my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


mY Fa~|~h3/~ |v|ovE[> thRo|_|gH do()|\/|S ()f love
THR()Ug|-| 54Mes oF Am +h/~0|_|gh |-|@\/es OF g!v3,
s!/vgiNg EA(h moR/v!n9 o(_)+ of Ea[|-| |\|Ig|-|+
M`/ fAT|-|e/~ |v|O\/3[> t|-|/^o(_)gH Dep~|~#s of #eiGHt

THI$ m0t1O|\||_35$ phORGetfUl WHEr[-
tUr/vEd @T His 9la|\|[3 +0 $HIn1|\|g |-|eR3;
tHa~|~ if(S() ~|~imId a1r 15 fi/~M)
un[>3/~ hi5 3Y3S wO(_)lD s+1/^ a/vd $QU1/^|\/|

N3WlY as F/^0m Unb(_)r13D \\/H1[h
phL()@+$ +#3 fi/~$t \\/H(),h1s 4/Or1l to|_|CH
drovE $leepi|\|g selV3s To s|/\|4Rm +He1r f@~|~E5
W()|<3 [>r3Am3rs +0 thEi/^ 9hosT|_y /~Oots

AND $h0|_||_|) 5()M3 w|-|y (O|\/|p/_EtE/_Y \\/E[-/>
m`/ /=@~|~H3R'S fi|\|g3rs B/~()(_)g|-|+ |-|eR SlE3P:
vAI|\|ly /vO smAllESt vo!cE Mig|-|t cRy
F0r hE (()uL|) fee/_ t#e mou/vTaI/vs g/~o|/\|.

LiphT!/v9 +|-|E VAL|_3Ys ()f T#[- $3a
Mv/ F@T#3r M()\/3c| t|-|r()u9h 9/^!e/=s Of J0y;
p/~4iSINg @ foR3h3ac| (@llE|) Th3 |\/|()o|\|
51|\|g1|\|9 d3$i/^3 !/vt() bE9IN

j()Y \\/a5 #iS s0/vg 4/vd jOy s0 P|_|r[-
A H[-4r~|~ ()F St@/~ bv/ |-|im coul|) 5t[-[-r
a|\|D />uR3 SO nOw A/vD n0w $0 yEs
+he w/^15ts 0ph t|/\|i/_i9h~|~ Woul|) reJOi(3

KE3N A$ |\/|!dsum|\/|3/~'5 |<e3N b[-`/OND
[0/vCEIVING M!nD ()f sUn wi|_l sta/v|),
$o Str1[t/_y(()\/3R |_|t|v|oS+ H1|v|
SO h(_)G3|_y) S+o0[> mv/ f@+heR's dr[-AM

#is f|_3s|-| |/\|4s /=L[-sH #i$ bLOod W45 8|_o0|):
|\|0 hUNgr`/ ma|\| b|_|~|~ \\/isH3c| hi|v| f()()d;
|\|0 (/^Ipp|_3 |/\|o|_|ldn'+ (/~3Ep ONe |\/|Ile
(_)Ph1|_l +O ()n|_`/ s3e |-|i|v| s|\/|iL[-.

s(orN!/vG t|-|e pomp OF mu5T a|\|c| $HaLl
|\/|y f4Th[-r Mov3|) t|-|RouGH c|o0|v|$ Of /=3el;
His @|\|G[-r w@5 4s /~19ht AS r@!|\|
#1S />1tY wa5 A$ G/^33n as gr@!/v

S3P~|~E|v||33RInG a/^|\/|s 0/= yEar exten|)
y3S #u|v|bl`/ W[-@lth ~|~O fOE and fR13nc|
Th@N #e to f0o|_!SH and ~|~o wI53
ofphe/^3d 1MM34$|_|r@|3l3 I5

p/^0|_||)LY And(|3y octO8eRi/vG Fl4|v|e
b3(koN3D)as earT|-| |/\|!Ll [>Ow|\||/\|@rd (/_IMB,
sO n4Ked /=or i|\/|MoR+@|_ W0/~k
|-|1S sHo|_|Ld3/~s m@R(#3d @ga1|\|St tHe c|@R|<

h!S sO/~rOw WA5 4s +r(_)3 aS B/~E4D:
N() l1@r |_o()|<e[> hi|v| in tHE #3@d;
IF 3v3rY frie|\||) 8eC@me hIS /=()3
H3'd laUg# a/vd 8|_|ild A WOrlD |/\|1+H $No|/\|.

My /=@Th[-r m0\/3d tH/^ou9# TH3Ys Of |/\|e,
$!nGiNG e4[h |\|eW LE4/= ()U+ of e4C# +r3e
(4|\|[> 3veR`/ c#i|_c| WA5 5ure thAT spR1|\|g
dan[3[> w#3/v $he hE@r[> mY ph4+h3/^ 51|\|9)

The|\| |_3T m[-n |<1LL |/\|H1ch (@|\||\|ot shA/^3,
|_3~|~ b|_oO[> @/vd f|_3sH B3 |\/|(_)d AnD mirE,
S(|-|EMi/vg 1mAgin3,pASs!O/v W1LLEc|,
/=reEd0|v| A [>Rug +ha~|~'5 |3OUg|-|t A|\|[> $old

gIving +() S~|~E@|_ @nD Cr(_)3l Kind,
a h[-@rt t0 f3aR,t0 dou8+ 4 |\/|1N[>,
+o |)!phfer @ Dis3A5E ()ph Sam[-,
(()nfo/~m ~|~hE /O1/vnaCle o/= Am

t#0Ugh [>|_|l/_ W[-/^3 a/_/_ We ~|~4$+[- @S b/~igH+,
b!TTeR 4/_L (_)++eRLy +HinG$ swee+,
m@ggo+Y |\/|i/v(_)S anD [>Umb [>34~|~#
Al|_ w3 iNHe/~IT,@ll beqUeaTh

an|) not|-|iNg Quit3 s() l3Ast a$ tRUTh
--i s@Y t|-|ough |-|at3 WE/~3 whY Me/v 8RE@THE--
b3CAuSE My F@~|~H3/^ li\/ec| hiS soUl
/_()VE !5 +|-|e W|-|()l3 an[> MORe ~|~hA/v @|_L