my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


my faTheR mOV[-[> tHrOUgH |)0OmS ()/= /_0ve
t#r0Ugh same$ oF @M ~|~Hr()|_|GH h4V3s of gIve,
sing!ng eAc|-| |v|Or/vI/v9 o(_)t OF [-4ch /v!g|-|T
|v|y F4~|~hER M0v3d tHro|_|GH D3/Ot#S Of |-|3I9|-|+

~|~|-|is motIO|\||_[-5S FORge+FUl wh3re
t|_|rN[-D at |-|is glan(3 to s|-|!n!nG |-|[-r3;
~|~h4+ I/=(s() Ti|\/|ic| 41/^ is phI/~m)
(_)/v|)3r hIs ev/es w0(_)ld s~|~1/~ @/vD 5quIR|\/|

N3|/\||_v/ 4s phRom (_)Nb(_)r![-c| W#i[|-|
F|_()Ats +h[- f!/^5+ wH0,his @/>ri|_ +()u[h
[>RoVE S/_33/O!n9 S3l\/[-s to 5w4r|\/| THeIr f@teS
w()k3 [>r3amE/^$ ~|~() th3IR 9#()5~|~Lv/ roO+s

a|\|[> sho(_)|_[> 50M3 wHy C()|v|P|_[-te|_y \\/[-E/O
My ph@theR'$ Fi/v9ers 8ro(_)g|-|t HeR s/_[-[-/O:
v@in|_y nO smAl/_Est \/oiC3 M!g#~|~ cry
FOR He (O|_||_[> /=[-3l +|-|e mOunT41n5 9r()w.

/_1/=~|~Ing Th3 vAlLeY5 oF +h3 SEa
|v|y fAth[-R |\/|o\/3d t|-|r0ugH gr13/=$ 0f JOy;
pRAIsI/v9 @ /=OR3HE4c| caLlEd +|-|[- moo/v
s!/v9!/v9 |)ES!r3 1N+O 8[-GIN

_/0y wa$ |-|is 5oN9 4|\|d joY sO Pu/~e
a |-|[-4rT Oph st4/~ by |-|Im [oU/_D st[-3r
4nd /O(_)R[- $() n()|/\| an|) n0w so y[-5
th3 \\//~1sts ()f tWi|_!G#+ \\/ou/_d Rejoic3

K[-en As |v|!d$(_)M|\/|e/^'$ Ke3|\| beyo/vc|
c0/v[[-iV!/vg m!nd oph su/v |/\|1ll 5tan|),
5o 5tRI[tL`/(O\/3/^ U~|~|\/|osT H1M
So |-|UgeLy) 5ToO[> |\/|Y f4t|-|[-/~'5 Dre4|v|

|-|!5 flES# w@s F/_ESh hi5 b|_oo|) |/\|as Bloo[>:
no h|_|N9/^y |\/|@n |3uT WI5H3c| h!|\/| fo0|);
N() (/~i/Op/_3 \\/o(_)l|)n't Cre3P ()|\|[- |\/|ilE
(_)/OHIll T0 O|\|ly SeE H1m SM1lE.

5cOr|\|1N9 +hE P()|\/|P ()f MuSt and $H@ll
M`/ /=4~|~H3/~ m0v[-|) ~|~h/~0(_)Gh do()m5 ()f fE3l;
H1s @|\|G[-R waS as r!g#T as /^4in
|-|iS pi+`/ W4s as g/^E3/v aS grain

s[-/>~|~e|v||3[-/~iNg ar|\/|5 of v/e4/~ 3x~|~enD
Yes hUmblv/ w[-A|_t# ~|~o fo[- a|\||) ph/^![-|\|c|
tha/v h3 tO F0Olis|-| @N|) to |/\|IsE
o/=Fer[-d im|\/|3@Su/^abl3 is

/Or0u|)ly 4|\|[>(8y o[TOb[-r1nG Fla|\/|[-
8ec|<o/v3|))@$ ea/~th wil/_ [>Ow|\|War|) [l!m|3,
sO n4k3c| /=()r 1M|v|o/^+4/_ w0rk
h15 SHO|_|Lde/^s |\/|4/^c#3c| Agai/v5t the d@/~k

h1S $0/~/^ow w4s 4$ t/^u3 45 br[-a|):
|\|0 l14r |_OoK3|) him In +h3 h3@d;
i/= ev3/~`/ phRI3n[> bE(am[- |-|15 fO3
H3'c| lA|_|GH A|\|d |3(_)i/_d A worl[> WIth snow.

My pha~|~#3R |\/|()V[-d th/~O(_)9h ~|~heys 0/= wE,
s1Ngi/vg EACh /ve|/\| |_e@f ouT O/= EAc# ~|~r3e
(ANc| [-v3rY child Wa$ su/^3 +hAt S/>rinG
danCeD |/\||-|[-/v 5he hE@/~d mY /=@th[-/^ 5!ng)

+heN le+ |\/|3/v kilL Whi[H (@/vNO+ sharE,
|_et bl0od ANd fl3S# b3 |v|Ud and mi/^3,
s(#e|\/|1n9 Im49i/ve,/>a5Sion \\/!|_Led,
phr33c|()m 4 D/^ug Th4t'5 b()ught a/v[> $ol|)

giV!/v9 t0 S+3AL AN[> [RUeL kIN[>,
4 #ea/^~|~ T0 /=[-a/^,to [>oub+ @ M!|\|d,
t() D!Ffe/^ @ D1s3@sE 0ph samE,
cOnph0rM ~|~h3 Pi/vN4Cl[- ()ph @M

+|-|oUGh c||_|L/_ wEr3 @/_l w3 t4st3 AS BRIGHt,
|3ITT[-/^ a/_|_ (_)t+Erly thi/vgS s|/\|e3t,
M@g9oTy m!N|_|s 4nd [>|_|m8 de@t|-|
4l/_ we I|\||-|Er!T,4l/_ 83Q|_|E4+#

4n[> N()tH!ng Qui~|~E 5o l3aSt @S T/~U+H
--I s4y th0Ugh h@te weR3 why men bre4th3--
be(a|_|53 mv/ phaTh3r |_Iv3|) |-|i5 $0u/_
/_()\/E 1s T#e W|-|0l[- @/vc| mORE T#4|\| 4|_l