my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


|v|Y FatH[-/^ m()\/3|) t#/^0ugH dO0m5 ()/= /_0V[-
+#/^0|_|g|-| s4ME5 ()ph @M +|-|/~O|_|gh |-|Ave$ 0ph g!v3,
s1/vgi|\|9 [-@ch |v|o/~|\|in9 O|_|T of 3@(h |\|!Gh+
|v|v/ F4tH3r |\/|o\/e[> t|-|/^ou9h d3PthS o/= #3Ig|-|t

~|~#IS m()T!ONLe55 pho/~getf|_|l w#3re
tuR|\|[-D @t |-|iS glA/vc[- t0 Sh!NI|\|g H[-/~[-;
that 1F(s() t1miD 4ir 1S f1/~m)
un[>[-r h!$ [-Y3$ w()U/_d s~|~1r @n|) SqUirm

n3|/\|Ly as fr0M u/vB|_|/~!ed W|-|!(H
ph|_O4ts ~|~|-|[- /=ir$t |/\||-|o,hi$ ap/^1|_ +o(_)(|-|
|)r0VE 5l33/>ing sE/_\/eS ~|~0 Sw4/~m +H[-1/^ ph4TE$
wOK3 c|r[-AMeRs T() +h[-ir 9hOst/_Y r0o~|~$

an|) s|-|o(_)ld SOm3 |/\|hy (()m/>lete|_v/ \\/33P
|\/|y ph@t#3r's phing[-RS bRo(_)gHt He/^ 5lE[-P:
Va!/vLy N() s|v|@l|_E5+ vO1Ce M19|-|~|~ cRv/
F0r H3 [()U/_d ph3e/_ ~|~He |\/|()(_)nT@1n5 g/~OW.

/_iphtIn9 tH3 v@|_l3Y$ ()f ~|~|-|3 SE@
my fa~|~h3r |\/|0\/ec| T#/~()ug|-| g/~i[-F5 0ph joy;
PRai$!ng a FO/^3|-|E4d (a/_|_e|) +h3 |v|()0n
s1ngiN9 DE$i/^[- int0 8egi/v

_/ov/ \\/as #!$ so/v9 aN|) _/Ov/ so /O(_)/^e
a H3@/^~|~ of sta/^ bY |-|1m coUlc| St3er
anD />uRe $o NO\\/ aND /voW s() v/e5
thE |/\|/~I5+5 of tWi/_!GHT |/\|()uLd /~3_/oi[3

kEE|\| As mIds(_)mMER'5 |<3[-|\| b3y()/v[>
[o/v[3ivi/vg Mi|\|[> of s|_||\| WIll 5ta/vc|,
so ST/~1(+|_`/(OVer U+most hi|v|
So HuG[-/_`/) stOod |\/|`/ f@+|-|3/^'$ dre4m

|-|Is F|_3Sh w4S fle$# hi$ BLO0d W@5 8|_O0c|:
/v0 hung/^`/ m4N BuT |/\|is|-|E|) h!|v| F0oc|;
|\|o [/~I/OpLe W()(_)lc|n'~|~ [ree/> one |\/|1l3
U/O#1l|_ to o/vlv/ S[-e |-|!M $m!L3.

$(O/~N1nG t|-|3 />oM/> OF |\/|U$+ 4|\||) $#@|_l
|\/|Y ph@+|-|3/^ m()v3D T#/~0|_|9H [>oo|\/|$ of f3[-|_;
his ange/^ \\/aS A$ rI9h~|~ a5 rAiN
|-|i5 />!ty w4$ aS g/~3en as G/^ai|\|

se/>TEMB3/^!nG Ar|\/|5 of v/ea/~ Ex~|~[-/vc|
Ye5 h(_)|v|bly |/\|34l+# +O ph0E @nd f/^1e|\|c|
~|~Han he t0 f()o/_!sH and t0 \\/is3
()f/=er[-c| !mmE45uRAb/_3 is

/>/~()|_|D|_Y anD(b`/ ()cTOB3/~INg /=/_4m3
B[-cko|\|3d)As ea/~tH WiLL |)()w/v\\/4rd clImb,
So nakED /=()/~ imm()RT@|_ W()RK
His $H()|_|l|)eRs |\/|A/^C#Ed AgaInst T|-|E d4rK

#is s()rRoW W@5 4S TRU3 45 bR3@d:
no LI4r /_OOK3D Hi|v| 1|\| +He |-|3@d;
!F 3ve/^y phr!3nd 8e(a|v|[- HI$ fo3
h[-'d |_4(_)Gh anD bui/_d A W()Rl[> w!TH SNOw.

my f@tHe/~ moved thRough THe`/S 0F WE,
5Ing1n9 3ach /v3W /_3Af 0|_|t OF E@ch tre[-
(a/vc| e\/e/~y CHi/_d w@s S(_)rE th@t $PRing
d@N(e[> |/\|H3n S#3 #3aR|) my F4~|~HeR $INg)

+|-|[-n lEt me|\| ki|_l \\/h1(h (aNNO~|~ 5HA/~3,
|_E~|~ B|_oo[> and fL[-s# 83 |\/|U|) A|\|[> |v|!re,
$[#[-M!nG i|\/|@gIN3,PAssiON wIL|_[-[>,
/=/^3[-c|0|v| a |)rUG ~|~hAt's B0ug#t aNd soLD

gIving +O St34l a/vd [/~U[-l kInc|,
@ H3Art tO fe@r,+O DOUbt @ M!ND,
T0 dif/=3R A D!5[-a$3 of s4me,
c0/vphor|\/| th[- pin|\|4c/_3 Of am

thouGh [>ul|_ WeR[- A/_l \\/E t@$~|~[- as |3/~ight,
|31+~|~3r @|_/_ |_|+t3rlv/ ~|~HIngS $|/\|33~|~,
|v|AggoTY M1|\|u$ anc| [>U|\/|8 |)ea~|~#
4lL wE IN#[-Rit,@ll b3quE4th

ANd no+h1N9 q(_)i~|~3 sO L3a5~|~ as T/~(_)Th
--1 say t|-|()(_)Gh hAt[- w3/~e |/\||-|y m3n b/^[-4tH3--
bE[a|_|sE my /=a+#3/~ Live|) H1s s0(_)l
L()vE i$ t#e \\/h0l3 @Nd mOrE T|-|an a|_l