anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

anyOn3 liv[-d !n A Pre~|~ty Ho|/\| ~|~own
(W!th up 5() /=l()4Tin9 Many 8[-/_|_S |)()wn)
5pri|\|g 5(_)m|v|3/^ @(_)tUmN \\/!/v~|~3/~
h3 S4|\|9 |-|IS dic|n'+ #e DanC3d hiS dic|

\\/0|v|3n @Nc| mEn(B0+H |_it~|~|_3 AN|) S|v|4ll)
(a/^3[> /=Or @nYoN3 N0+ @~|~ all
t|-|ey Sow3D T|-|[-Ir isN'+ t#3y re@/>Ed t#3iR s@M[-
S|_|/v |v|oo/v $t4rs /^@1n

CHi/_|)Re/v gUESs[-c|(bU~|~ ONl`/ 4 f3w
4nD c|0WN +hey ph0r90t @S (_)/> +h3Y gR[-|/\|
aUt(_)Mn |/\|InTeR s/>r!ng s|_||\/|me/^)
t#@t nOo|\|E L0ve[> h!M |\/|o/~e |3y |\/|()re

wheN by n()W anD tRe3 8`/ L[-@f
SHE LA|_|g|-|ED #I5 _/o`/ sHe (/~I3c| hiS gRieph
b1/~[> |3y $n()w 4nd sT!r bY 5tIll
aNy()ne'5 4n`/ WaS 4/_|_ +o her

5OmEO/vEs M4/^/~i3D Th[-IR EvEr`/0/ves
l@ughEd t|-|Ei/~ cryInG5 a|\|d [>!|) t|-|3!/~ |)@nCE
(SLeEp wA|<[- |-|0/>[- @/vd t#3n)+h[-y
5aid t|-|3ir |\|3vers th3y slep+ +|-|e1R dr[-am

star$ /~4in SUn |\/|00n
(a|\|d ()n|_Y +hE s|\|()W (a/v 8EGiN +O EX/Olain
H()\\/ c|-|!ld/~[-n @/~3 apT to fORget t0 /~[-M3|v|B[-R
|/\|i+# Up S0 FLO4~|~ing |v|AnY B[-lLs D()|/\||\|)

()/v3 daY @|\|Y()n3 c|Ied i g|_|[-s$
(4|\|c| /voO/ve ST()oPe[> t() kI$5 |-|1$ /=ac3)
8usY fO/_k b|_|/~i3[> +hem S1De bv/ $i[>e
l!T+L3 bY |_itt|_e anc| WAS |3y w4s

4/_/_ |3v/ alL a|\|d de3/O 8Y [>E3/O
and |v|o/^3 By |\/|0/^[- tH[-`/ |)/~E4m ~|~H[-i/^ 5LEEp
n()0n3 A/v|) 4|\|yone 3A/^t# by 4PriL
w1SH |3y $pI/~iT and 1f bv/ y[-s.

wOm[-N aN|) |v|eN(b0tH c|()/v9 aND |)i/vG)
5u|\/||\/|er aUt(_)|\/|n w1n~|~3/^ 5prinG
r3aPe|) th3i/^ so\\/I|\|9 @Nd \\/Ent t#e!r [@|v|e
S|_|N |v|0()n $t4rs rain