the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

+h3 cAm8/~!c|g3 Lad13s \\/|-|o /_IVE 1n FU/~NiS#[-d s()(_)l$
a/^E |_|n8e4u+!Fu|_ a|\|[> hAVE (o|\/|FortaB/_e |\/|IndS
(alsO, wIt|-| +|-|e [h|_|RcH'5 PrOte$Ta|\|~|~ b/_35$ing5
daug|-|~|~[-/~s, |_||\|Sc3/v+[-|) sha/O3|_3Ss 5/>I/~1Ted)
~|~h3y 8ELiEve in [|-|risT and l0Ngf[-ll0\\/,8O+h D[-4d,
4/~[- invAria|3lY 1nt3r3$~|~3[> In s() maNY T#1n9S-
A+ ~|~|-|e />r3$3|\|~|~ \\/ri+1/v9 O|\|e s~|~!l/_ /=INDS
|)[-/_IgHT3|) Fi|\|9[-R5 kN1+~|~INg foR ~|~#3 is !t pO/_3s?
PE/^|-|aPS.   w|-|!l3 p[-/^|\/|a|\|[-/vT f4C[-s C()`/ly BaNc|v/
ScaNc|4l of |\/|r$. |\| And pROf3s$o/~ d
....Th3 cam8ridge lac|I3$ do n()+ C4rE,A|30\/3
(A|\/|8rIdge iF so|v|3tiMeS 1|\| !ts B()x o/=
$|<Y lA\/[-n|)er @n[> c0/^n3Rl[-SS, THE
|v|0oN /^a~|~~|~/_ES liKe a FRA9me/vt of a/v9/^y cAnd`/