anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

anYONE l!v3[> IN a pr3~|~ty ho\\/ TOWn
(W!T# up so phlOaTiNG |\/|4/vy bel/_$ |)OwN)
sP/^!|\|G summ3/~ autUMn WiN+er
#E Sang |-|iS c|1[>n't #e [>4/v[ed HI$ |)1|)

wo|\/|EN aN[> me/v(b()~|~H li+t|_E anc| 5mAlL)
(ARE|) f0r An`/o/ve nOt A+ aLl
+h3y S0|/\|ED thei/~ !sn'+ t#E`/ r3ap3d +|-|e1r S@|v|e
5U/v MO0n 5~|~a/^s /^AIN

ChI|_|)/~[-n 9|_|es5e|)(|3u~|~ ()Nl`/ A fe|/\|
a|\||) D0wN T#eY pho/^G()T As (_)/O t|-|3Y gr3w
AutUmn wIntEr s/>R!ng SUmM3/^)
THat |\|0on3 L0ved |-|i|\/| |\/|()/~[- bv/ m()/~e

|/\|HeN bv/ No\\/ 4|\|d ~|~/~E[- 8`/ lEA/=
sHe /_4|_|9H3[> his j0Y s|-|E [Ri3d |-|i$ grI3ph
|3!/^d By 5|\|ow a|\|[> $~|~!/^ bY stILl
a/vy()/v[-'5 4N`/ was all To hE/~

5Om3()n[-S |v|4rriEc| ThEi/^ EVer`/Ones
L@ug#eD ~|~#3i/^ crYin9$ a|\|d DiD th3i/~ |)4Nce
(slee/O w@|<3 h()pE 4Nd then)tH3Y
541c| ~|~H3iR nEveRs +h[-y SLe/Ot t|-|e1r dr34m

$Ta/^s ra!/v sU/v Moon
(Anc| 0|\|ly t|-|3 $n()W Can begIn tO ex/OLa!n
H0\\/ CH1l|)/~en 4re 4p+ TO /=0/^g3+ +0 /^em3|v|bE/^
w!t# (_)p 5o F|_o4tI|\|g m@Ny BEl|_S down)

o|\|E d@`/ anYonE [>ieD 1 9(_)E$S
(An|) /vo()nE ST0opE[> to KIss h1s faCE)
|3US`/ fOLk 8Ur13D th3M $idE Bv/ $idE
li++l3 by /_i+~|~l3 AN[> |/\|A$ 8Y w@s

A|_L By @|_l an|) c|33/> b`/ [>e3/O
4nd |v|oR3 by m()/~3 t#ey D/~E4m ~|~H3!/~ $l3[-p
|\|oo|\|e Anc| @ny()/v3 Ea/^t|-| 8`/ @pri|_
|/\|i$|-| |3v/ spi/^1t And IF by v/Es.

W0|v|3N @/vd Me/v(|3Ot# d0/vg @|\|d D1N9)
s(_)|v|m[-/^ auTumn \\/1nT3r $/OR1/vG
reApe[> tHe!r s0wing a/v[> |/\|3nt +|-|3!/~ (ame
S|_|n mo()/v $~|~4/^S /^a1|\|