the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls

by E. E. Cummings

tHe C4|\/||3/^1dge La|)i[-s \\/H() lI\/[- i/v phurni5hE|) S()U|_5
ar[- |_|/v|3Ea(_)tif|_|L @nc| |-|4ve comph0rtable |\/|1n[>s
(A/_5(), w!t# ~|~#e [H(_)rch'5 pRot[-staN+ 8lEs51Ng5
[>A|_|9|-|~|~e/~S, u/vs(3|\|~|~[-d $haPel3ss s/>!/~i+3[>)
tHEy B3Li3ve 1|\| chrIsT @/vd /_()n9F3/_L()w,8o~|~h de@|),
are !|\|vA/~1ABlv/ !/vt3r35t3d i|\| 5O Ma|\|y THIn9S-
@t tHe />/~e$[-nt wRiTiNG o|\|e s~|~Ill fiNd5
[>3li9h+Ed /=!/vg[-r5 kN!~|~tinG f()/~ T#[- I$ !~|~ P0/_Es?
pe/~ha/O5.   \\/#1/_e />Er|v|aNe/v~|~ faCe$ Coyly Ba|\|d`/
s(Andal of |\/|/^s. /v And pr0fE$$Or [>
....T#[- ca|v||3riDG3 ladI3s c|O not [@r3,a|3o\/e
c4|\/||3R1dgE iph 5O|v|[-~|~I|\/|e$ i|\| it5 8ox 0ph
5K`/ /_4v[-ndeR ANc| [orn3r/_[-5$, th3
|v|o()N raTT/_3$ likE a /=r@gment 0f @ngr`/ c@|\|Dy