maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|v|@9g1e a|\|[> Mil/_v/ @n|) m0LlY a/v|) mAv/
|/\|EN+ d0|/\||\| t0 t#E |3e@ch(~|~0 play oNe c|4v/)

An[> MAggi[- c|is(()Ver[-|) a Shel/_ ~|~|-|aT s4ng
s() s\\/3[-T|_v/ s#e co(_)/_dn'T reMe|v|b3/^ |-|er ~|~R0U|3le5,an[>

Mi|_ly be/=/~!e|\||)Ed 4 StRa|\|DEc| $+ar
w#O53 /~@`/$ /=!Ve l@Ngu1[> /=1ng3r5 wer3;

a/vD mO/_lY \\/AS Cha$[-D By @ #()r/~ib/_e +hInG
\\/#IC|-| /~@[e[> sIc|ewayS |/\|HIL3 |3lo\\/inG |3(_)b8leS:And

|v|@v/ [amE h()me W1t|-| @ $|v|()o~|~H /^ound s+0|\|e
as $|\/|4/_L as @ \\/O/^ld 4nd 4s la/^GE as AlOn3.

/=()/~ wHat[-v3R \\/3 LO5[-(lIk3 4 v/()U ()R @ |\/|3)
1T's @lwav/$ 0(_)/~5E/_\/3$ w3 phI|\|c| in tHe 53a