somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

so|\/|3Wh[-re ! #Av3 nevER t/~Av3/_/_3d, g/_a|)lY 8ev/ond
4n`/ experI3nC3,y()Ur Ev/E$ #ave T#3Ir 5iLe|\|c3:
!n yOu/^ m()s~|~ ph/~@il G3$~|~|_|re Are T|-|!|\|9$ \\/hICH 3NclOSe |\/|E,
or W|-|iC|-| i ca|\|n0t +Ou(|-| beca(_)se t|-|3Y ar3 To0 n3ar

yoU/^ SLigHT35+ LoOk will easi|_v/ u|\|[LOse m3
+h0uG|-| i Hav3 [l()5ed my$e|_/= 45 /=1/v9e/^$,
v/ou ope/v a/_|/\|Ays peta|_ bY p[-~|~aL |\/|yS3lF 45 s/O/~1/vg 0p3|\|5
(t0|_|cH1|\|9 5kiLf|_||_l`/,|v|`/stER10(_)SlY)#er /=i/~ST r()s3

0R 1F y()U/^ \\/I$h b3 tO cl()5E |\/|3, ! an|)
|v|`/ /_iFE wi|_l s#(_)~|~ V3RY 83aut1phu|_/_v/ ,$|_|[>Den|_`/,
aS \\/HEN t#e |-|eAr+ oph +#15 fl()\\/e/~ i|v|Agi/vES
~|~h3 5/v0\\/ car[-f|_|l/_y eVE/^YWh[-RE d3Scen|)ing;
|\|othin9 |/\|#i[H w[- ar[- ~|~0 /O[-rceI\/[- !n +|-|1s w0rld eQ(_)a|_S
~|~he pOw[-/^ oph v/Ou/^ INTe/vse f/~49I/_ity:\\/hos[- teX+|_|/^e
(0mp[-lS me Wi~|~h ~|~#3 [oLOr oph itS cOunTR1[-5,
R[-nD[-ri|\|g c|eat# a|\|d f0rever \\/iTh 34c|-| Bre4~|~Hin9

(i D0 n()+ Kn()|/\| |/\|HA~|~ it i$ @BO(_)~|~ y0u th@T Cl()s[-s
@n[> OPen$;O/v/_y s()met|-|1/vg in me UNDeR$~|~aN[>s
tH[- vo1([- Of `/our eyes I5 |)3e/O[-r +HA/v a/_|_ r0SEs)
noboc|`/,|\|0~|~ 3vEn THe /^a!n,Ha$ s(_)ch SM@l|_ Han[>5