maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|v|aGgi[- aN[> |v|1Lly a/v[> |v|OLlY and Mav/
\\/[-|\|+ c|own t() +hE B34cH(~|~() />l4v/ o|\|e |)4y)

a/vd m4g9!e dI5(()ve/^eD a $h[-|_|_ ~|~#4t 54|\|g
5O swe3T|_Y $#e Could/v't r[-m[-m8e/~ H[-R T/~0(_)8Les,anD

|\/|!|_lv/ |33fr1EN|)3c| a ST/^a/vdEc| st4r
w|-|05E r4`/s fiv[- /_a/v9uid f1|\|9[-/^s Were;

a|\||) mOlly |/\|as [has3D |3y 4 #o/~/~1bLE ~|~#InG
wh!(h /~ac3d sIc|ewaYs whIl[- 8|_ow1N9 |3ubb|_35:AND

|\/|@y c@|\/|E |-|O|\/|E with a smo0Th Ro(_)/v|) sto/ve
@5 $mAl/_ @s A w0/~lc| and as |_arGE 45 AL0/ve.

/=Or |/\|#a+3VER we |_o$e(|_ik3 @ You Or a mE)
IT'5 a/_wav/$ O|_|/^53|_veS w3 Find 1n The $EA