the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

+|-|E [ambr!dgE |_A|)13S whO LiV3 !/v FurN!$h3[> sO|_|/_5
Ar3 un83@|_|~|~Iph|_||_ aND hav3 C0|v|f0r~|~aB|_3 M1n[>5
(aLS0, WiT# T#3 c|-||_|R[h'$ prOtE$t4|\|t b|_3Ss1N9s
DaugH~|~3/~5, un5ce/vte[> $|-|@pe/_ess Sp1/^i+ED)
~|~#eY 8el1eVE i/v c#RI5t anc| l()|\|9phElLo|/\|,bOth deAD,
aRe INva/^iAbly i|\|t3reSted in 5o |v|a|\|Y t|-|1|\|g$-
4+ tHe p/~eSen+ w/~Iting 0N[- sTi|_/_ ph!nds
|)[-l!Gh+3[> phin93/^$ k/vitt!ng fo/^ ~|~#3 15 it P()l35?
/>e/^#@p$.   wHILe /OE/~M@|\|[-/v+ phACEs c()Y|_Y bA/vd`/
$(a|\|DAl 0/= mrs. n aND p/~oFeSSoR [>
....thE C4|v|8/^!dge /_4die5 |)o /v()T (are,@8o\/e
[@|\/|bRidg3 1f soM3times i|\| I+S Box o/=
skv/ /_4V3nder an[> [o/^NE/~|_35$, t#e
Moon ra+tlE5 /_1k[- @ /=/~@9|v|3nt 0f Ang/~v/ c@n|)y