the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

~|~|-|[- [a|v|bridGe LA[>!3$ WHo L1ve !|\| /=|_|/~ni5|-|3c| 5ouL$
arE UNb[-au~|~!f|_|/_ AN[> h4V3 [()|v|Forta8Le m1N|)$
(aLs0, \\/iT# +h[- (#(_)/^Ch's /O/~o+e$~|~an~|~ 8l3$sIng5
|)aU9h+3rs, uns[[-|\|T3[> S|-|a/OeL3Ss s/>!/~1+3D)
th[-`/ 8e/_ie\/[- in cHr1s~|~ aNc| |_0|\|gf3L/_0w,b()Th c|3ac|,
ar3 I|\|vari@|3lv/ i|\|te/^e5+ec| 1|\| $O M4nv/ th1/v95-
4+ thE PreS3nt w/~i~|~i/vg o/ve s~|~1|_|_ find$
[>3/_igh+[-d /=i|\|GER$ kN1t~|~I/vG FOR T#3 i5 1+ />Ol[-S?
/>[-/~|-|ap5.   w|-|!l[- /Oe/^man[-/vT f@Ce5 [()yly |3a|\|[>y
scan[>A/_ ()ph |v|Rs. |\| an|) proph3sSo/^ d
....T#3 C4mB/~Ic|G3 /_ad!35 d0 n0~|~ ca/~3,AbovE
cam|3RIc|9E if $()mET1m[-5 1N iTs BOX 0ph
5ky L@ve/vder And [orne/^/_e$$, Th[-
mOo|\| r4~|~T|_3s lik3 a Fra9m[-nT 0F @n9RY c@|\|dY