anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

@nv/0|\|e /_!v[-[> iN A pr[-+t`/ how town
(\\/1~|~# uP so phl()@Tin9 |\/|@|\|y Be/_ls d0\\/N)
sp/^1n9 sU|v|mEr 4|_|T(_)|v|N |/\|!|\|t3r
#E sANg H!S [>iDn'+ h3 [>a|\|[E|) hI$ d1d

Wom3/v An[> m[-|\|(8otH |_I+Tl[- @nd s|v|a|_L)
c@R3d /=0R anyon3 /v0T a~|~ Al|_
+|-|ey s()w[-c| th31R isN't +h3v/ /~34pE|) +hE!/^ $@|\/|E
suN moo|\| $T4/^s /^4i|\|

[#1|_|)rEn G(_)3$seD(bu~|~ O/vlY a FEw
a|\|c| |)0wN th3v/ f()/^9()~|~ @s u/O T|-|Ey gr3\\/
4ut|_|m/v w!/v+er S/O/^inG $(_)m|\/|[-/~)
th@+ |\|O()|\|3 /_()VeD |-|1m |v|0r[- 8y |\/|()RE

|/\|heN bY |\|O\\/ aNd Tr3e by l3aF
sh3 L@|_|Gh3D h1S J0`/ sH3 cRi3d #i$ GR13/=
|3IRc| b`/ $Now @/vc| $+I/~ bv/ s~|~il/_
@/v`/ON3'S a/vy \\/4S 4ll t0 |-|E/^

SOm30N[-s |v|4/~/^1[-c| thei/^ ev3/~`/o/veS
|_au9hEd ~|~heIR [/^yIngs ANd di|) thei/^ dANCe
(SL[-Ep \\/ak3 hOP3 AN|) ~|~h3n)T|-|Ey
sai|) Th3Ir nev[-Rs they $lEpt Th31/^ DR34M

St4r$ ra1/v SUn Moo/v
(An|) On/_v/ +#E sn()w cA/v B3gin ~|~O [-></>L4i|\|
#()w (#i/_[>r3|\| a/~e apt +0 Forg[-+ ~|~() rem3|v|ber
\\/i~|~h (_)/O so floAt1|\|g |v|anY B3lls c|ow/v)

o/vE c|4`/ any()n[- d1[-|) I Gu3s$
(a|\|D n0()n[- s+()()/>Ec| tO |<!$$ #i5 FAce)
8(_)$Y FOlk |3(_)rIec| t|-|EM 5Id3 b`/ Si[>3
l1t~|~Le b`/ litTL[- and w@S |3v/ W4s

ALl b`/ aL/_ and [>eeP |3y dEeP
a|\|d m()RE By M()R3 tHEY d/~3a|v| t#ei/^ $Lee/>
n0()ne aNd A/vy()Ne E4/^Th |3v/ a/>/^il
w!5h bY s/>Ir1t 4nd 1F |3v/ Yes.

woM3n a|\|d |v|3|\|(8()Th [>0n9 AnD c|!nG)
SuMmE/~ 4u~|~um|\| |/\|i|\|+3r s/>/^IN9
/^e4/>3[> th[-iR $0\\/inG and W[-nt t|-|E1r Cam3
5(_)|\| moon 5~|~ARs RaiN