the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

T#e (a|v||3R1|)G[- |_ad!E5 Who liv3 iN f(_)R|\|15h[-d s0(_)|_$
@/^3 unBE4Utif(_)L a|\|d hAve (oM/=o/~t48LE minDS
(@lSo, w1+h the (h(_)/~c#'s Pro~|~3S+4/vT bLESs!|\|G$
D4ugH~|~eRs, UN$cenT[-|) 5H4/>[-L3sS $P1R!~|~ED)
thev/ b[-l!eVe i|\| ch/^iSt and lon9f[-LlO|/\|,bo~|~# |)3@D,
4/^3 invarI4B|_y 1N~|~e/~[-5+ed i/v 5() M4/vy t|-|1|\|9s-
@T tHe p/^es[-/vt \\/r1t1ng ()ne STIl|_ f!|\|d$
DElighted phi/vge/~s k|\|1tt!nG /=or th[- !5 iT Pol3s?
/>e/~h@/>$.   w#il3 permAn3n+ FACe$ [o`/lv/ B4NDv/
Scanc|a/_ oF mRs. n a/vD />r()/=e5s0r c|
....+#E camb/~idg3 lac|iE5 DO |\|ot [@r3,A|3OV3
c@m|3ridG[- 1f sometI|\/|[-5 !n !ts B0>< Oph
$kv/ l4VEnc|3/^ a/vd coR|\|3R/_3s$, The
|v|()()N /^aTT|_es |_ik3 @ ph/^@9|v|[-nt OF A/v9RY Candy