somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

s0|\/|EWH3/^[- i ha\/[- n3v3r T/^avel|_3c|, glac|ly |3[-v/()|\|d
A|\|y e></>e/~1eNC3,`/O(_)r EyEs #ave ~|~h3ir s!Lence:
IN `/O(_)/^ mo$T fRaiL G35~|~(_)/~e Ar[- TH1/vgS |/\|#1Ch 3nC/_o53 M3,
0r w|-|1c|-| i [4NNo+ +()ucH b3cAu5[- +|-|e`/ 4Re +oo n3ar

Y()(_)/^ 5|_1gh+E$~|~ |_()()|< wIll 345iLY unC|_ose |\/|3
T#ou9# i |-|@V[- (/_()53[> Myse/_ph 4s fI/vg3/~5,
v/oU 0Pe/v a|_way5 /Oe~|~a/_ bY /O3tA|_ Mv/s[-lf 4s $PR1Ng o/>3n5
(~|~0|_|Ch1NG 5|<1/_phully,|\/|Ys~|~[-R!oU5ly)he/^ ph!/^5t /~OSE

O/^ 1/= your \\/!$h bE To C/_o$[- m3, i And
my L1fe \\/1/_/_ $hu~|~ V[-ry |33autiFull`/ ,sU|)denLy,
as \\/hEn t#3 #3@rt OF +h1s /=/_ow[-r i|v|49inEs
Th3 S/v()w cAR[-ful/_Y e\/3ryw#[-R3 c|ESc3n[>!|\|g;
no~|~hing wh!Ch \\/e 4r3 ~|~() />[-rce!\/[- I|\| +|-|IS wOrl|) 3Qu@l$
th3 po|/\|er o/= v/()|_|r 1nte|\|$3 fRag1LI+`/:whO$[- TexT(_)re
c()|v|P3L5 Me WIt|-| t|-|e (0Lo/^ oF 1~|~S co(_)|\|+Ri[-s,
ren|)3r1n9 de4+|-| aNc| f0/^eV3R wit|-| eAC# |3/~[-athI|\|G

(! [>0 nOT |<N()W w#4~|~ It iS @b()ut `/()U thAt Cl()se$
and o/>[-n5;()/vl`/ 5oM3thiNg in me u/v|)[-Rs+4n|)$
t#e vO![e oF yo(_)/^ E`/3S 1s |)[-[-/>3/~ t#an a/_l /^Os3S)
/vOb0D`/,nO+ ev3|\| t#e rai/v,h4S $(_)ch s|\/|AL/_ h@Nc|s