anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

a|\|y()n3 Li\/3d i/v a p/~ett`/ |-|0\\/ +O\\/n
(wi+h up s0 phLO4+1nG ma/vy 8[-Lls c|oW/v)
sp/^1ng suMmeR a(_)TU|v|/v \\/1nt[-r
h3 San9 H1S DiDn't #e c|aNCEd h!$ |)1d

WO|\/|3/v A|\|D m3/v(b0t# L1t~|~L3 anc| sMalL)
Cared f()R 4|\|y()|\|E no+ @T a/_l
tH3y soW3|) tH3i/~ iS/v't ~|~hey /~E4p3d ~|~hE!R $@M[-
suN MooN 5TaRs rai/v

[h!|_[>Ren 9(_)Es$eD(|3UT onLy 4 f[-w
4nd d()wn they /=oRG()+ A$ (_)p +#[-y g/^[-|/\|
aU+umn \\/InTeR S/OrI/v9 S|_||\/||\/|eR)
T|-|4T /voo/vE |_oVe[> HiM MO/~3 |3y MOR3

W#En by no|/\| @nd ~|~/^e3 b`/ lEaf
She l4|_|GHe|) hIs joY she cRi3d #1s 9R!ef
biRd |3y s|\|0w A/vc| $+Ir |3v/ $T1LL
a/vyon[-'5 @Ny w4s 4/_l to h[-r

$OMeO/vEs ma/~/^ie|) t#3i/^ evERY0ne$
lAUg|-|Ed +heIr [/~y!ngS 4nd diD ~|~h3!/^ [>@|\|[3
($|_3EP wak3 H0/O3 a|\|d The|\|)they
sa!d tH[-iR N3Ve/^s the`/ S/_[-pt +heIR D/^eA|v|

$+Ar5 /^a1n $U/v Mo()n
(@Nc| On/_v/ T#e sNoW [@n 8EgiN t() 3><PLa!N
h()\\/ C#I/_dre/v @/~3 A/O~|~ +0 F0/^9[-~|~ +0 REM3mBe/~
\\/1~|~h u/O so f/_04tinG |v|4ny |33Lls d0|/\|/v)

o|\|[- D4`/ A/vyoN[- |)i3d i 9|_|[-$5
(aNd N()on[- sto()P3c| tO k1$s h1s /=Ac[-)
BU5y fol|< |3U/~Iec| t|-|em s![>e 8y $!dE
|_i~|~~|~|_E bY |_!T~|~/_[- An[> wAs 8y \\/aS

@/_l |3v/ a/_/_ An[> |)e3p b`/ D33p
4Nd |\/|oRE by mo/~3 th[-v/ |)r[-a|\/| thE1r 5|_[-3/>
noo/ve and 4n`/o|\|3 3@/~T# 8y @/Oril
w1sH BY SP1RiT and Iph 8v/ v/3$.

wO|\/|3/v aNd ME|\|(8OTH [>On9 AN[> [>!N9)
S|_|m|v|er Au+Um|\| wI|\|~|~e/^ $pr1|\|g
r3A/>3d T|-|[-ir 5OwiNg @Nd \\/[-/vt th3ir cA|v|3
sun |v|o()n 5~|~A/^s /~4!|\|