maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


MAGG1[- 4n|) m1/_|_`/ an|) M0Lly and mAy
W3Nt D0Wn ~|~o thE |3ea(h(+o plAv/ o/v3 [>4y)

@nc| |v|4gGiE |)!$(0\/3r[-c| A $h3l|_ that Sa/vg
s() $wE3+/_`/ s#[- (o(_)L|)N't r3m3|\/|8[-/~ heR +ROu8L35,and

|\/|!LlY 8ef/^i[-nD[-[> 4 STr@|\|deD $tar
whose /^Av/s ph1v3 /_4ng(_)I[> f!ngers |/\|3r3;

@nc| |\/|ollY wAs ChaS3D b`/ @ |-|oRr1ble thI/v9
\\/h!cH race|) 51|)Ewav/$ w#!l3 bLo|/\|iNG |3(_)b|3|_3$:a/vc|

MAv/ camE hOm[- |/\|I+h A Sm0ot# /~O|_|nd $~|~()N[-
as $M4LL 4S 4 wORL[> 4nd 4s La/~9e as @lone.

/=0/~ \\/haTEver we lOse(/_!KE a y()(_) or a M3)
!T'S aL|/\|a`/$ ourSE|_V35 w[- /=1ND !|\| The $3A