i sing of Olaf glad and big

by E. E. Cummings


i S!ng ()ph olaF G|_Ac| a|\|D 8!9
\\/|-|0se \\/A/^|v|e$t h[-aR+ R[-co1l[-D 4~|~ WA/^:
@ [on$[i[-|\|ti0u5 o|3j3ct-0/~

hi5 \\/E/_/_b3Lové[> coLo|\|e/_(+r1G
w3$t/OOiNt3/~ mo5+ suCcInCTly 8/^ed)
t0()k 3/~rI/vg O|_af s()0n 1n |-|Anc|;
buT--THouGh an hos~|~ oph 0V3rjo`/E|)
/vo/vCom5(phirSt |<|\|OCk1ng oN TH3 Hea[>
hiM)|)0 T|-|Ro|_|gH !cy |/\|at3r5 /^0|_|_
that h3l/OlEssne$s wh!ch OtHE/^s STr0ke
\\/iT|-| b/^usH3s /^[-c3|\|t|_Y em/O|_()Y3c|
@N3NT th!$ m|_|[>c|y toI|_3+|3O|/\|l,
Whil[- ki/vDred !N+3ll3(~|~s 3\/oKe
allegI4|\|[E />3r |3|_un~|~ i|\|sT/~(_)|v|[-nts--
OL4f(|33in9 tO a|_l i|\|+3n~|~5
A [0rPS3 An[> wA|\|~|~!/v9 4Ny Rag
(_)P()/v \\/hat 9oc| (_)n~|~o #!M Gave)
/^[-Sp0|\|D$,|/\|Itho|_|~|~ 93t+I/v9 aN|\|OY[-[>
"I w1/_|_ /vo+ kI$$ `/()(_)/~ /=u(kING /=|_ag"

st/~4ig#T|/\|@y t|-|e Silv[-/^ BiR[> lO()ked g/^4ve
(d3/O@rting h(_)R/^!3[>lv/ to shaV[-)

b(_)t--tHoU9|-| A/_|_ k1/vd5 of of/=i(erS
(a `/e4/~ni|\|g na+1o|\|'S BlueEY3|) />r!de)
t|-|e!r /O@$S!v[- />rEY c|ic| K!ck anD c(_)rsE
|_|n+!l /=o/~ w3@/~ their [|_@/^I0N
vOi(35 a/vd b0()~|~5 w3rE m|_|ch ~|~|-|E w()/~S3,
4nd eG9e|) tH[- fiR$t(l@s5p/~iva+es 0/v
his /~[-[+Um w!ck3c|l`/ t0 +e45e
BY |\/|3ANs of $KILfu/_|_y ap/>/_Ied
8aY0/vE~|~S /^OaSted ho+ |/\|iTH H34~|~--
o/_Af((_)/OOn w|-|aT \\/[-Re oNce kN33s)
c|Oes @lM0sT ([-ase|_eSs/_v/ /~eP[-4T
"~|~#E/^e is $0Me $hit i will /vOT E@~|~"

()UR /Or3$i[>en~|~,|33!|\|g o/= |/\||-|!cH
AsSe/^t!()nS d(_)Ly n0T1fi3c|
th/^e|/\| The y[-lLoW50n()phab!~|~ch
i|\|+0 4 |)|_|ngeon,Wh[-re #E d!e|)

cHR1S~|~(0/= #i5 me/^cy I/vfI/vIT[-)
i p/^A`/ +O S[-e;AnD O|_4ph,too

pRep0|\|D[-/~4T1nGl`/ 8ECAU53
(_)/vLE$5 s~|~4t1S~|~!cs l!3 #E W@s
m0rE b/^AV3 tHa/v |v|[-:m()/~E |3/_oNd tH@N v/()u.