Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


sP/^i/vG is l1k[- a />3R#a/O$ h@nc|
(whiC# (Om35 (a/~e/=|_|l|_Y
()UT of nOWh3r3)aRraNg1ng
@ wi|\||)OW,in~|~0 |/\|Hi[# />3()p/_[- /_oOk(whi|_3
p3oP/_e stare
ArRAngInG aND [h4ng!ng />laciNG
(@R3/=|_||_Ly T|-|eR[- @ S+Ra|\|ge
~|~hi/v9 and 4 k/v0w/v T|-|ing h3/^E)4|\|[>

chA/vgi|\|g everYt|-|1|\|9 carephullY

s/Or1nG I$ L1ke A P3/~Haps
#and I/v 4 w1/v[>()w
(ca/~3FULLv/ +()
A|\|d f/^o mO\/!/vG NEw A|\|c|
()|_c| T#ing$,\\/#ILE
/OEoP|_e STa/~[- ca/^eFullY
moV1nG @ pe/~|-|aps
fra[tIoN ()f fl()|/\|3r h[-r3 /O|_aci/vG
a|\| i/v(h ()f aIR ~|~HER3)A|\||)

\\/!~|~|-|Out B/^[-@ki|\|g A/vyt#INg.