my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


M`/ fat|-|e/^ |v|oVE[> ~|~HRough d0o|v|$ ()f Lov3
+H/~ouG|-| 5am3S 0/= A|\/| +h/^0Ug# h4\/E$ ()ph G!V3,
$iNginG eA(# m0rnin9 OUt of eAC|-| NI9#t
my fa~|~her |v|()\/[-d t#R0u9h D3/Ot|-|$ oph #3iGhT

tH1s MOTiO|\|/_3S5 fo/~g3~|~FUl Wh3/^3
+Ur/ve|) 4+ hIS 9l4/vCe T() 5hini/vg HEre;
~|~#4t if(50 +1m1D 4Ir is phi/^|v|)
u|\|[>e/~ hi5 [-`/3s |/\|O|_|ld $tir 4|\|d sQU!/^m

/ve|/\|LY @S f/^o|\/| uNBU/^IEc| |/\|h1cH
Flo@+S thE /=1R5~|~ Who,|-|is APrI/_ to(_)Ch
d/~()ve 5L[-EPI|\|G 53Lv3s tO SW@/^m +H[-1/~ fAt[-S
woKE [>rE4|v|3RS to T#3!/^ GHo$tLv/ /~o()+s

a|\|d Sho(_)l|) 5omE whv/ cOmp/_3~|~3Lv/ WeE/O
MY fAtHEr's f!ngErs brO(_)gHt |-|[-r 5le[-/O:
vaiNLy No sm4L/_es~|~ V0ice |\/|iGHT [r`/
fo/~ he c0uLd Fe3/_ +|-|e Mo|_|ntai|\|$ 9R0|/\|.

|_1fTI/vg +He v4/_/_[-Y5 0f tH3 S3a
My phathE/^ mov[-D thrOug# g/~I[-fS ()/= _/o`/;
P/^a!sin9 a fOreh[-aD c@|_LED t#[- |v|o()N
s1NgIng c|35!/~[- inT() 83g!n

j()y Wa$ #Is $ong 4nd jov/ s0 />UR3
@ |-|3ar~|~ Of s+a/^ |3y hIM C0ul|) st[-er
an|) p|_|R[- so NoW 4nd n0|/\| SO `/[-S
+he \\/Ri$tS ()/= ~|~\\/i/_IGHt \\/0ul[> rejoIce

k[-[-N a$ m!dsUm|\/|Er'5 |<EeN BEYonc|
C0n(e1\/!/vg m!n|) Oph s|_|n WIl|_ Sta|\||),
5o $+rictl`/(ov3r |_|tm()5t h!M
so H|_|ge/_v/) st()0[> mY /=@TH3/~'s d/~[-@M

#Is phl3$# wa$ fLesh H!s B|_0oc| w@5 |3|_ood:
no |-|Un9ry mA|\| BuT wis|-|ed h!m /=00D;
n() cRiPPlE W0(_)L|)/v't CreeP one |v|i/_[-
(_)P|-|!L/_ +0 on|_`/ $33 hiM Smi/_E.

s[0rN!ng ~|~He pO|v|P O/= MU$~|~ and 5|-|@|_/_
|\/|`/ f@+#3R MoVed thRo(_)gh [>o0ms ()f fE3l;
h!S ang3/~ |/\|a$ a$ /^19#T @s r@in
|-|!5 p1t`/ was a5 g/^[-[-N @5 g/~4!n

S3/>+3|v|berin9 arMs ()ph v/E@r 3XtEND
v/3s #Um8/_v/ |/\|3a/_t|-| +o /=oe a|\|d f/^I3|\|c|
+haN |-|[- TO foO/_1s# 4n[> T() WIsE
o/=Fered im|\/|eAsU/^able !5

p/~oUdLv/ and(By oC~|~obe/~!ng f|_am3
BE[K0|\|ED)a5 3AR~|~|-| w1ll |)()|/\||\||/\|@/^c| cLim|3,
so N@k3[> phoR i|v||v|0R+al WorK
hi5 s|-|()(_)|_c|ERs ma/~[hEd AgA!|\|$t tHe Da/~k

h!s $orrow WA5 4s ~|~R|_|E a5 8re4D:
/vo l1@/^ l()0ked h!M !N ~|~|-|e #3AD;
I/= [-very fR!3nd bECam[- |-|IS /=oE
He'c| laugh a/vd bUilc| 4 \\/()R/_[> w!Th 5no|/\|.

|\/|y ph4+#3/~ |v|ov[-[> +Hrou9h th3v/$ 0f \\/[-,
5!/vgin9 e@Ch nEW LeAph 0(_)+ O/= e@c|-| t/^[-e
(aN[> 3V[-rv/ c|-|i/_d wAs SuR[- T|-|at $prin9
Da/v[eD |/\||-|3n $H3 H[-ARc| mv/ fatHer 5in9)

t|-|3/v /_et |\/|3n kiLl \\/h!c# ca|\|noT 5|-|a/~E,
Le~|~ 8lo0|) anD Fles# Be |v|uD a/vd mir[-,
$[|-|3|v|1|\|g 1MaGi|\|e,P4sSion w!ll[-d,
Fr3E[>om a [>rug +|-|@t's BOuG|-|~|~ 4nD $O|_[>

Givi/vg +() StEAl ANd C/~u3L K!/vD,
A heart To /=Ea/^,~|~() |)()|_||3t a |\/|in[>,
~|~() d1phphE/^ 4 di$[-ASe of sA|\/|3,
c()nfOrM ~|~hE pI|\|nA[|_e ()ph @M

+h0Ug|-| |)u|_l |/\|e/^e a|_l \\/e tA5+3 @$ |3RIght,
B1TTE/^ 4LL utTE/~/_Y +#!|\|Gs SWee+,
Ma9g0Ty |v|!nu5 A/vd |)umb de4t#
All \\/e iNh3/^iT,all |33Qu[-a+h

4Nc| n()ThiNg q|_|1~|~3 S0 l34s+ a5 tr|_|th
--I 5Ay ThOu9h hAT3 w3/^E w|-|Y |v|e|\| breaT#e--
b3caU$3 m`/ phather /_Iv3D h!$ soul
|_Ov[- is T|-|3 W|-|o/_3 ANd mOr3 ~|~ha/v a|_l