anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

@/vv/()n3 /_!V3c| !n a P/^e~|~tv/ |-|0w T()wn
(wi~|~h U/O so /=Lo4~|~InG manY b[-Lls c|OwN)
$p/^i|\|g s(_)MMeR au+|_|mn \\/1nte/~
He Sa/v9 #i$ didN'+ HE Da/vcE[> His Did

w0|\/|e/v @|\|[> M3/v(|3otH /_ItTL3 anc| sm4lL)
(areD Fo/^ ANv/o|\|e no+ A~|~ a|_/_
+h[-v/ SOw3c| ~|~Heir 1$n'~|~ T|-|[-y /^[-4/Oec| TH3ir 5am[-
sUN m()on 5tA/~s rA!n

C#!l|)R3n Gu[-ss3d(buT o/vly A fEW
A|\|d Do\\/|\| +hEY ph()RgoT a$ uP th3y g/~e|/\|
@utu|v|/v wIN~|~[-r SpRI|\|g S|_|mmer)
Tha~|~ noO/v[- l0Ve[> #iM |\/|0/~3 bv/ |v|orE

When bv/ now 4nD +r[-E by leaph
s#e |_auG|-|3[> H1s _/oy 5h[- cr!3D His gr!eph
8Ir[> 8Y 5/vo\\/ 4/v|) ST!R bY $~|~ilL
any0ne'$ @nY |/\|4S All +O H3/^

$o|\/|E0n3s mar/~1eD T#E!/^ [-Ver`/o|\|eS
lAUgh3c| ~|~hE1/^ [ry!ng$ 4/vd d1d ThEiR |)4/vce
(SlEep wAkE HoPE an[> thE/v)tHev/
S@id th[-1r N[-\/[-Rs ~|~hEv/ SlEpt Th3iR c|/^ea|v|

5+aRS /~AIn $u/v MoOn
(4ND ()|\|lv/ THe $noW (aN begi/v +() ex/Olai/v
h()w [#IlDr3|\| 4r[- ApT +o fo/~9et TO /^e|v|3|\/|83/^
w1t|-| (_)/> $O flO@+i/vG |\/|a/v`/ 83|_LS D()w/v)

o/v3 c|ay A/vv/ON3 di3d i gue5s
(AN[> Noo/vE 5toOpE|) ~|~o kis5 #i5 F4C3)
|3uSv/ phoLk bU/^iEd +h3M S1d[- 8y sic|3
|_I~|~tle |3`/ li~|~Tle a|\|d |/\|@$ b`/ WA5

@L|_ By @ll A|\||) |)eEp By de[-p
4N[> M0RE b`/ |\/|0r3 t|-|ey c|r3A|v| th31/~ s/_33/O
N()O|\|E @|\|c| aNyo|\|e eArT# by a/>rIl
wiSh 8Y s/OI/~1t A|\|d 1f By Y35.

\\/oMen 4nc| |\/|en(b0Th [>o/vg a/v[> c|!Ng)
s(_)M|v|eR 4ut|_|mn W!NTE/~ s/>RIng
reA/O3d ~|~h3Ir s()\\/i/v9 @n[> WEN~|~ ~|~H[-i/^ came
sun moO/v 5T@R5 R4I|\|