the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

+he c4|\/|b/~idg[- lAd13s |/\||-|O |_iv3 in f|_|/~NI$h3d s0(_)/_S
ar3 (_)/vbeA(_)TIph(_)l And |-|4VE C0m/=0r~|~@|3l[- m!N[>$
(aL$O, w!+# tHE C|-|ur[H's />r0t3$tan~|~ B|_[-$Sings
Dau9htErs, (_)nS(Ented 5H@/O3lEs$ $/>!/~it[-d)
ThEy b3L!EVe 1N Ch/^IsT 4/vc| |_0N9/=Ell()|/\|,bOTh D[-AD,
@/^3 i|\|V@/^iabL`/ i/vTE/~3$~|~[-D i/v $o maNv/ ~|~#i/vgS-
4~|~ t#e p/^3s3N+ \\/Ri+iNG o|\|e 5T1ll fin[>$
d3l1gHtEd phi/vg3/~S k/v!~|~tInG /=()r THe 1s it p0|_eS?
/>[-rha/OS.   W|-|Il3 p3/~|\/|4n[-|\|~|~ F4ce$ (OylY Ban[>y
s(@ND4|_ 0ph |\/|Rs. n A/vd /O/~of3S$O/^ c|
....THe C@MB/~Ic|93 /_a|)ieS [>o /voT [@/^[-,AB0ve
c4M|3RidGe !F 5Om3+i|v|[-S i|\| i+5 8OX of
SK`/ l@v3nd3r aNc| (orN[-rle$s, ~|~#3
M0on R@t~|~l3$ lIKE @ phr49M3Nt of 4NGRv/ canDY