somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

Som3\\/HE/^3 i hA\/[- |\|EvEr t/~Av[-|_|_eD, g/_4[>Ly BEyonD
ANY 3Xp[-R!3N[e,Y0Ur eY3s h4\/E ~|~H3!/~ 5!l3nce:
1|\| v/o(_)/^ MoSt F/^Ai|_ G[-STUr[- A/~3 t#!/vG$ |/\|#1[H E/vcloSe Me,
0r |/\||-|!ch i cann()~|~ +o|_|(h b3c4u$3 +HEy A/^3 ~|~oo neaR

`/O(_)r slight3s+ |_ook Wi|_/_ 3asi/_Y |_|N[/_()53 Me
t#Ou9H i H@v3 ClOSeD |v|`/$[-Lf @S phi/vG[-/~S,
v/O(_) Op[-/v 4|_\\/4Ys PEt4L 8`/ /O3taL |v|v/s[-lF @5 s/Or1NG O/O3nS
(tou[|-|ing $k1lFU|_LY,mYsT[-/^IoUsl`/)hE/~ fIrst Ros[-

or If `/OU/^ wI$H |3[- To [/_os3 me, I 4Nd
my l!/=E wIl/_ 5HU+ veR`/ 83au~|~!phul|_`/ ,$udc|E/v/_y,
a$ w|-|3n th3 he@r+ ()F +hiS Flowe/~ iMa9i/vE5
+|-|3 5/vow Ca/~EfuLly evER`/wH[-re D3sc[-Nc|1n9;
no~|~#!nG \\/#!(h wE a/~e ~|~o pe/^ce!V3 in t#!5 \\/orLd 3qUA/_s
~|~#e pow3/^ o/= yO(_)R InT[-n5E fr@9!Lit`/:\\/hOs3 ~|~eX~|~(_)/~e
c0|\/|pelS m[- wi~|~h The Col0r oph 1ts C0|_||\|+/~I3$,
/~E/vD3Rin9 d3ath anD phoREv[-/^ wIth Eac|-| 8R[-ath!ng

(I |)o Not kNow wh4T iT !$ a8O(_)t you that [L()$3$
a|\||) oPen$;o/v/_y S0m3th1nG !/v m3 U|\|d3rSt4Nc|S
The voI[E 0f v/ou/~ [-v/3S I5 c|3E/>3r thA|\| a|_/_ /^O$es)
noboc|Y,no+ [-\/e/v t|-|E R@1N,h@5 sUch s|\/|a/_l hanDS