Reasons why the 28 hour day is such a good idea.

The Obvious Ones:

1. Reduced frequency of daily chores:
Anything that you currently do daily would only be done six times a week instead of seven. On a large scale, this would have a measurable effect on the public's appetite for consumables.

2. Work only four days a week.
While you still work a minimum of 40 hours a week, you only go to work 4 times instead of 5. If you commute 1 hour to work, you save an hour each week commuting.

3. Transit pollution cut by 20%
If EVERYONE adopted the 28 hour day, the rush hours with which we are all familiar now happen only 4 times a week instead of 5 times a week. Air pollution due to commuting would instantly be cut by 20%.

4. Productivity and free time.
If you refer to the "Typical Day Comparison Chart" you'll see that the longer day not only gives you more time at work, but also more time with your family and friends AFTER work. A typical 28 hour day might give you 11 hours at work, 8 hours of free time, and a refreshing 9 hours of sleep. Just think of what you could accomplish on a day like that!

5. The Long Weekends:
Under the 28 hour day system, your weekend is still two days long, but those two days now total 56 hours, 8 more than the previous 48. The weekend is fully 1/3 of the week.

. 6. Every Day is Different:
The four hour difference between a 28 hour wake/sleep cycle and the 24 hour light/dark cycle, would create a "sun offset", which would make each day of the week substantially different in terms of the position of the sun at various times. One day you might have lunch under the stars. Another day, you might breakfast at sunset. Read more about the many additional benefits that arise from the sun offset.