Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


Sp/~ing I$ /_!ke a />[-RH@pS |-|aNd
(\\/hiC|-| c0|v|[-s [@/^3f(_)L/_`/
ou+ ()F /vOW#E/~3)ar/^4/v9INg
a wiND0w,int() \\/|-|i(h peop/_3 /_()ok(\\/|-|!l3
P3()p|_E stA/~e
a/^/^An9ing and [#@|\|91ng p|_4c!|\|9
CA/^EfU|_/_y t#[-Re 4 5TRa/vgE
t|-|!Ng @|\|c| 4 kn()|/\|n thiNg #e/~[-)anD

chaN9i|\|G e\/3/~Y+#ing caRE/=ull`/

s/ORi/v9 !S L1k3 4 perhApS
#4/v|) i|\| A \\/!n[>o\\/
(cA/^[-Fu|_l`/ ~|~o
4/vc| FRO m()Vi|\|G n3w aND
0/_d Thing$,whi|_3
/>[-0/OL3 stARE ca/~eFU|_|_v/
|v|O\/in9 a /Oer#a/Os
phr@ct!o|\| oph fLO|/\|Er h[-R3 p/_4c!Ng
aN !/v[h O/= aIr t#erE)A/v|)

|/\|1T|-|out |3/^Eakin9 a|\|yt|-|1/vg.