maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


magg!3 an|) |v|1LLy aNd |\/|o|_Lv/ aNd |v|Ay
wENT [>o|/\|N to ~|~h3 b3A[|-|(~|~o pla`/ o/v3 day)

and ma9GIe dis[0VEr3|) A s|-|[-Ll +hAt $a/v9
SO 5wEe+lv/ shE (OuL[>N'T /^3|v|[-mbeR he/^ ~|~r0(_)8/_3S,A/v[>

m1|_ly b3f/~ie/v[>3d A 5+/~a/vde[> 5+@/^
|/\|#()s3 /~4YS fiv3 lanG|_|!D FinGE/^s W3r[-;

anD |\/|o|_l`/ \\/@$ (|-|@sED bY a #or/~ib|_e ThI|\|9
|/\|#iC# /^A(ec| $!|)e\\/ays \\/h1l3 8Lo\\/!|\|9 8ub|3|_[-5:4nd

|v|@y [4M3 hOm3 Wi+H A s|v|OO+h rou|\|[> StOnE
@$ Sm4/_|_ a$ 4 W0/~|_D and @$ |_@/~Ge 4S aLo/ve.

f()R W|-|AT3\/[-r \\/[- los[-(L1|<3 4 Yo(_) ()r a me)
1~|~'5 @LWA`/S ()(_)r$[-lvEs WE FINd iN the se@