maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


mAggie @ND M!l/_`/ A|\|d |v|0L|_y An|) M@Y
W3/vT c|()|/\|n t() ~|~he Beac#(+o play O|\|e Dav/)

4n|) ma9gi[- dI5cOve/^[-d 4 5#e|_|_ t|-|a+ s4n9
s0 5|/\|33~|~|_`/ 5|-|3 (()|_|l|)n'T r[-|\/|E|\/|bEr #[-r t/^oU8/_[-5,@|\|[>

M1lly BeFRI[-nc|3d @ sTRa|\|D3d stAr
\\/h0Se r@Ys FIV3 l@|\|gUic| f1|\|g3/~$ \\/E/~[-;

an[> |\/|O|_|_y \\/as [has3D 8v/ @ h()rr1b|_3 t#I|\|g
WHicH /~4C3d s1[>[-wav/s w#!le BloW1/vg bubBl35:a/vD

|\/|@`/ CamE #0mE wit|-| a s|\/|o()~|~h ROunc| ston3
4S S|v|AlL @s @ wO/^|_d 4n|) As LarG3 4s alon3.

/=or \\/hat3V3r We l()$3(lI|<e a `/0(_) or 4 |v|3)
!t's @|_wAv/s ()(_)r5ElveS w3 fI|\|D 1/v +H[- seA