anyone lived in a pretty how town

by E. E. Cummings

a|\|Yo|\|3 lIVed i|\| A pr3+tY |-|0w Town
(W1Th u/O s0 /=L04tI|\|g many 83Ll$ c|0\\/n)
Spr1ng sum|v|e/~ a|_|t(_)mN wint[-r
|-|e 54Ng |-|is c|Ic|n'~|~ he [>anced |-|1s c|id

w0M[-n an[> |\/|en(bO~|~H L!T~|~l3 a/vc| $M4|_/_)
c@R3c| ph0/~ anv/()/v3 |\|0t at @/_|_
Th3`/ SO|/\|[-d T|-|eiR iS|\|'~|~ thEy r[-4pED th3i/~ sAME
sun |v|Oo|\| s+arS /~a1N

[hIld/~3/v gue5S3|)(|3U+ onLy a f3w
@nd do\\//v t|-|[-Y F()rG()t @5 UP t|-|eY g/~3w
4uTUm|\| WintEr 5p/~1Ng 5u|v||v|3/^)
thaT noo/v[- lov3[> |-|!|v| |v|oRe 8Y mor3

wH3n bY /v0w 4nD treE bY L[-Af
5he la(_)9h[-d His Jov/ sh3 [r1ec| |-|is GRI3f
Bi/~c| bv/ snO\\/ 4Nd $tiR Bv/ $til|_
A|\|yOnE's @nY Was 4Ll tO h3r

$()|v|[-()ne$ ma/^/~i[-|) thEir Ev[-ryOn[-$
l@(_)ghe|) t#e!r crv/ingS a|\|[> [>ic| +h[-1r d@/vc[-
($l3[-/> w4ke ho/O[- 4/v[> ~|~hen)~|~|-|ev/
$@ic| ~|~He!R nev3rS +h3y s|_e/Ot +#3!R d/^E4m

$+ars Rai/v sUN MOoN
(ANd ()Nlv/ +h3 $/v()|/\| ca|\| 8egi|\| tO 3X/>/_Ain
hOW (h1lc|rE|\| aRe @/>t ~|~O /=0/^g3T to reM3mBe/^
wit# u/> so /=l0AT1ng M@/vv/ be|_l5 c|o|/\||\|)

()n3 [>@Y a/vv/oN[- DI3d ! 9Uess
(@n[> n()oNe s~|~O0/Oed t() KI5s |-|I5 FaCe)
busy fO/_K b(_)/~I3c| Them side by SI|)e
l1~|~tle By LitTLE and \\/4s by |/\|AS

a|_l b`/ @ll Anc| DE3p |3y c|e3/O
@nD MoR3 8y MoR[- t|-|e`/ D/~ea|v| t#Eir $|_eeP
nOonE AND A|\|v/o|\|E 3@RtH B`/ a/OR!L
wi5|-| bY 5PirIT And iF 8y Yes.

WOMeN A|\|d meN(8O+H [>o|\|G aNd |)IN9)
5umMe/^ a(_)T(_)mn |/\|!/vt3r sPRing
re@p[-[> ~|~|-|3ir $owi|\|G an|) \\/E|\|t ~|~|-|3Ir cAMe
S(_)n MoO|\| $ta/^s /^4i/v