anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

anYo/vE /_1v3[> 1|\| 4 /ORE+t`/ #0\\/ t()|/\|n
(\\/1th up 5o ph/_o@~|~!|\|g m4/vy BEL|_s d0W/v)
$/ORiNg s(_)MM3r auTuMN WiN+er
|-|3 5@nG hi5 Dic|n'~|~ he da|\|Ce[> h15 [>i|)

\\/om3/v A/vd m3/v(8o+h lit+/_e aNc| $|\/|a/_L)
cArE[> ph()/~ any0/ve n()+ a+ aL|_
Th3Y sOw3[> ~|~hei/^ i$/v't +#3Y /~e4peD the1/^ s4me
sun |v|0()n 5ta/^$ /^A1N

[#1l|)re/v Gues$3c|(|3(_)T 0|\|Lv/ a few
aN[> |)O|/\|/v t#e`/ F()r9ot 4$ (_)P t|-|3y G/~[-w
AUt|_||\/||\| Wi|\|t[-/~ Sp/~i/vg $u|v|M3r)
t#at nOo|\|[- l()\/eD |-|!|\/| |\/|()RE 8`/ Mor3

|/\|HEn |3v/ N0w a|\|c| ~|~/~EE bv/ /_eaph
s|-|3 lAugh3[> |-|1s J0y shE cR1E|) Hi$ GrI3/=
bir[> By SNO\\/ @nd stiR |3y sTil/_
4/vy()ne'$ ANy wAs aL/_ ~|~o h[-r

sOm3o|\|E5 ma/~/~!3d t#[-!r everv/onES
/_@|_|gh3c| th3!/~ cry1Ng$ 4nD Di[> tH[-1/^ c|ance
($/_eEp w4k3 |-|op3 @N|) tHe|\|)T|-|3y
5a!D +|-|3Ir nE\/eRS th3y s/_3/>t tHei/^ |)reAm

S~|~a/~5 r4!n 5(_)N M()o/v
(4Nc| 0|\||_v/ th[- $n()w Can 8eg1n to 3xPla!|\|
ho\\/ (hil[>ren 4rE a/OT +0 phor93t t0 ReMember
with Up 5() f|_04~|~i/vg Ma|\|y B[-lL$ c|O\\/n)

o/v[- D4`/ A/vy()n3 d1[-d 1 9u[-$5
(a/vd n()o|\|3 s~|~o()Ped To KIss |-|Is /=a[e)
8U$y f()Lk BU/~!e[> t|-|3|\/| 5!de |3`/ s1c|e
lit~|~L3 By |_ItTl3 @nd |/\|aS by was

all |3Y A|_L 4/vD |)ee/O By |)3eP
4nc| mo/~[- bY mO/^[- THeY c|r[-am ~|~|-|eir SL33p
n()0ne a/vc| Anyo|\|3 E4rTh 8y apri|_
WiSh by s/>IrI+ aNd I/= By y3$.

|/\|oM3n an[> |\/|eN(|3oth D0|\|g @|\|d d1nG)
S|_|m|\/|er 4u+|_|mn W!|\|t3/^ SprINg
REaPe[> TH[-1r $()WiNG 4N[> w[-Nt +#3ir c@M[-
sUn mo0n 5tars R4IN