the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

th3 (4|\/|b/~IdgE /_Adi3s W#o L1VE 1/v phU/^n!s|-|ec| soU|_$
@/~E u/vBe4(_)ti/=|_|l 4|\|d #@v3 [o|\/|f0/^+Ab|_3 M!|\|c|s
(als0, w1t# ~|~#e c#Urc|-|'S pROt3$+A/v+ |3l[-S$!|\|g5
[>@|_|g#+e/~s, U|\|sc3nt[-c| $h4p3/_3$s S/Oi/^iT3D)
they b3/_ieV[- In Ch/~1$t anc| /_ON9f3|_LO\\/,b0t# d34[>,
a/^3 !nVAr14b|_y in~|~e/~E5tEc| I/v so manY tH1/vg$-
A~|~ T|-|[- pR3$[-/vT W/~i+inG 0NE $til|_ F1Nc|5
Deli9#t3d ph1ng[-/^$ |<n!~|~TI|\|9 FOr The I5 i~|~ /O0LE$?
/Oe/~hapS.   while p[-/^ma|\|e/v+ /=4[Es c0Y|_y bandy
sCa|\|DAl 0f mRS. N 4|\|d proF[-$soR c|
....+hE (AmBr!c|g3 l@di[-S [>o nOt car3,a80ve
(4M8Ri|)g3 iph sOm[-t1m[-s 1|\| 1+$ Box OF
SKy laVe/v[>3/~ a/vD cOrneRle$5, ~|~#e
m()()|\| r@+~|~|_Es lI|<3 a phragm3nT 0f 4|\|9rY C@n|)y