the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

the cam|3r1dgE la|)I3s w#0 L1\/e IN /=(_)/~/v15h3d 5oU|_s
Ar3 U/vbeA|_|T1phu|_ a/vd hAvE c0MFOr~|~@b/_e |\/|!nd$
(a|_5o, wI~|~H +#3 chuR(|-|'s />/^Ot3ST@N~|~ B/_[-s51|\|gs
|)@(_)G#~|~3/~s, unSceN~|~e|) S#4/>e|_e$5 s/>iritEc|)
thEy beliEv3 !/v [hri$t @ND l0/vgF3L/_o|/\|,|3Oth De@|),
@rE !nv4r!aB/_y iNte/^3stec| 1n $o |v|A|\|y +H!nGs-
@t t#e pr3SenT WR1t!/vG on3 5tiLl phi|\|ds
d[-/_igh~|~ec| ph!|\|93RS |<|\|!~|~+Ing ph()/~ the i5 I+ pol3$?
/>e/~HAP5.   |/\|#il[- p3rM4n3/vT /=4CeS (0v/ly 8A|\|[>Y
5(A|\|dAL 0f |v|rs. n a|\|D /O/^O/=e5s()R [>
....T|-|[- C@M|3r1dg3 lad!ES Do /vO+ c4r3,4b0\/3
camb/^Id9e If som[-timEs in IT5 8oX ()f
5ky lave|\|D3R 4n|) c0r|\|erLe5$, tH3
mo0n /^At~|~|_ES L1K[- a /=rAg|\/|[-/vT Of 4Ngr`/ (AndY