somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

somewH[-/^e i h@vE NeveR trAv3L|_3d, glad/_Y b[-`/oN[>
any ex/OeriEn(E,v/o|_|/^ 3y3$ h@ve T#3IR S!|_ENCe:
in `/0u/^ M0$t f/^a1l g3Stu/~E @r[- +#1/vgs WhI[# 3|\|[lo5[- me,
()/~ \\/|-|IcH ! ca|\|n()T t()UCh Be(4u$[- tHe`/ 4RE t()O /vEaR

yoUr S|_iGHtest L()O|< wI|_L [-a$i/_y uNcl0S[- me
t#Ough 1 |-|4V3 CL0$3D |v|v/s3/_f 45 ph1|\|g3RS,
`/O|_| Ope|\| @L|/\|4yS />3+aL bv/ /Oe~|~@|_ |\/|`/Self aS spRI|\|G 0P[-/vs
(tO|_|c|-|iNg $KilFULlv/,mYs~|~3r!()u$Ly)Her f!/^St Rose

O/~ !f Y0ur \\/15H BE to cl0S[- |\/|[-, ! 4Nd
m`/ LIF3 W!/_/_ 5|-|ut \/[-/^v/ be@|_|Tiphull`/ ,S|_|d|)eNly,
as |/\|hEN t|-|3 H3@rt OF THiS FL()WE/^ ImAgi/v3$
~|~|-|e sN()\\/ ca/^[-fullv/ [-V3Rywh3re [>E$[en|)iNG;
|\|()tH1nG Wh!c# |/\|E 4/^3 to p3rCEIvE !n tH15 w()/~ld 3QuAls
T|-|E PoW3R o/= YOU/~ int3nSe fr4giL!+v/:whos3 +ex~|~(_)re
Com/Oe/_5 me w1th THE [0lor ()/= I~|~s c0U|\|TrI3$,
re|\|derIng d[-At|-| anD f0/^evEr \\/ItH [-a(h 8/~EA~|~|-|ing

(I [>() not knoW Wh4T !+ iS a|3oU+ YO(_) ~|~|-|aT Cl()53s
and ()p3n$;()n|_`/ soM[-t|-|I/v9 1|\| m3 |_|ndErs+@nD$
+He vOIce of Your eyeS Is d3Eper +ha/v @/_/_ r()s3$)
no8oc|Y,No+ [-ven +#3 /~4In,ha5 5uCh 5ma/_/_ hA/vc|s