anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

a/vy0|\|[- L!\/3|) 1n @ /Or3t~|~`/ |-|oW ~|~()|/\|n
(wit# (_)p so F/_0atiNg Ma|\|v/ |33lLs |)0\\//v)
S/>/~!NG 5Ummer au~|~umn Wi|\|+3r
He s4|\|g |-|!s Di[>/v't He c|A|\|(ec| H1S di[>

w()|\/|en and |v|e|\|(bOt|-| |_1ttlE And s|\/|@lL)
CARed /=o/^ @/vv/()Ne no~|~ AT al/_
~|~#Ev/ 5Ow3|) th31r ISN'T ThE`/ rE@/>e[> T|-|e1r $am[-
sun |\/|oO/v s+@/^s RaiN

[H1L[>R3n GueS5[-[>(8u~|~ 0nLy 4 phe\\/
and |)oWn they /=0r9ot @s U/O th3y g/~ew
auT|_||\/||\| \\/1/v+er SPr!ng 5(_)mmEr)
tHa+ N0()|\|E loVe|) |-|I|\/| M0/^[- B`/ m0rE

w#3N by No\\/ and ~|~/^e3 |3Y LE@f
sh3 lauGhE|) h15 _/oy $#3 (ri3[> hi5 9/^Ie/=
B1rd 8y s/v0w @Nd stiR bv/ S+1/_l
@nv/0n[-'$ a/v`/ wA5 Al|_ ~|~0 HER

5()|\/|[-on3s m@rR1ec| T|-|e1/^ evErv/OnES
LauGh3d T#3I/~ c/~`/i/vg$ @/v[> D1c| +h3!R dan[e
(Sle3P wake hoPe and Th[-N)~|~h3y
$a![> +h31/^ |\|evE/^S ~|~h3y SlEP+ t#e!r |)/~[-a|\/|

5tars rA!|\| s|_||\| M()()n
(an[> O/vlY Th[- 5N0|/\| [@n b3GiN ~|~0 3xPlain
hOW Ch1l|)/~3N A/^e @pT ~|~() phorgE~|~ To /^3Me|v|be/~
\\/1th Up S0 Float1|\|G Ma/vy b3|_/_s dOwn)

one [>Ay a/vv/on3 di3c| i g|_|3ss
(a|\|[> noo/v3 s+o0p[-[> ~|~o k1Ss #i5 f@cE)
b(_)SY f()L|< b(_)r!E|) THeM SIdE by side
l!tt/_E bY /_it+|_3 An|) w4s bv/ w@S

@|_l bY Al/_ And c|ee/O |3Y c|3eP
a/v|) |v|oR3 by m0re T#ey D/^eam t|-|3IR s/_3e/O
nOo|\|3 an|) 4|\|Yo|\|3 [-a/^+|-| by 4/O/~!l
Wis# by 5/Oiri+ a/vd iF bY v/35.

\\/o|v|3|\| a|\|D m[-n(BO+H |)O|\|g aNd Di|\|9)
s|_|mm3/^ 4uT|_|mn w1nter sPri/vG
rEapEd +|-|31/~ sO\\/1nG aN[> We|\|t t|-|[-1R cA|\/|E
SuN |v|0o|\| STar5 /~aiN