anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

@nv/O|\|3 LIVec| 1/v 4 />r[-Tt`/ ho|/\| ~|~O\\/N
(|/\|Ith Up S() fl()ATi/vg |\/|4ny 8E/_lS dowN)
$pr!/v9 sUM|\/|er aut|_|mN wi/v+ER
#3 sAnG H!S diDN'~|~ #3 d@/v([-d #Is D!c|

|/\|o|v|e|\| aNd me/v(8ot# L1~|~+/_e a|\|d $|v|4ll)
(aRe|) /=()/^ 4nv/()|\|e /vo~|~ 4t a/_/_
+|-|ev/ s0W3d t|-|ei/^ i$N'T +HEy re4/>Ed thE!/^ sAMe
sUn |v|0on StaR5 /~AIn

(#i|_dr3n 9ue$s3d(but only 4 /=[-w
a/v|) Do\\/N ~|~hey For9()~|~ aS up th3y gre\\/
@uTU|\/|n w1nT[-/^ 5P/^!|\|G sUm|v|[-r)
TH4~|~ n0on3 |_ov3D H!m |\/|orE 8Y m0re

\\/#eN 8v/ NOw Anc| ~|~/^e3 B`/ lE4f
5hE l@Ug|-|ec| |-|!5 _/oy $he [ried #1S g/^13/=
bIrc| 8y snOw 4|\|d s+1/~ 8y St!lL
a/vYonE's any Wa$ ALl To h3R

5()|\/|e()ne$ |\/|@r/~1eD +h3i/~ eve/^y()nEs
|_4ugH3D tHe1/~ (Ryi|\|Gs And |)!|) Th31/^ d4nc3
(5lEEp \\/akE |-|opE And THEn)t|-|3`/
54iD +|-|[-Ir |\|3\/E/~s t#ey slePt ~|~hei/^ c|r34m

sT@/^s R@1n sU|\| M()o/v
(4nD On|_y tH[- SNOw [a|\| b3g1n +o 3Xpla!n
H()|/\| [HIlD/~E/v Ar[- Apt To forg3+ t0 ReMe|v|8[-/~
\\/1t|-| (_)/> s() ph|_()A~|~I|\|g Ma/vy Be/_lS Do\\/n)

()NE D4`/ anYonE d1Ec| ! g|_|Es$
(aND /voo/ve S+()()P3[> T0 kiss hI5 phAce)
b|_|Sv/ phol|< buR!ed +h[-M $ide |3y $!d3
li++|_e 8`/ /_i+tl3 aN|) W4S |3`/ waS

a|_L bv/ al|_ @|\|D |)Ee/> |3y dEe/O
aNd |v|o/~E 8y mO/~3 +h3v/ |)/^3Am T|-|E!R 5le3p
noone and aN`/0/vE 3a/~th bv/ APril
wIsh Bv/ S/>I/^It a/v[> Iph B`/ `/Es.

\\/0|v|en 4nd me/v(boTH Don9 @N[> D!nG)
$um|v|[-r @|_|tU|v|N |/\|!n~|~e/~ 5/O/^Ing
r3ap3d ~|~heir SOw!/v9 an|) |/\|En~|~ TH31/~ (am[-
sun |\/|0()n s+ARS /~Ai|\|