maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|v|49Gie 4n|) mI|_lY a/v|) m0|_ly aNd |v|4y
w3NT c|0wN t0 T#e 83ach(to p|_AY 0nE day)

And ma99iE di$(0V3/^Ed a s|-|3ll tHa+ SAng
5O s\\/ee+/_`/ s|-|e cOu/_dn'T rem3MbE/~ |-|3r +R0UblE$,aNc|

|v|ILly 8[-F/^iend[-|) 4 S~|~/^And3d 5ta/^
\\/|-|()s3 /~av/s fi\/3 L4NgU1d /=1ngEr$ w3r[-;

4N|) m()l/_Y wA$ cHasEd by 4 #orrib|_3 +#ing
wh![h ra[e|) s1[>3ways \\/hI|_3 8L0W1|\|9 B(_)BbL3s:And

m4y cAM3 #0me wIt|-| a 5|v|O0+|-| Ro(_)n[> s~|~0N[-
@s smalL @S a |/\|()rLc| @/v|) 4S la/^g3 a$ al()Ne.

foR WH4T[-\/er W3 lo$3(/_1K3 a y()|_| ()r A me)
It'S alW4v/$ 0(_)r$3lve5 \\/E ph1nd i|\| th3 s3@