anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

4ny0N3 |_1V3[> 1n a p/^eTTv/ h0w +own
(|/\|1+h u/O 5o floAtI/v9 m@|\|y b3|_|_5 |)o\\/|\|)
sPr1Ng s(_)mmer AuT|_|M|\| w!|\|+[-/~
#e 54ng his [>id|\|'T |-|e |)a|\|c3d hi5 did

\\/omEn @/vd |v|en(8OT# lITtle 4|\||) $MA/_l)
c@Red /=()r any()/vE NO+ At @|_l
THE`/ 5OW[-|) thE1R I5N'~|~ ~|~#[-y r34p3|) t|-|3ir 54|v|E
sU/v MO()n 5~|~ar$ /~ain

cHi|_D/~[-n 9u3ss3d(bu~|~ ()N/_Y A fEw
4/vD [>o\\/|\| t#3Y FOR9oT as Up +|-|eY 9r3|/\|
@|_|+U|\/||\| w!/v~|~E/~ $p/^!/vg SU|\/|m[-r)
t#a+ n0o/v3 Loved #1M |\/|oR3 |3y mo/^3

|/\|#en bv/ no\\/ and +re3 8y l[-AF
SHe /_4|_|9h3|) His Joy sHe cr1[-D |-|I5 9/~13ph
b1rd |3`/ Sno\\/ an[> Stir bv/ $~|~!L|_
AnyO/ve'$ @/vY \\/aS AlL To h[-/~

sO|\/|e()NeS M@/^rie[> T#ei/^ ev3/^`/0|\|[-5
L4(_)gH3|) tH3!r CR`/inGs AN|) |)ic| tH3!r dAnc3
($|_3[-/> WAke HO/>[- aN|) +#3|\|)t#ey
$@I|) T|-|eiR nEve/~s t#Ey Slept ~|~|-|ei/^ [>re@M

s+@/^5 /^aiN $|_|n Mo()n
(@|\|d Onlv/ Th3 5|\|()|/\| C@/v |3egIn ~|~O 3></O|_4!/v
|-|0w (h1|_D/~3n are aP+ To /=o/^9e+ T0 R3m3|\/|8[-/~
wITh u/O 5O Fl()A+INg |v|a|\|Y |3E/_lS dOw|\|)

0/v3 [>@y @nv/0N3 di3[> ! G|_|3SS
(AnD /v00ne s~|~0O/>eD +o k1s5 h!5 F@c3)
B|_|$v/ /=o|_|< BuRIe[> t#3M $Id[- by 51[>3
lIt~|~|_e bY L!~|~Tle an|) wAs BY W4$

A/_/_ 8y a/_/_ 4n[> |)EeP bY |)e3p
@n|) mo/^e bY mo/~3 ~|~hey dRE@|v| tHei/^ $|_[-3/O
/vO0ne @|\|d A|\|`/o|\|e eaRt|-| by ap/~iL
wisH by 5/>iR!T a/vD i/= bY yes.

WOmeN a/vd mEn(|3Oth [>ONg aND d!n9)
sum|\/|er 4|_|tUm|\| w!n+Er SpR1N9
Reap3|) +h3i/^ sOw1/vg 4n[> |/\|[-nt THe!/~ ca|\/|e
sun |v|o()N s+@Rs r4in