the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

thE cam|3R!|)G3 lA[>i3S w#o lI\/e i|\| fuR/v1s|-|3c| 5oU/_s
@r3 |_|nbeaUTifuL 4Nc| H@ve [omfo/~~|~a8l[- |\/|In[>s
(A/_sO, wiT|-| T#e c#U/^c#'s /O/^Otestant 8lessingS
|)augh~|~eRs, UNs(3NT3[> s#aP3/_3s$ 5pi/^it[-D)
TH3`/ bE|_iEVE iN c|-|/^!$T ANd l()/vGfe/_L0|/\|,bO+H c|3AD,
a/^e iNva/~1a|3/_y 1nter[-$~|~e|) !/v S() m4ny thIng5-
a+ ~|~h3 pR3$[-N+ \\/rIt!ng One s+!L/_ /=In|)s
dElI9h+[-D /=!ng3/^S |<|\|itt1|\|9 /=0/~ Th[- !s iT P0les?
pe/~h@/>$.   \\/hiL3 />3Rm4neN~|~ /=@Ces C0`//_y B@/vdv/
$CaN[>@/_ Of m/^S. n a|\|[> />Rophess0R D
....+He (a|v|8/^ic|9E |_A[>!E5 |)O n()t [aR3,aB()ve
[4|\/||3R1|)9E If $O|v|ETim[-5 !N i~|~s 8()x 0F
sKY L@v3/vc|[-R 4nD Co/^/veRlesS, THE
|v|oon /~AT~|~l3s l!Ke @ Frag|v|[-nt 0/= 4ngry c4NDy