anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

4Nyo/ve |_I\/3d In @ />/~E+tY #()w +o\\/|\|
(w1tH up So floAT!|\|g |v|4|\|Y 8E|_|_s d0|/\|N)
spR!n9 $(_)m|\/|er 4u+umN \\/i/vt3/~
HE SAn9 #!s c|1d|\|'~|~ #E |)@nC3d hi5 dIc|

w0me|\| a|\|D m[-|\|(BOth LI+t/_E @N[> $|\/|all)
care[> foR a|\|y0/v3 nOT 4+ @l/_
T#ey $()|/\|ec| ThEIr 1sn'T +|-|ey r34p3d ~|~|-|3Ir 54|\/|e
$un |v|0on 5ta/^s /^a!/v

(|-|!l|)r3N gu3s$ED(b(_)+ ON/_y 4 /=E\\/
an|) d0wn TH[-y for90T a5 UP they g/~e|/\|
@uTu|v|N Win+E/^ SP/~i/v9 s|_|m|v|e/^)
t#at noon3 lo\/3d |-|Im more by |v|0/^E

w|-|3/v by nO|/\| @Nc| tr3E Bv/ l3Aph
sHe /_AuGH3d |-|1s jOy S|-|e C/~1ed h!s Gr!3f
81r|) |3`/ 5|\|0w @nd $tI/~ By st!Ll
4N`/One'$ anv/ w@s aLL t0 |-|er

soM[-oNE5 m4/^r1[-D +|-|Ei/^ 3\/erv/oN3s
La|_|g#[-[> t#3Ir c/^yI/vG$ AnD [>1c| +|-|31r [>@/vCE
(sL3E/O |/\|4k3 #o/>[- 4/v|) THEn)~|~h3`/
sAID ~|~hei/~ ne\/erS t#3v/ SlePt T#e1/~ |)r[-4|\/|

5Ta/^S /~a!/v sU|\| Moon
(a/vd 0/vlY tH[- sn()W [An Be91/v tO [-x/>l41n
how (HIldREn ARe Ap~|~ +0 Fo/^93T T0 RE|\/|3Mb[-/~
w1Th (_)P s() flo@ti/vg MAnv/ bel/_5 d()|/\|N)

0|\|[- da`/ aNyONe c|I[-d i GuE$s
(@nD n00|\|3 5~|~Oo/>[-d TO k1s5 his fac[-)
busY foLk 8uR1ED thE|\/| SIde Bv/ SidE
l!TTLe by Littl3 anD w@s B`/ |/\|a5

aL/_ Bv/ 4ll aN|) |)EE/> |3v/ d[-ep
4/v|) |v|O/~e by mo/^3 th3y |)/~3am t|-|e!/^ 5Lee/>
no()|\|e an[> anyo/ve 3@/~th 8`/ APril
wish By $PI/^i+ a|\|d !ph bv/ yEs.

Wo|v|3N an|) mEN(8ot# c|O/v9 And Din9)
5umM[-r a|_|t(_)M/v WI|\|+[-r SPr1|\|g
/~3ap3c| T#3ir S0Wing and |/\|eNT t|-|[-!/^ [a|v|3
sU/v |v|()()n $+a/~$ /~A!/v