anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

AnyO/v3 |_1VE[> in 4 /Or3+ty #o|/\| To|/\|n
(|/\|ith U/O So F|_0A~|~ing m4n`/ bEllS dOW/v)
s/OrinG sU|v||\/|E/^ AuT|_||\/||\| wIn~|~3r
#3 Sang #i$ d!dN'T |-|e da/vc3d #1S c|!d

wOMe|\| a|\|D men(b()th /_i~|~+|_e @|\|c| sMa|_l)
[Arec| fo/^ aNyO|\|e |\|()~|~ AT 4ll
tHeY sow[-[> T|-|3i/~ ISN'T tH[-y /^E4/OeD +|-|eir S@m3
s(_)n |v|oon sT@/^S /^@i/v

C|-|ilDr3N 9(_)[-s53D(bU~|~ O|\|/_v/ a F3W
ANc| d0w|\| Th[-v/ /=oRG0t A$ up tHEy Gr[-w
a(_)~|~(_)Mn \\/i/vte/~ $P/^!N9 $UmMER)
T|-|At |\|ooN3 Lo\/E|) h1|v| |\/|or3 8v/ mor3

Wh[-N b`/ /vow and Tr3e |3Y l3aF
5he laughe|) |-|!5 _/0`/ sh[- CRiE|) #is g/~i[-f
|3I/^c| by s|\|ow @Nc| sT!r |3`/ s+IlL
a/v`/o|\|3's @nY wa5 4lL ~|~0 her

5o|v|3On[-$ Mar/^i3d The1r [-v3ryo/v[-5
/_a(_)gh3[> +|-|3!R C/^v/ing$ a/vc| d!d TH3!r [>4N[3
(5|_E[-p |/\|ak[- ho/O3 a|\|d +h3n)thE`/
s4id ~|~he!/^ n3ve/~$ th[-Y Slept tH[-1R [>r3@|v|

$~|~4/^s /^@!N sun MoOn
(and onlv/ +he $/vOW [a/v bEGI/v To e><pla!|\|
h0w [#il|)r3/v A/^[- a/>+ t0 f0rG[-T t0 REm3|\/|ber
w1t|-| Up $O Fl()AT!ng |v|@|\|y 8[-/_LS c|0w|\|)

0n[- da`/ a|\|y()nE D13D ! G|_|3$$
(aN|) n()0ne 5to()/>3c| To KisS #!S fac[-)
8usy /=Ol|< BU/^!3|) ~|~HEM s1dE b`/ $i|)e
li++l3 8y LI~|~~|~Le An[> Was |3y |/\|a5

aLL 8Y aLl A/v|) dE[-p B`/ d33/O
a/v[> Mo/~E b`/ m()Re th3Y c|/~34m t#[-!/^ 5|_e3p
|\|()One @nc| ANY()ne ea/^tH b`/ a/ORIL
wi5# bY Spi/~1t @Nd i/= By `/eS.

\\/O|\/|e/v 4/vd mE/v(Bot# |)ong AN|) |)ing)
sU|v||v|eR aUTuM/v |/\|!/vter S/ORiN9
rEapec| +#3ir sO|/\|Ing @|\|d we|\|t t#EI/^ Ca|\/|E
5(_)n mOo|\| STAr$ r4!|\|