anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

@/vY()/ve L1ve|) i/v A /O/~3TTY #O|/\| t()w/v
(w1th up 50 fl0aT!N9 M@Ny 8e/_ls |)Own)
S/>RiNg 5u|\/|M[-/^ @|_|T|_|m/v wI/vt3r
#e san9 #iS dIdn'T h3 |)4Nc3c| his d1[>

wo|v|E|\| an[> |v|e/v(8oTH l!tt/_[- @N[> s|v|al/_)
Ca/~3D /=oR a|\|Y0N[- nO+ at aL|_
+hEy s0|/\|3[> +h[-IR 1s|\|'t ~|~H[-`/ r[-@p3d Th31r s4ME
5(_)/v |\/|o()n 5~|~@R$ RA!/v

Chilc|/^[-n 9(_)3Ssed(|3u+ oNL`/ a F3w
A/v[> dow/v ~|~|-|3y ph0/^9o~|~ as u/> They g/~e|/\|
au+|_||\/|n wI/v~|~e/^ 5/O/~i/vg s|_|m|\/|e/~)
+H4+ |\|o()|\|E Lov[-d #!m m()r3 B`/ |v|or3

wh[-/v |3y |\|()W an[> +r3e |3v/ /_E4/=
$hE l4Ug#ec| |-|1$ j0v/ s#e [/^Ie[> #15 9/~![-f
bIRd b`/ S/vOW Anc| s~|~i/~ 8y 5til|_
anYon[-'5 Any \\/aS ALl To hE/~

50m[-o|\|[-5 mAr/^i3d thE1r ev[-ryO|\|3S
l4UGhec| T#3ir cRyi|\|Gs @|\|d |)Ic| +#[-!/~ D@N[3
(sleeP w@|<[- h0p3 4|\|d t#E/v)~|~|-|E`/
sa!c| +H31/~ |\|3v[-/^s THE`/ Sl[-pT t#3Ir [>R34|\/|

s+A/~$ /~@1n $|_|N mO0n
(@/vc| onlv/ T#3 s/v()w c4/v |33Gin +o [-></>LAi/v
#0w [h!/_drEn ARe 4/Ot to phorge+ ~|~() rE|\/|[-Mber
|/\|!~|~h |_|/> so phLoaT1n9 MA/vy 83L/_s c|o\\/n)

oN3 [>aY @n`/ONE diec| i GueS$
(@nc| /vo()N3 s~|~o()pe[> ~|~O KI$5 HIs phac3)
8usY FOLk b|_|/~I3D +|-|3|\/| 5Ic|3 bY s!dE
|_it~|~lE BY l1ttlE 4/vd \\/a5 |3v/ was

AlL b`/ a|_|_ a|\|d [>e3P |3y DEe/O
aND morE 8Y |\/|()rE +h3y |)/^e@M tH[-ir s/_[-Ep
/vO0ne A|\|D @nY()n3 3@rtH By Apr1l
\\/is# |3y s/>1/~I+ an|) If by yes.

woME/v A|\|[> |\/|3|\|(|3oTH c|()ng A/vd c|!n9)
summer @U+U|\/|/v w1Nt3/~ s/>ring
r[-4pEd theIr SOw!n9 4N[> |/\|e/vt t|-|3!/~ (A|v|e
s|_|n |v|o0|\| s+@r5 /~@i|\|