anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

ANYO|\|3 L!vEd !N 4 pre+tY #o|/\| ~|~Own
(|/\|!T|-| uP s0 F|_o@t1n9 mA/vY bEL/_s d0|/\|N)
s/O/~i|\|g sU|v||\/|3r AuTu|\/|N \\/iNT[-/^
|-|[- s@ng hi$ diDn't h3 d@/v(ed |-|is Did

wo|v|3N aND |v|e/v(|3o+h LIttL3 an[> sM@l|_)
CA/~eD f0/~ ANy()n3 /v()t aT 4|_L
thEy sow3|) thEI/^ !sn't They Rea/O3[> ~|~he!/^ 5A|v|[-
SUn m()O|\| s~|~ArS /~4in

cHi/_c|Ren gue5s[-c|(bU~|~ onLY A Fe\\/
aNd [>o|/\|n +|-|3Y /=Orgo~|~ 4$ up T#3Y gR[-W
a|_|+u|v|N |/\|!|\|t[-r $P/^in9 su|\/|m3r)
T#aT nO()N[- |_Ove[> |-|im |v|ORe 8Y mO/~[-

Wh3/v 8`/ nO|/\| 4n|) t/^3[- b`/ Leaf
sh3 |_aug|-|[-d |-|I5 joY she cR!3[> |-|is g/^ief
birc| b`/ sN0|/\| @n[> sT!/~ bY $t!ll
anYONe'$ a|\|y Wa5 alL TO He/~

sOMeoN[-5 |v|4/~RI3d ~|~h31r 3V3R`/on35
l@(_)9#ED t|-|e!/^ [/~`/!ng$ @N|) di[> ~|~h3ir dAnCe
(5|_ee/O wake |-|o/Oe And T#3n)~|~H3v/
Sai|) t|-|eir NEv3rs ~|~|-|[-v/ s|_ep~|~ th3!r dR[-4|\/|

5ta/~5 rai/v SU/v |v|OO|\|
(@|\||) oNly T#E sno\\/ [4n |3[-GI|\| ~|~o e><p/_4in
|-|oW c#ild/^3n a/~e Apt tO /=()rg3t +0 Reme|\/|b3/~
Wi~|~# Up So /=lOatin9 |v|@ny |3el|_5 DoWn)

o|\|[- d4`/ a|\|v/0n[- di3d ! Guess
(4/vD |\|O0N3 sT0o/>[-d +() ki$$ #iS pha(E)
|3|_|Sv/ /=()|_|< |3|_|RI[-|) THe|v| 5IDE |3y 5ide
l!T+l3 By lI+tL3 a|\||) was By WA5

@LL |3`/ A/_|_ AnD |)[-3/> bY |)[-ep
4/v|) moRE 8y morE thEv/ Dre4m t|-|Eir Sleep
n()o/ve @Nd 4|\|v/O/ve 3arTH 8y @/>/^1/_
W!$h 8v/ SpIr1T aN[> !f |3Y v/[-5.

Wo|v|e/v 4Nd |v|E/v(B0th dOng @|\|c| c|!n9)
sum|\/|Er 4ut|_|mn W1n~|~3R SP/~1Ng
/^E4/>3|) ~|~|-|eir 5owi/vg an|) wE|\|+ Th3ir ca|\/|e
$Un m()0n St4R5 Rain