Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


5/O/~1|\|g Is LiK3 A /O3/~ha/O$ #4nD
(WhiCh (omES c@/^3FU|_/_`/
o(_)t of /v0\\/her3)Arra/vg!|\|9
4 |/\|i/vDo\\/,1Nt0 whi(H P3O/>|_3 lO0k(\\/h!le
p3o/>Le S+a/^3
a/~/^A/vG!ng 4|\|d c|-|angINg />lacIng
(@/~3F|_|l/_y ~|~He/~e @ $TraNG[-
+H!ng A/vc| 4 Kn()wn +h!|\|g her[-)a|\|d

C#@ng!|\|g 3vEr`/th!N9 CA/~3fULl`/

Spri/vg is lIkE A />[-r#ap5
#and I/v A \\/!nc|o|/\|
(c@/^3f(_)|_/_v/ ~|~0
4/v|) ph/^0 mO\/InG new aNd
0|_|) t|-|i/vg5,\\/HI/_[-
p30PL[- S+a/~e ca/~efUl/_y
m()vI|\|G a p[-RHA/Os
phr4cti()n oph f|_0|/\|eR #[-/~3 p/_4ciN9
aN !N[# Of a1/~ t#3/^e)@nd

\\/1th()|_|T bRe4K!n9 a|\|yth!Ng.