the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

+h3 ca|\/|8r!c|G3 /_aD!eS w#0 Li\/E !n fuR/v1$Hed S0(_)|_s
a/~[- un|33auT1/=(_)/_ a|\|d #a\/[- (0|v|/=0r~|~@|3le Minc|S
(@ls(), WIth +h3 (huR(H'S p/^oT3S~|~a|\|~|~ BleS5i/vg$
d4ug|-|+3/^S, uNs[e/vt3d $hApeLEsS $piRite|))
~|~hEv/ Be/_!e\/3 1|\| ChrIs~|~ aNd |_oNGf[-|_/_ow,|3ot# c|[-a|),
arE i/v\/a/~i4b|_y iNte/~e$Te[> 1/v so M4/vY ~|~#I|\|gS-
@~|~ ~|~he />/~3$e|\|T WRit1N9 ()ne $+i|_|_ phINd$
d3lIghtEd /=InG3/^$ |<|\|I++i/vG fo/~ +He iS 1+ /Ool3S?
pErhap5.   \\/h!/_[- p3rman3nt faces c0yLy BaNdv/
5[a/vd4l ()f |v|rs. /v A/v[> p/~oF[-5$0r d
....~|~|-|3 cAm8ri[>9e |_4d1[-5 d0 No+ [ar[-,@bove
cAM8/~Ic|g3 1F sOM3tim35 i/v iTS |3ox o/=
skv/ lav[-N[>3/~ A|\|d (0/^|\|ERL3ss, +|-|3
|v|()0/v r@+~|~leS l1Ke A ph/^agm3/vt ()f A/vG/^Y (a/v|)Y