
L1+Tle bY |_1~|~~|~|_[- A/vd W4s 8y waS

All BY 4L|_ @nd d[-Ep by |)3E/O
anc| |\/|Or3 b`/ m()rE +HEY Drea|v| T#eIr Sl3e/>
No()n[- AN|) a|\|v/one 3Ar~|~h bY a/Ori|_
wish |3`/ $pi/~!t a|\|D !f 8v/ ye$.

wo|\/|e/v And men(B0t# d0N9 @nd dING)
5|_||\/||\/|[-r 4|_|~|~um|\| w1N+e/^ $/O/^inG
/^34/>ed +h31/~ SOw!n9 aNd we|\|t tH3iR [am[-
$u/v mo()n $+@/~$ R4i/v