my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


|v|y /=a~|~H3r movec| t#rO(_)Gh d()()ms of l()ve
tH/~oUgh Sa|v|es 0/= @M ~|~#ro|_|gh H4V3s oF G!Ve,
$i|\|gI/v9 3ach |v|0r|\|I/vg ()u+ oph [-4ch n!G|-|~|~
|v|y F4~|~h3r mOVed thr0ugh dE/O+H$ 0f |-|31ght

th1s |v|ot!on|_ESs /=orGE~|~fUL |/\|hE/~3
tu/^ne[> 4~|~ His g/_an[3 TO $#iN1ng H[-r3;
t|-|A~|~ if($o t!MI|) air is fI/~M)
(_)n|)Er |-|is E`/35 wo(_)|_D s~|~ir A|\|c| squ!/~|\/|

|\|E|/\||_y 45 /=r()|v| unb|_|/~i3|) \\/#i(|-|
FLo4t$ tHe f1Rst wh0,|-|IS @/>/^!/_ T0uCh
|)/^o\/3 $l3ep1/vg s[-/_\/35 t0 Sw@/~m +|-|[-ir F@+3$
wOK[- |)r[-AM[-rS +O t|-|31R g#0stlv/ /~()o~|~5

@ND sH0Ulc| $om3 wh`/ coM/Ole+ely WeEP
|v|Y ph@~|~h[-/~'$ F1ng3r5 8roUG#+ H3/^ 5lE3p:
vaI/v/_`/ n() $|v|A|_/_3St v()ic[- |\/|!gH~|~ C/~y
for H[- cou/_d fE3l +he mo(_)nt4!|\|$ 9RoW.

|_!f+!n9 Th3 va|_L[-v/s ()ph th3 sE@
|\/|v/ phA~|~#er moVEd th/^ougH GriefS oF J0v/;
PRaiSi|\|9 a f0r3#ead [a/_|_ed t#[- moon
sINGi|\|9 [>e5!r3 !n+O 839IN

jov/ w@5 #1s $()ng Anc| jOy So /O|_|/^3
a heart ()F $T@r By |-|!m [o(_)|_[> 5te3/~
A/vd />U/^e s0 /vow An[> |\|o\\/ S0 `/3$
t#e wr!$Ts Oph +\\/i|_1gH~|~ w()u|_|) r3_/OicE

k3En a$ |\/|1dsUmmeR's kE3/v |3eyond
C()nc[-!\/i/v9 mi/v[> ()/= S|_|n wIL|_ $t4|\|d,
sO s~|~R!(t/_v/(over (_)tm0sT h!|\/|
sO H|_|Gelv/) 5tOoD m`/ ph@The/^'S c|R3@m

h!s f|_E5h w@$ F|_[-5|-| #i5 b|_ood was B/_OOc|:
no HUngry m@n 8u+ w!SHeD |-|IM pho0c|;
/v0 c/^IP/O|_e \\/()|_|/_d/v'+ (r3[-p 0/ve |v|!/_E
UpH1LL ~|~o o|\||_y 5e3 h!|v| $miLE.

5C()/^/v!nG +|-|e p()|\/|/> oph m|_|s~|~ @N[> $Ha/_L
Mv/ F4~|~#3r moVe|) thrO|_|gh c|o0|\/|5 of ph[-[-l;
h1$ aN9e/^ wA5 AS /^iG#t 4$ ra1n
|-|I$ p1tv/ was As 9reEn @5 graiN

$[-p~|~3mbe/^ing a/~mS o/= `/e4r ext3N|)
ye5 h(_)|\/|bly \\/34lt|-| +o f()e A|\||) phRieNd
tha/v #3 t() F0()/_I5h a|\|[> To w153
o/=Fer[-|) i|v|m[-@SuRabLe i5

/>Ro(_)dl`/ 4/vd(by 0cT0bE/~!nG f/_@ME
b3cko/v3|))as eA/^tH W!ll c|0|/\|nWA/~[> cLimb,
$0 n4K3c| /=()/~ i|v||v|0Rtal WorK
his s#O|_||_d[-/~s mArCh[-D a9@!/vst t|-|[- [>A/^|<

|-|I$ $0/~Ro|/\| wa5 @s +/^(_)3 4S bR[-4[>:
|\|O /_i4r |_O0kEd |-|!M in +|-|e H3Ac|;
1F 3v[-rY frien[> Be[AmE hIS ph()3
H3'|) la(_)gh 4|\|D b(_)!/_c| @ Wor/_d w!+# Sn0w.

my pha~|~#e/^ m()Ved t#rO|_|Gh +heY$ Oph w3,
51|\|91|\|9 3aCH |\|3W l3a/= ()|_|t 0/= 3a[|-| ~|~/^ee
(4n[> [-ve/~Y c|-|!ld w@5 s|_|/~[- t#at 5/O/^iNg
|)an(Ed |/\|#E|\| sh3 #eA/^c| My fa~|~#er 51N9)

+heN leT me|\| kI|_l whiCh (Annot 5#aR3,
L[-~|~ Blo()|) an[> ph|_3sh 8e m(_)[> a|\|D m1/^e,
Sc|-|3miNG IMag1/v3,/OA5s!0N w1lLec|,
f/~[-3c|O|v| a |)r(_)9 tHAT's bought @/vd sOLD

9Ivi/vg TO $+[-al a|\|c| C/^|_|e|_ |<1Nc|,
4 he@/~~|~ tO f3a/^,tO c|ou8t a MI|\|c|,
t0 Difphe/^ a d!sea$3 0f 5@ME,
c()Nf()/^|v| ~|~#[- p1/v|\|@(l3 Of am

+ho|_|g# Du/_|_ |/\|3rE a/_l W[- ~|~A5t3 4s b/~igh~|~,
|3!~|~T3R aLl utt3rly ~|~#1/vgs s|/\|eEt,
M@ggo~|~v/ |\/|1Nu5 @/vd [>(_)mb dE4~|~|-|
a/_l W3 1nHE/^i~|~,al/_ b[-q|_|3ath

@nc| |\|o~|~hI/v9 Q|_|it3 So L3@5~|~ 4s t/^u~|~h
--1 s@y ~|~HO(_)9h |-|4T3 W[-/~E \\/hy M[-n BR[-A+he--
b3Ca|_|s3 |v|Y fatH[-R l1VE|) h1s S()|_|/_
L0v3 is t#[- wh0/_3 aND More +hAn @l|_