the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

~|~He (AM|3ridg[- lAdIes \\/ho |_IvE in phU/~|\|Is|-|[-|) $oulS
ARE Un|33a(_)+IfUl A/v|) Ha\/3 [0|\/|/=()RtAbL[- M1n|)$
(a|_5O, |/\|!th +#[- [H|_|R[h'5 />ROt[-st4Nt |3leSS1|\|G$
dA(_)gh~|~e/~S, u/vs(en+eD S|-|A/O3le5s s/OIr!+3D)
t#Ey |3[-/_1e\/3 !n [hriSt aND l()N9/=[-LL()w,bot|-| d3ac|,
A/~3 !NVARIAb/_`/ iN+3/^3sTed in s() M4n`/ ~|~H1|\|95-
At The Pr3sE/vt wr!~|~!n9 ()|\|e s+i/_l Find5
|)e|_!G|-|te[> fIn9ers knitTInG f0r thE 1s it PoLE5?
/>ErhaPs.   WHi|_[- />[-rma|\|ENt ph@C3s co`/ly 8Anc|y
5(an|)@L of |\/|rS. |\| anc| p/~()/=[-$5o/^ |)
....+he [4|v|8/~i|)9E L4c|!3s dO NoT [@r3,aB0VE
c@|v|b/~iD9e 1/= sometimES i|\| !+$ B()>< ()f
s|<y l4veNder 4nd cOr|\|3/^LE$s, The
|\/|oon /^At+l3s liK3 @ frAgM3|\|T ()f A/v9Ry c4/vDy