maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


m@gg!3 A|\|c| MIl|_v/ 4n[> mO/_ly 4|\||) |\/|a`/
wEnt |)o|/\||\| To thE |3E@(h(to P/_Ay 0N[- c|A`/)

@/vc| mAgGi3 c|isco\/e/~3|) @ $#el/_ ThaT s4/v9
S0 sWe3tLy shE coUld/v'+ r3|v|[-m8er heR +ro(_)b/_eS,anc|

miL/_y |33fri3/vdeD @ stra/v[>e|) $T@R
\\/h0S[- rA`/s FI\/e lANgu1d f!/v93/~S we/~[-;

anD m()lL`/ W45 (|-|@s[-c| by a hORr!bLe +hIng
w|-|!(# /~A[ed 5Ic|3w4v/S w|-|1le B/_o|/\|1Ng bub|3LEs:@|\||)

|\/|4v/ C4|\/|e ho|v|E |/\|it|-| @ smOo+# R0uNd st()NE
AS 5|v|Al|_ AS A \\/()r|_c| aND As L@r93 as al()/ve.

for \\/#aT[-v[-r W3 l0$e(L!ke @ `/o|_| ()/~ a mE)
it'5 @L|/\|4y5 o(_)rS3lV3$ w3 ph1|\|d In Th3 S34