anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

anyon3 lI\/ed 1/v @ pR3tt`/ h0W t0WN
(w1tH Up sO F|_()At!|\|9 |v|Any b3ll5 do\\/n)
sPR!Ng $uM|\/|er @utum/v wi/v~|~er
he $a|\|G |-|i5 d!c||\|'T |-|3 dAnc3d #!s did

wO|\/|[-N 4/vd |v|[-/v(B0t# Lit~|~|_3 4nd sma|_/_)
car3D fo/^ @|\|yo|\|e /v()t at @/_L
+|-|3y $()W[-c| ~|~he!r ISN'~|~ Th3v/ /^e@P3D Th[-ir same
$(_)n |\/|()0|\| StaRs /^ai/v

chIldre|\| g(_)3S53c|(B|_|~|~ o|\||_y a fe|/\|
And D0wn t#3`/ fo/^go~|~ aS |_|/> +#eY gReW
AUtuMn W!/v~|~er s/O/~inG s(_)|\/|M3R)
t#aT N0onE |_0ve[> hi|\/| m()RE 8v/ m0re

W|-|en 8y nO|/\| @ND t/^Ee B`/ l3@/=
sHe l@(_)ghe|) |-|I5 _/ov/ $#E [/^1ed hi$ Gr1EF
b!/^c| b`/ Snow 4nd $t1/^ by $+1|_l
@/v`/()ne's @NY WaS 4L|_ to #3R

5om[-O/v35 marRie|) the1r 3\/e/~`/()Ne5
L4u9h3[> tH31/~ CR`/InGs a|\|d d!d +hE!r D4/v(e
(s/_E3/O WAk3 hope @n[> ~|~#[-|\|)+H3y
S41d ~|~Hei/~ n3veRs t|-|3y sL3/>T ~|~HeI/~ DRe4|\/|

St@RS /~a1N su|\| mOo|\|
(An[> ()nly th3 s/vOW c4n 8eg1n ~|~o [-xP|_a!n
ho\\/ ChIlD/~e|\| 4/^3 4PT t() f0/~9[-T to r[-|\/|[-Mb3r
|/\|!th |_|/> So /=|_()@~|~!ng mAn`/ b[-/_LS c|o\\/n)

()NE dA`/ 4nyONe |)!ed i 9ue5$
(@/v[> noO/v[- $t()o/OeD t() ki55 H!S f4(e)
8u5v/ fo/_|< 8u/^1e[> t#Em $1|)3 8Y $I|)e
lit~|~LE |3Y liTTlE 4Nd |/\|@s 8y |/\|4$

all |3Y @L|_ 4|\|c| |)3[-P By |)e3/>
and |\/|0/^e 8y More +h3y d/^eA|v| ~|~HEi/^ $Le[-/>
no0nE An[> ANv/()/ve [-@/^t# by Apr1/_
|/\|i5|-| 8v/ 5PIri+ 4n[> !F |3v/ YE$.

wO|\/|[-|\| a|\|D m[-N(|3otH d0ng 4Nd [>ing)
sum|\/|3R 4utU|\/||\| \\/1Nt[-/^ s/>/~!ng
/~E4Ped th[-iR Sow!Ng a/vd weNt Their cam3
$un moo|\| S+@Rs r@iN