somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

SO|\/|Ew#ERe ! |-|4Ve nevER t/^AvE|_/_[-D, g|_adL`/ bev/o|\|[>
a/vY 3XP[-/^1enc3,your ey3$ h@vE ~|~#EiR 5i|_3nC[-:
!n yOur |v|ost fr@i/_ GE5tUR[- 4r[- thingS w#Ich EncLO$e M3,
OR wH!(H 1 (@/vNOT To(_)ch 8e[@u$e Thev/ A/~3 +oo n3a/^

v/oU/~ sLiGhTeS~|~ l()0k W1|_/_ [-ASIlv/ (_)|\|c|_()5E mE
T|-|0ugh I #@vE cL0s[-D my$Elf @S fin9e/~5,
y()U opEn Al\\/Av/s P[-Tal 8v/ /Oet@L |\/|Y$Elf a$ 5P/^iNG Op3|\|5
(~|~oucH1/v9 skiL/=u/_ly,my5t3r!o|_|5lv/)h3R f1Rst RoS3

0r !ph `/0(_)/^ w15h be tO (lo5E ME, I an[>
my L!fe |/\|ilL $#(_)T V3rv/ b3auti/=(_)|_/_y ,5(_)dD[-N/_y,
4s wh3|\| th3 #[-art of +#I5 FlOw3/~ !M@g!Nes
th3 $noW (@/^efu|_ly [-v[-ryw|-|3re c|[-sceNd!|\|9;
|\|o~|~Hi/vG Whic|-| \\/e 4/^E to /OeR([-iv3 !N ~|~HI$ W()/^Ld EQ|_|4/_5
Th3 /Oo\\/[-r of yO|_|r in~|~E|\|53 f/^a9Ilit`/:whOse ~|~3x+u/~3
c0|v|PEL$ |v|3 |/\|!th T#[- cOloR oph I+s C()(_)n~|~ries,
rENd3/^I|\|g |)3a+h @/vd fo/^ever \\/It# 3A(h B/~e@Th1/vg

(i Do NoT |<n0|/\| What it 1s A|3oUT Yo|_| +|-|4t (lo$e$
A/vd Op3|\|$;On|_v/ $oMe+hing i/v Me |_|ND3Rs+A/vc|5
TH[- v0Ic[- of yOu/~ 3yes iS d3eper +h@n 4l/_ /~O$3s)
n()bod`/,/v0~|~ ev3n the ra!n,#a5 5(_)(H smA/_|_ |-|@/vD5