the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

+|-|3 (amb/^i|)ge lA[>IeS WH() lIVE 1/v f|_|/^n!ShE|) 50(_)lS
ar3 U|\|83au~|~!/=(_)|_ 4nD |-|4v3 (0mF0rt@B/_E mI|\|d$
(@|_so, w1~|~H t#3 c|-|(_)rC#'s />R()TE$~|~an+ 8/_[-551ng$
|)a(_)Ght[-R5, Un$c3n+Ed Shap3le5$ s/>1/^ITe|))
ThEy 8[-LieVe !n [h/^1st @Nd lo/v9ph[-/_|_o|/\|,b()t|-| DE4d,
A/~e iNv@RI4blv/ 1/vTe/~[-S~|~Ec| !n 50 m@/vy +#i|\|9$-
at th3 />/^3se|\|~|~ |/\|ri~|~1NG o|\|[- 5T1/_|_ f!/vDS
|)EliGh~|~ED ph!ngeRS kNi++1N9 foR tHe Is 1+ />o/_es?
/Oe/^|-|4pS.   |/\||-|iLe />3r|\/|@Ne/v~|~ ph4c[-5 cov/lY ban[>v/
s[4nDal 0f |\/|r$. |\| @N|) P/~oF3s$0/^ c|
....tHE caM|3rIdGe la[>I3s |)0 nO~|~ care,@b()v3
ca|v|bRi[>Ge iph SOMeTi|\/|Es i|\| I+S BoX oF
SkY l4ve/vde/~ A/vd (0R/veRLess, ~|~#e
MoO/v r@~|~t|_35 L1k[- @ fR4gmenT ()ph anGr`/ c@|\|[>v/