anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

AnYOnE liVEd 1n A P/~E++v/ #()\\/ t()wn
(\\/It# (_)p so ph|_()at1/vg maN`/ be/_ls dOw/v)
$priNG sU|\/|M[-r 4U+(_)mN \\/!N+[-r
he S4n9 #iS d!d|\|'t #e D4N[[-|) hIS d!D

wO|\/|3/v 4n|) |\/|3N(B()t|-| li~|~~|~L[- @/v|) sm4L|_)
c@red FoR 4|\|y0/v3 |\|ot aT AL|_
+#Ey 50w[-c| Th3!r 1s/v't THe`/ R3A/O3d ~|~#E!r $@me
su/v |v|0o/v s~|~@R$ r41N

(|-|!lc|R3n g(_)[-Ss[-d(b|_|t On|_`/ 4 fe|/\|
And DOWn ThEY for9ot as u/O +heY G/~ew
a(_)tUM/v w!n+e/~ S/O/^iNg $UMmEr)
Th@+ n()O/ve l0\/ec| h1m |\/|or3 |3y mo/^e

whEN By /v()w @/v[> tr33 bv/ |_34f
5|-|3 Lau9#[-[> #iS joy 5|-|[- c/^!3c| h!5 gri[-F
bIrc| by 5N()\\/ a/vc| st!R 8`/ StI|_l
An`/o/ve'5 @nv/ w4S AL|_ T() H3R

soMe0/ve5 m4r/~1ed ~|~Hei/~ eV3R`/()n[-$
|_augHe|) +|-|eiR [/^v/I|\|g$ A/vd |)id +|-|EiR [>aNcE
($L3e/O w4k[- #op3 A|\|c| th3n)Th[-y
$4i|) th31r N3V[-Rs ~|~|-|Ey S/_3pt +h[-i/^ c|/~eam

5tar5 r@iN $un |\/|ooN
(@nd oNLy t#[- 5/vOw (AN b3gI/v to 3x/>La1n
HOW (HIl|)/^e|\| a/~E 4/OT to ph0rgET T0 /^[-m3m|33/^
|/\|ith (_)p 5o f/_()4T!/vg Ma/vv/ be|_ls |)0wN)

on[- c|av/ anyoNe c|ie|) I G|_|35s
(@Nc| |\|()()n3 5+oope|) T0 ki5s h1s /=@cE)
8usy fO|_K burIED +|-|[-|\/| s!c|3 by siD[-
Little By /_!tt|_3 @nd |/\|A5 |3y W@s

aLL 8`/ aLL A|\|D D3[-p By [>eeP
@|\|c| m()/~[- bY |v|or[- th3Y |)/~3aM tH[-1r 5/_eE/O
/vOOn3 @|\|d anYOn[- e4rt|-| 8Y 4p/^il
w1sH Bv/ 5Pi/~it @/v[> I/= bv/ `/3S.

|/\|omen @N|) |\/|e/v(botH |)()nG @nD di|\|g)
$|_||v|M3R a(_)tU|\/|/v wIntEr 5PRinG
/^eaped th3Ir 5OWI/v9 A|\||) we|\|+ ~|~heI/~ [aM[-
5Un moo/v 5Tar5 /^4i/v