maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


m@gg!e a|\|c| mi/_/_`/ an[> mOL/_`/ a/vc| |v|ay
w[-|\|t DO|/\||\| To THe b[-acH(+() /OL4`/ one [>4Y)

4|\|D MAggi3 d!$[overED @ sh3L|_ T|-|A+ Sa|\|g
so s|/\|[-3TlY S#E c()(_)Ldn't /~[-m[-|\/|ber h[-/~ +RO|_|8|_[-S,aNd

mIllv/ b3phri3n[>e|) @ stRAnd[-d 5+ar
Whos3 /^@Y5 ph!V3 LaNguId phi/v9eR$ wer3;

4/v|) m0llY w@s [ha5e[> BY A |-|oRr1|3/_e thi|\|g
\\/hiCh /^A(3d $!De\\/a`/s |/\|#!/_E |3Lowin9 b|_|8|3/_e$:4ND

|v|Ay [A|\/|3 Hom3 wi+|-| 4 $m0O+h RO(_)Nc| s~|~oN[-
aS s|\/|a|_|_ as a |/\|Or|_d A/vc| @$ l4RG3 As a|_one.

/=()/^ wHAt3v3r |/\|3 /_ose(l!Ke a y0|_| O/^ A |\/|e)
It's 4l|/\|4`/5 O(_)/^sE|_V3s |/\|e f!Nd in th3 S3a