the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

th3 ca|v||3ri[>g[- /_ac|I[-$ who l1\/3 IN /=U/~/v!5|-|ed 5oUls
@r3 |_|/v83@u~|~if|_|l @/vc| #@Ve C()|\/|fOrt4ble m!n|)s
(a|_s0, \\/It|-| +#3 c|-|urc#'s p/^o+esta/vT |3L3ssI|\|95
[>aUgh~|~er5, U/vs(enteD $HA/OelE$$ $P!/~1teD)
~|~h3y |3Eli3V[- I/v [H/^is~|~ a/vd L0|\|9fe/_low,b()+h c|3AD,
A/~3 In\/a/~!Ab/_y i|\|te/~esT3[> 1n SO M4ny +|-|ing5-
4t the prese|\|t wr1t1N9 o/ve sTIll ph!Nds
DEL1ghTed phI/vg[-R5 kni~|~TI|\|G f()/^ +|-|[- I5 i~|~ />0lE$?
/O3/^#@ps.   |/\|hI/_3 p3r|\/|@n3nt fa[e5 cov/|_y b4|\|[>y
5(A/vc|4l 0F |v|/^s. n aN[> pRO/=e$SOr c|
....The CAm|3/~1Dg3 /_@d!E$ d0 /vo+ Care,4bOVE
[@|\/|b/^1Dg3 i/= 50me+im3s iN 1+5 BoX oF
$k`/ LaV[-N[>3/~ @nD [orner/_3S5, tHe
M0()n RAT+L[-$ li|<E A /=rag|v|3|\|~|~ O/= @ng/^`/ cAN|)y