i sing of Olaf glad and big

by E. E. Cummings


i 5iNg ()/= ()LaF Glac| A|\|D Big
|/\|HOs3 Wa/~m[-ST h34/^t r3c()il[-D 4t |/\|Ar:
A Co|\|S(!3/v~|~ioU$ O8je[~|~-or

His w3llBELo\/[> (()/_ON3l(tr1g
\\/Es~|~p()in+3/^ |\/|05t 5|_|c(in[+/_y |3r3c|)
t0o|< 3RRing ()|_AF s00/v IN hAn|);
|3(_)T--~|~#Oug# @n |-|()$~|~ of oVe/^_/oy3[>
no/v[oM5(/=1/^S~|~ knO[K1|\|9 ()N the h34[>
|-|!m)[>O Th/~OU9|-| i(Y w@t[-/^5 R()l/_
+#aT #e/_Pl[-5sn3s$ \\/h1(# oTHe/~$ 5T/~0Ke
with |3/^(_)$h3$ /~[-[3|\|T|_y e|\/|ploy[-d
4nEnT +#!5 m|_|[>dy ~|~o!|_et|3O|/\|l,
\\/H!l3 |<!nDred int[-l|_3[~|~$ 3vOK3
a/_|_3gi@nc[- /O3/~ bLU/v+ !|\|stru|\/|EN+s--
0LaF(b[-1ng tO al/_ InTe/vt5
4 c()/~/>Se @|\|[> W4NtI|\|G a/vy raG
(_)po|\| w#4t G0[> un+o |-|1m ga\/E)
r3spoNDs,wI+|-|()u~|~ 93+TINg 4/vn0v/3d
"i |/\|1/_l n0t |<15$ `/o(_)r F|_|(|<i/vg phL4G"

S~|~/^aighTW4`/ ~|~|-|E s!LVer |3I/~[> L()Oked 9RAv[-
(depa/^tin9 h(_)r/~i3[>lY +0 5h@V3)

|3U~|~--~|~hO|_|9# al|_ K!N|)5 Oph O/=ficer$
(@ v/e@/^NiNg naT1o|\|'s 8L(_)eey[-c| P/^iDE)
+|-|e1r Pas$I\/3 P/^Ey [>Id kiCk 4|\|c| CurSe
u|\|~|~1L fOr wE4R +hei/~ Cl4ri()N
v0iCeS anc| bo0t$ wE/~3 m(_)ch t|-|E wor5e,
a|\|d 3ggE[> T#[- /=1RSTcL@S5/ORIv@tES on
his /^[-[Tu|\/| w1(keDlY tO t[-a5e
bv/ |\/|e@/v$ 0F s|<!|_phulLv/ appl!Ed
b@YOnET$ /~()A$TeD #o~|~ w1+# heAT--
()l4ph(u/O()N \\/hat w[-r[- O|\|(e knees)
c|()[-s @LMoS~|~ ce@$ElE5sLy re/>e@t
"~|~Her[- iS s()me $H1+ i wil|_ nOt E4T"

()u/^ PrE5idEnT,BE!n9 Of \\/H1Ch
as5e/^+i0ns dulY |\|oT1phie[>
t#/~3\\/ ~|~#3 YEll0w$oN()fab1~|~(H
I|\|tO 4 D|_||\|9eO/v,wh[-/^[- #[- dI3c|

(#/~!5+(()F hi5 m3R[v/ !|\|fI|\|ite)
i p/^@y ~|~() $3[-;4nc| o|_A/=,~|~Oo

p/^3Ponc|3RAti/vGL`/ |33Ca(_)S3
un/_E5$ sta~|~IsT!($ /_1e HE W4s
MOrE |3/~@vE t#AN |v|e:mo/^E BL0N|) +|-|a/v you.