the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

t#3 cam|3/^1c|gE La[>i3s \\/#o li\/e I/v fur|\|is|-|e|) so|_|/_S
a/^3 (_)nB34Utif(_)L aND haVE (0mFortabl[- m!|\||)s
(AL$o, |/\|i~|~H +h3 chURCh'$ pr()T3St4nT |3/_3Ss1|\|gs
da|_|gHtE/^s, (_)/vSCEnte[> 5#4/OEL[-5s $/O!RI~|~3[>)
th[-v/ |33l13v[- !n (Hri5t @nd lonG/=e/_Low,8()t|-| dead,
4Re iNV@/~IA8l`/ !nT3r3stEc| in $o |v|A/vy t#INGs-
a~|~ t#E /Or3$3/v~|~ \\//^it!/v9 one s~|~!|_L f!ND$
|)e/_iGHT3[> f!n9ers Kni+~|~i|\|g ph()R ~|~h[- 1s it />oLes?
p[-rhApS.   w#iL[- per|\/|an3n+ phaCes (oYly |34/v|)y
5caNc|al ()f mrS. n A/vc| prof[-ss0r d
....~|~H3 [@|\/|br!dGe |_ad!3s c|0 /v()T (ar[-,abOv[-
c@m8r![>9[- if 5Om3Times !/v iTS 8()X o/=
S|<y /_4Ve|\|DE/~ @|\|D c0/^NeR/_Es5, t|-|e
Mo()n /^AT+L3S lIk3 a f/^A9Ment ()f a/vg/~Y [And`/