my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


|\/|`/ fa~|~|-|3R MovE|) ~|~#/~ou9h doo|v|$ o/= |_()\/3
thro|_|9H 5a|v|ES 0F Am ThR0(_)9H hAve5 OF g!\/3,
$iN9!Ng EACH MoR|\|i/vg 0Ut 0F 34C|-| NIg|-|~|~
mv/ /=at|-|Er |v|OveD thr0|_|gh |)3pT#$ OF #e19H~|~

~|~#i$ |v|OT1O|\|l[-$$ /=oR9e~|~ful w#er3
~|~|_|r/v[-d At |-|i$ g/_an[[- to $|-|ining #[-/^E;
+|-|4t !/=(s() T1m1d Ai/~ is /=i/~|v|)
u/vc|3r H!$ ev/3S |/\|OU|_d 5T!r @nD sq|_|!/^m

NeW/_y as ph/^o|v| u/vb|_|/~I3|) W|-|iC|-|
/=lO4T5 Th3 /=!r5t |/\|H(),h!5 A/ORIl +Ou[#
DR0v3 s/_3[-p!/v9 se/_\/3s ~|~O s\\/aRM ~|~#[-!r F4te$
wokE |)/^E@me/^5 to tHEiR Gh()St/_v/ rOoTs

Anc| $|-|O(_)lc| 5()M3 wHy cOM/OLET3|_`/ weep
|v|y Fa~|~#[-r's Fi|\|g3/^s |3/^0Ught |-|3R 5le3p:
v4i/v|_Y No sma|_Le$~|~ \/0i[[- |\/|I9H~|~ c/^Y
phO/~ H[- c()UlD ph[-3l ~|~he |\/|0|_|N~|~AiNs Gr0\\/.

l1f+INg t|-|3 vaL|_3v/$ OF +he S34
Mv/ f@T#e/~ |v|oVEd t|-|Ro(_)G# Gri3/=s 0F jo`/;
P/~AI$ing @ /=oR3#[-a[> C4l/_E[> TH3 |\/|OoN
S1ng1|\|g De$Ire into |33gi/v

JOv/ \\/4s #!$ Son9 @ND _/0y So PuR3
A #Eart ()/= sT@/^ 8Y #Im c()u|_d $Te3R
ANd P(_)re $o no\\/ 4N[> N0w $o v/[-5
+hE W/~I$~|~S o/= tw1/_i9ht wo|_||_D /^3Joi(e

Ke[-/v as m1dSum|\/|Er'S Ke3n B3`/()ND
C()N(EiVi/vg min[> ()F $un wiLL sT4/v[>,
so S~|~/^icT|_Y(Ov3/^ u+|v|os+ h1m
5O hUg3Ly) s+0()d |v|y f@~|~H3r'$ c|/~[-am

|-|is f|_eSh w4$ FleSh |-|i$ |3loOd was blooc|:
|\|o hunGRy Man b(_)t wisHe[> him f()0d;
|\|o (r!Pp|_[- |/\|ou/_|)|\|'T cR33p o/v3 |\/|i|_E
u/Ohill +() 0Nly s[-[- |-|I|\/| s|v|i|_E.

s(0/~/v!ng The poMP 0ph |\/|u$~|~ a|\|[> sh4Ll
mv/ F@th3R |v|o\/3c| thr()|_|gh dO0ms OF phe3|_;
#i$ Ange/~ |/\|as 4S rIg#~|~ A$ /^a!/v
#1s PiTy W4s a5 gr[-3/v A$ grA1n

S3pt3m8erI|\|9 4Rm$ ()/= `/eaR ex~|~3n|)
`/es #um8LY |/\|[-4lt|-| t0 Fo[- aNc| f/~!en|)
+hAn h3 To F0o/_Ish @nD to |/\|ise
offE/^[-[> IMMe@s|_|/^@BLe 1s

/OrOuc|ly 4|\|D(By 0c+obEr!NG phL@|v|e
beCKon3d)@$ 3arth |/\|1ll [>0|/\|n\\/ARd (limb,
5o |\|4ke|) F()/^ i|v|m0rtAL woR|<
hiS $h0Ulde/^s mar[h3d AG41N$t th[- [>4Rk

hI$ s0/~ro\\/ |/\|a$ 4s tRu3 a$ |3/~E4d:
/vo Li4R l()()kED H!m in +#E h3aD;
1F e\/e/^`/ frI3nd bec@Me HIS ph()3
h[-'|) laUgH AND buILd a WORlD witH s/v0|/\|.

|v|y f4~|~#e/~ m0v[-D Th/~oUgh thEy$ Of \\/e,
s1/vGin9 e4(h n[-w |_3@ph ()Ut 0f EAch Tree
(a|\|[> ev3/~y ChI|_[> WA5 su/^3 thAt 5/O/^I/v9
daNC[-[> whE|\| SH3 #3A/^[> My /=4tH3R 5in9)

t#en |_3~|~ |\/|3|\| Kil/_ w|-|i[h C@n/vot Sh4RE,
/_[-+ Blood @n[> ph/_35h Be M(_)d a|\||) mIRe,
s[#[-MinG !MAgi|\|e,/Oassi()n \\/i/_lEc|,
Free|)0|v| a c|rUg ~|~HaT'$ bo|_|ght 4nd so|_c|

9!\/1|\|9 ~|~0 $~|~ea/_ @nd (/^|_|eL kI|\|d,
a |-|e4rt ~|~() f3Ar,To |)o(_)bT a MI|\|[>,
~|~o [>1FFE/^ 4 d!S3@5e Of $@m3,
(()|\|ph()Rm +he />1n|\|4cL3 oF 4|\/|

tH()|_|gh d|_|LL \\/eRe alL W3 t@s+e @s |3RIg#t,
bI++3/^ @|_/_ u+t[-rLv/ ~|~|-|i|\|gs s|/\|3et,
|v|49g0Ty |v|!nu$ anc| d|_|mb D3ATh
Al/_ we IN#[-/~iT,4L|_ bEQu3@tH

A/vc| /voTh1|\|9 QuIT[- so /_e@St as +r|_|th
--! s@v/ ~|~h0u9|-| |-|@~|~[- w3Re wHy |v|en 8r[-AtHe--
b3CA|_|$e |\/|v/ faT|-|3r l!veD h!S $ouL
/_()VE 1S Th[- wh0le aN|) mo/~3 than all