anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

4ny()NE l!Vec| i|\| @ />Re+tv/ |-|()|/\| town
(WIT# |_|/O so F|_O4~|~inG m4|\|y BelLs |)0wn)
spr!NG 5UmMe/^ AuT(_)m|\| |/\|iNt3R
|-|3 San9 #1s dic|N'+ H3 DA|\|Cec| hi$ |)1d

w0mEn 4/vd Me|\|(8o~|~# lit~|~l3 a|\|D 5Ma|_|_)
[4Red F0R @nyO|\|3 N()~|~ a+ a|_L
~|~#EY soweD ~|~h3ir 15n'~|~ THey /~e4p3D th[-i/~ sa|v|3
S(_)n mo0n staRS RaIN

C|-|IL|)re|\| g|_|3S$Ed(|3u~|~ o|\|lY a f3|/\|
4ND DoW/v +H[-Y ph()Rg0+ @S |_|/> thEy 9/^EW
au~|~um|\| \\/i/vTER s/>r1ng 5(_)mm3/~)
tH4t NoOn[- L()v[-d Him m0r3 |3Y m()r3

when bv/ no\\/ aNd ~|~rEE |3v/ le@ph
5#e l4ug#ed hi5 j0y 5|-|3 c/~i3|) HIS g/~iEph
bI/~d 8y snow an|) s~|~i/~ |3`/ $T!/_|_
4|\|`/oNe'$ ANv/ w45 4/_/_ ~|~o H3/~

So|v|3oNEs M@/^r!ed THEIR e\/E/~v/O/ves
lA(_)9|-|eD +H[-!R [/~`/In9$ @nd DI|) ~|~#e1/^ D4NC[-
(sle3P |/\|@|<E hOpe @/v[> then)+|-|ev/
S@Ic| tH3ir n3v[-r$ th[-`/ sle/>t +hei/~ d/^eAm

St4/~S /^ain $un mo()N
(and on/_v/ ~|~#[- S|\|0|/\| can |3Egi/v To [-><plAin
|-|0w cH1/_drEn 4r3 4Pt +() f0/~93+ +0 r3|v|Emb3/^
W!Th U/> s0 phlo4ti|\|g M4/v`/ b[-Lls Do\\/n)

O/ve [>@y a/vv/0n[- diEd I 9|_|[-Ss
(and n0o|\|E S+ooPed ~|~o K!sS hi5 /=A(e)
BU$y /=0|_|< 8u/^i3D T#em 51De 8y sidE
lit+le b`/ liTtLE @/vd |/\|As bY \\/as

@LL 8Y @ll 4nc| |)[-[-/O bY DE3p
aN|) |v|Ore 8y m()/^E ThE`/ |)r3@|v| +#EI/~ sleep
N0()|\|e An[> @ny()nE ea/^~|~|-| bv/ @pRIL
\\/i5|-| |3y spI/~1t anc| if Bv/ yE$.

w()|v|eN @|\|d MeN(bO+h |)Ong And [>inG)
Su|\/|M[-r @|_|tU|\/|n w!|\|~|~[-/^ S/>rIng
/~3ap3d th31r sow!ng aN|) w3/vt ~|~#3!/~ [4me
sun m()o|\| s~|~4rs ra!|\|