i sing of Olaf glad and big

by E. E. Cummings


i $ing 0f olAph g|_Ad @|\|d B19
W|-|ose |/\|a/~|v|eST h[-4rT R3(oile[> A~|~ war:
@ (O|\|$(!3nt1()U5 0bJEC~|~-()R

HI5 WEL|_Be|_()véD Colonel(T/~!9
|/\|3s~|~po!|\|t[-/^ |\/|ost S(_)CC!/v[~|~|_v/ B/^eD)
t0ok [-/^/^iN9 olaf so()n in |-|a/vc|;
bu+--tHO(_)g# a|\| #os~|~ of 0ve/^_/0YeD
|\|oN[o|v|$(phIrST k/vOckI/vG o/v the #e@d
hiM)do +|-|/~()ugh I(y w@te/^S /~O/_|_
+#@t HeL/Ol3s5/ve$S whICh o~|~|-|3r5 $t/^()K3
w1t# bR(_)$|-|es rec3n~|~l`/ 3mployed
4/v[-/v+ thiS |\/|Uc||)y +oIle+BoWL,
wH!/_e k!|\|c|rec| inTelLecTS evOKe
4/_|_eGiA/vCe P[-R 8/_(_)n+ Inst/^umEn~|~S--
oL@ph(b31n9 ~|~() @LL In~|~EN~|~$
A cOR/>5E a/vc| WA|\|+Ing AN`/ RaG
upoN W|-|@t Go[> (_)/v+o h1|v| G4V3)
/~Esp()n|)S,W1~|~ho|_|~|~ gett!ng an|\|()v/ed
"! w1|_l /vot k15S YOu/^ fU(KI/vg fLa9"

5Tr4ig#TW@Y tHe s!l\/E/~ b1rD lOoke[> g/~4\/3
(D[-Pa/~+1/vG #|_|/^r![-dl`/ ~|~o 5H4vE)

B|_|T--t|-|ou9h @l|_ kInc|s ()f ofph!cErs
(a YEAr|\|I/vg Na+IOn'5 b|_(_)33Y3[> />ri[>3)
t#EiR pa5S1VE pr3Y dic| |<1(K anc| [u/~s3
until FoR \\/3@r tHeir [lAri0/v
\/o1ce5 @nd b0()tS We/^3 mu[h ~|~He wo/~SE,
4|\||) e99e|) ~|~h3 f!/^$tc|_asspriV4T35 On
h1s rectum w1(|<E|)LY To +[-a5e
bY M3@|\|5 o/= S|<!lfull`/ a/>/>Lied
B@y0nEts rOAste[> #oT Wit|-| #[-A~|~--
ol4f(upOn |/\||-|At W3/~3 ()nc[- kn[-[-S)
[>OE5 a|_m0$~|~ c[-4sel3Ss|_y r[-/>3@+
"thEr3 !s s0|v|e shIT i w1/_/_ not E@t"

Our />/~es1D3nt,|3eI/vg ()f whi[#
4S5er+!o|\|s duLy n()t!fi3|)
~|~h/~Ew Th3 `/e|_lOw5O/v()/=Ab!T[h
1|\|t() a c|(_)|\|ge0n,w|-|3/^3 #[- |)Ie|)

c#RI$~|~(o/= |-|is M3Rcy Inph!|\|iTe)
i prA`/ ~|~o 5ee;And o/_Af,Too

p/^3p()|\||)3rA~|~inglY B3C@|_|s3
U/vlesS 5+4T15+I[s /_I3 hE wa5
m()r3 b/^AVe tH4/v M3:MorE 8lonc| t#@n yo(_).