the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

Th3 c@|\/|b/^1dGe la|)ie$ |/\|Ho |_Iv[- iN furnI5HeD s0ULs
ar[- |_|Nb[-4utiph(_)/_ A/v[> |-|Av3 C()m/=0rT4bL3 mi|\|D$
(a|_so, WiTH t#e Ch|_|Rch'S PR0tE5~|~4N+ blesS1nGs
d@UGHT3R5, u/vs(3N+ed ShaPe|_3SS s/O!/~I+3d)
+heY b3l13v3 IN (#r15~|~ @n|) l()|\|Gf[-|_|_oW,B()t# |)3ad,
@re 1|\|\/@/^14blY in~|~EReS+3[> !n so |\/|aNy th!ngs-
at +#3 />r3$3n~|~ wri~|~!nG oN3 sTil/_ FInc|s
d3l!9ht3c| FI|\|GER$ |<nI+~|~ing F()r tH[- 1$ i+ poLe5?
P[-RHaps.   \\/Hi|_[- permAnen~|~ phAcES (0yL`/ bandv/
$[A|\|[>4L of |v|rS. |\| aN|) /OrOf3sSor d
....T#E [@mbRI|)ge /_ac|ies Do N()t car3,a|3()v3
[aM8RidG3 !F soM[-~|~!|v|e5 i/v !t5 8()X of
$|<y lavende/~ a/vD [oRNe/~l3ss, +|-|e
m0()N /~4t~|~les li|<e A FragMen~|~ O/= 4/vgr`/ Can|)`/