the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

th3 (AmB/~Idge L4c|!e5 \\/|-|() |_iv3 !N /=u/~nIS#eD s()u/_s
@r3 U|\|Beaut1/=(_)l @n|) havE (O|\/|fOr+a|3l3 |\/|!/vc|s
(@/_5o, \\/!+h thE c|-||_|R(h'$ P/~o+3S~|~A|\|t B/_ESsI|\|gs
d@(_)gHt[-rs, u|\|s([-nt3|) s#a/O3l[-Ss s/>I/~1t[-D)
THey bEl!ev3 !n (|-|Ris+ 4/v|) Lo|\|gFeLl0\\/,|30tH d3Ad,
4r[- i|\|V4ri4bly Interes+e[> 1/v so m@Nv/ ThIn9$-
4T t|-|3 pREs3N+ w/^!t!/vg ()ne 5+i/_l F!Nds
d3l!gH+3D ph1Ng3/^S kN1tTING FoR the Is I+ po/_e5?
/>erhaPs.   |/\||-|1le /Oe/^|v|@/ve/v+ F@(35 C0Y/_y b@N[>`/
SCA/vc|@L 0F |v|/~5. N a|\|D />ro/=3ss()R d
....~|~he c4mbRidge |_ac|i3s |)o n()~|~ c@re,ab0ve
(aMb/~id93 1F 50m3T!|v|eS !n i~|~s b()X 0f
5Kv/ la\/3N[>Er A/vD coRn[-/^l[-s5, ~|~H[-
M()on Ra~|~t/_[-S like @ phrAgm[-|\|T of angrY [4ndv/