anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

@NyoN3 liv[-d !|\| 4 />Retty h0w Tow/v
(wIt|-| (_)p 5o FLO4t1/v9 mAny |3[-LLS DoWn)
s/>/~1ng SuMme/~ au+u|\/|n WInte/^
#e sa/v9 h!s Dic|n't H3 dan[3|) H1s D!D

Wo|\/|E/v @Nd men(b()t|-| LittlE and 5|v|A|_l)
carEd fO/~ 4nY0|\|[- /vo~|~ a~|~ 4|_l
th3Y 5ow[-[> +h3ir Isn'T +h[-Y /^eaPed TH31r s@me
s|_|n |v|O0n StarS /~ai/v

[#il[>/^3N G|_|3$sed(BUt oNly @ few
4/vD d()Wn tHeY fo/~G0t @5 up Th3Y g/^ew
4(_)t(_)M|\| wI|\|~|~3r sp/^i|\|g s(_)MMer)
tH4t noo/ve Lo\/e|) #!M mOr3 |3y mOrE

\\/h[-/v bY /vow 4n[> +re3 |3Y /_3af
s|-|[- /_a|_|g#E|) his joy She c/^I[-d h1$ 9r![-f
birc| By 5/vO\\/ 4nD s+!/~ bY sTI|_l
aNYo|\|3'$ A/vy \\/4s 4/_L +O #[-/^

5om3on3$ |v|ArR!Ed tHe1/^ eVe/~YoNes
/_@|_|gH[-d the1/^ (ryi/v9S @nd [>id ~|~HeIr |)@/v[e
(sLee/O W4|<e #oP[- @nc| +|-|E|\|)t|-|[-v/
said t#[-i/^ |\|3v[-/^s ~|~H3Y slEP~|~ th3!r dREa|\/|

$~|~@r$ ra1N $u|\| |\/|00n
(an|) ()|\|ly ~|~#[- $|\|OW CAn 8391n t0 exp/_aiN
h()W chILd/~[-n a/^3 ap+ TO /=o/~93t tO /^[-m3|\/|B3r
w!TH u/O s() phL()aTinG |v|4|\|`/ |3e|_|_s d()wN)

()n3 |)a`/ 4nv/()Ne diec| i g(_)[-ss
(A/vd /vO0Ne STo0/>Ed +o k!55 |-|1$ FAc3)
|3(_)5Y Fo|_k 8u/^![-|) ~|~h3M Sid3 |3Y Side
Lit+/_3 8y LIT~|~le aN[> was by \\/4$

AlL Bv/ 4/_|_ aN|) |)[-ep |3y d3[-/>
Anc| moRE BY more THey [>r3a|v| tH3I/~ sL3e/>
NoOn3 @nD aNv/0ne e4/^~|~|-| bv/ 4pril
\\/i5h by S/>iriT A|\|D i/= 8v/ ye$.

|/\|omEN 4nD MeN(B0th doNG and [>in9)
s(_)|v|M3/~ a|_|tum/v WinTeR s/>RiNG
/^3ap3d ~|~hE1/~ $0|/\|In9 aND |/\|[-nt ThE!/^ (A|\/|E
SUn |v|oO|\| $T@Rs r41n