the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

~|~HE cA|v|8R!dG[- LaDie$ wHo /_1v3 iN FurNish3|) S0u|_$
a/^3 UnbeaUtif(_)|_ aNd h4ve c0Mph0/^Ta8LE |v|i|\|DS
(al5(), w1+|-| t|-|e (hur[h's /O/^ot[-stant BL35siNgs
dauGh~|~3/^s, unscen+ed shApEL[-s$ s/>iRiT3d)
~|~#EY BElI[-vE iN (Hr1st An|) /_OnGFEl/_oW,|3o~|~h d34c|,
Are !nv4/~IaB|_y !n~|~3/^[-5t[-d i|\| $o m4/vy ~|~Hin9s-
at THe /OreSenT \\//~1Ting ()|\|[- 5+1L|_ phi/vD$
d[-|_19h~|~ec| f!|\|g3/~$ kn!Tt1/vG /=()r +#e i5 It Po/_es?
/>[-/~HAps.   \\/H1le />e/~|\/|A/veNt fa(3s (()`/Lv/ 8aNc|y
5can|)Al o/= MrS. /v And p/~of35s0R c|
....t#e [@m|3RIdg[- ladi35 |)o NoT ca/^3,a8OV3
(ambr!dg3 !/= 5ome~|~i|v|3S i|\| i~|~s box oph
5Ky |_@v3nd3/^ 4Nc| c0r|\|ER/_e$s, t|-|e
|v|oo|\| r4ttl[-s /_I|<E A fraG|v|3n+ oph 4/vgrY (@nDv/