somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

5o|v|Ewhe/~3 ! Ha\/e n3Ver tRAv3ll[-d, gl@c|/_`/ bE`/oNc|
any 3Xperie/v(e,yoUR eyE$ #aV3 T|-|[-ir 5I|_3nc[-:
in yoUR mOs+ phRAi|_ G3S+|_|/~3 a/~e ~|~#ing$ w#i[# 3NcloS3 mE,
0/^ \\/hic# ! cann()~|~ tO|_|C# |3Ec@|_|Se tHey 4r3 +()0 |\|e@r

`/our Sli9#~|~es+ loo|< w1/_|_ [-asilY uncl()S[- M[-
TH()|_|9# I |-|4Ve cl0s3[> My$elf as phinge/~s,
v/()(_) 0/>[-|\| aL\\/@`/$ /OET@l 8`/ P3tal |\/|ys[-|_/= a$ $p/~in9 opens
(To(_)chi/v9 5k1LfU/_lv/,My5~|~er!O|_|s/_v/)h3r f!rST /~05E

0r i/= yOU/~ wiSH B3 To CLO5E |v|3, 1 A/v|)
MY lif[- \\/ill sHut v3/^Y |3ea(_)t!/=(_)/_lY ,suDden|_`/,
as w|-|eN THe heaR~|~ Oph ~|~hi$ /=Low[-r !|v|@gi|\|[-$
~|~hE sN()W (aRef|_|l|_`/ 3ve/~Yw|-|[-r[- D35[endI/vG;
|\|o~|~#I/vg wH1c# |/\|3 a/~E TO per[[-Iv[- IN tHiS Wo/~Lc| 3qU@l5
thE p0W3r ()ph Y()ur INT[-n$3 f/~A9iLiTy:|/\|#05e ~|~[-X~|~UR3
cO|\/|/>el$ |\/|[- W1Th ~|~he Co/_oR O/= Its [()(_)nT/^1es,
R[-nde/^ing [>3at# 4/vc| phor[-\/3/~ |/\|!+# 3@(H 8rEAThING

(1 do No+ |<nOW WH4T It !5 abO|_|~|~ yoU T#4T [l()$3s
A|\|c| ()Pe|\|s;0|\|lY sO|\/|Eth1/vg i/v |\/|3 U/vd[-r$+aNdS
Th3 Vo!c[- ()/= yO(_)R EyeS Is c|33/OEr tHa|\| @l/_ /^O$ES)
nOBodv/,|\|Ot 3\/E/v t|-|E /^ai|\|,#as $(_)(|-| s|v|a|_/_ h@/vc|s