the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

~|~#[- (aMb/~1c|ge l4|)1[-$ wH() /_Iv3 1n Fur/vished SOu|_$
A/^e UNB34U~|~iF(_)|_ ANc| Ha\/e c0|\/|f()/^TaB/_E |v|i|\|Ds
(A/_SO, w1~|~h +|-|E (Hu/^(h'5 /Or0+3sT4nt b|_E55!ng$
daugHTers, |_|n5cE/v~|~3c| S#@pel3ss S/Oiri+e|))
+#Ev/ 8ElieV[- iN (#R!s~|~ 4n[> |_oNgfEL|_o|/\|,B0th d[-ac|,
@r3 I/vv@RiAB|_`/ I/vt[-R3$~|~ed in so m4Nv/ thi|\|95-
4+ T|-|3 pr[-s3|\|+ w/~!tI|\|G on[- 5~|~iL/_ fINdS
DElig#tE[> phingeR$ |<|\|1~|~T1ng ph()/~ +he is i~|~ /OOL3$?
perhaps.   \\/hile p3/^m@NENT /=a[e5 (O`/ly B4nc|`/
SC4nd4l oF |v|/~$. n 4nc| pRofESso/^ |)
....tH3 (4m8/^1c|GE |_aDI3s d0 /voT cAre,@BoVe
(A|v|bRic|G[- iph sOm3tiM3S !N ItS b0X o/=
$K`/ |_aV3nd3R @nD CoR|\|ER/_esS, ~|~|-|e
|v|oon /~a+~|~L3s /_i|<e A phrAGm[-Nt oF a/vgRv/ (4|\||)y