my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


|v|y FAT|-|3r |v|o\/Ec| ~|~#/~ouG# |)()0mS oph LoVe
ThR()ugh $Ames of aM T|-|r()u9|-| h4ve$ O/= giv3,
$In9!ng e4c# |\/|0r/v!N9 O|_|t ()f 3ACh /viG|-|~|~
mY Fat|-|[-R Mo\/ed ~|~|-|RoU9# [>3/Oths o/= He!gHt

th!S m0+i()n/_eSs fOrG[-Tphul \\/#[-R3
~|~uR/ved AT hi$ 9|_A/vCE To shi/vI/vg H[-/^3;
tHa+ 1f(so ~|~!mID 4I/^ I5 fir|v|)
(_)/vd3R h!$ Eyes w()(_)|_|) $+ir anc| Squi/~M

new/_`/ As FRO|\/| |_|NBur!e|) |/\|hI(h
f/_()@TS Th3 F!/^St whO,|-|IS a/>ril T0uc|-|
D/~o\/[- S|_3epiNg s[-lV3s to swA/~m ~|~h31/^ Fa~|~e$
\\/0k3 DReAMers to +|-|3ir G|-|0$Tlv/ R0()Ts

A/v[> shOUld S()|v|3 W#y C0|v|PLet3|_v/ w3eP
my f4t#3r's fingerS b/^()uGH~|~ |-|er 5l3ep:
Vain/_v/ No S|v|4llesT v0icE MiG|-|~|~ cr`/
FOr hE (oulD fe3l T#3 MOu|\|~|~@I/vs gr0\\/.

/_iph+Ing t|-|e vAL|_eyS of T|-|3 S3a
Mv/ phaTheR Mov3d thRo|_|gH 9R1efs of _/Oy;
/Ora!si/vG A f0Reh3@d (4|_/_ed TH3 Mo()n
S!/vg1/vg De$iR[- iNTO |3[-Gi/v

joy W@S |-|i5 50/vG @/v[> _/OY 5() />U/^3
a |-|e4r~|~ of s~|~ar bY h1|v| c()u/_d 5Te3r
an[> Pure $o /vow A/vc| NoW so yes
tH[- \\//~I5Ts O/= ~|~w!liGH+ woU/_c| r[-J0i(3

K3En 4s m1dsu|\/|M3/^'S |<E3|\| 83`/o|\|d
cONC3!ving MI/vc| ()F $UN wIL/_ $+aNd,
sO st/^!Ctlv/(0\/3R u+m05+ Hi|\/|
so hUGE|_Y) 5TooD MY pha~|~her'5 c|reAm

hi$ /=L[-5# \\/@s f|_[-5h hiS blo0d was 8loO[>:
|\|o hU/v9/^Y MAn b(_)t |/\|iS|-|[-[> HiM fo0d;
/vo [/^iP/>|_E |/\|o(_)ld/v't cr3ep O|\|E |\/|Il[-
u/>|-|IlL ~|~() 0n/_y 53[- HIm S|\/|1le.

S(()RNin9 The /Oo|\/|/> o/= m(_)s~|~ ANd sh4ll
|\/|y fathe/^ m()\/ec| T|-|r0u9h c|o()Ms Oph /=33l;
Hi5 aNg3r |/\|a$ a5 /~!9h~|~ as r@IN
H1$ p!Tv/ wA$ as greeN 4S g/~ai|\|

Se/>~|~em|3eR1nG ar|v|$ Of Y[-Ar EXT3n|)
`/e$ |-|(_)mb/_Y weal~|~# ~|~() /=()3 @/vD Friend
Th4n |-|e tO Fo0|_iSh And to w1S3
()F/=3/^E[> imme4suRabl3 i$

PRoUD/_y anc|(|3v/ ocT()8er1ng FL@|\/|[-
BECKo/ved)@s 34rTH wiLL [>()wNw@r[> c|_imb,
$0 n4|<[-d FOr 1|\/|morta/_ \\/Or|<
|-|i$ S#()Ul|)e/^S |\/|4/~(#3d aGai/v$t t#E d@/^|<

|-|!S $Orr0w \\/@$ as ~|~/^u3 a$ Br[-@|):
nO /_!aR loOkec| |-|i|v| in Th3 h[-@d;
i/= eV[-rY fR!e/v|) b3Ca|v|e hi5 f()3
|-|3'D la(_)9|-| 4|\|d |3U!l[> a W0rLd wit# 5|\|()\\/.

m`/ F4th[-R MoVED th/^()(_)9|-| +H[-ys oF we,
si|\|GiNG eac|-| n3|/\| lea/= ou+ ()F [-a[|-| TrE3
(and eveRy [H!/_d |/\|@s sur3 ThA~|~ $/Or!|\|9
dAN(e|) |/\|h[-N shE He4rc| my f@t#e/^ s!/vg)

thEn |_[-T |\/|en |<i|_l W|-|ich Can|\|()+ S#a/~e,
l3~|~ |3/_O()c| a|\||) flE$|-| be |v|u|) AND mi/^e,
SCh3|v|in9 imAGi/v[-,p4ssi()|\| Wil/_E|),
fR3Edom A c|/^|_|G tH4t's 8o(_)g|-|T 4Nc| s()ld

gI\/i/vG ~|~O $~|~e4l 4nD crU3l ki|\|c|,
a |-|3@/~+ To fea/~,+O d()ubT a |\/|1|\|[>,
+() D1F/=e/~ 4 [>is[-AsE O/= sam3,
co/vfoRM +H3 />i|\|nA[/_[- ()F Am

thO(_)GH [>U/_/_ w[-/~e @|_/_ \\/e +aste as Bri9H+,
bi+tEr A|_|_ |_|ttErL`/ +H1NgS sW33~|~,
mAgG()+v/ |v|Inu$ aN[> c|uM|3 [>34~|~H
@l/_ |/\|[- 1/v#er!T,4/_L B3qu3ath

a/v|) NoTHIn9 quite $o l3a5+ @S ~|~rUth
--i 5@`/ th()ug|-| H4tE WeRe \\/|-|y |\/|[-N bREAt#3--
b[-cau$3 |v|v/ Fat|-|3r |_!\/3d h!s s0|_|l
|_ove Is ~|~|-|3 |/\|h0|_e an[> M0re t|-|@n 4lL