my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


MY F@~|~hE/^ mOVeD thRougH |)OoMS O/= /_()V3
th/~()u9h s4|v|[-$ Of A|\/| t|-|roug|-| |-|AveS 0f g!v3,
S!|\|9Ing 3@[# m()rning 0ut o/= e@(# Ni9ht
my ph@t|-|eR |\/|OV3D t|-|/^ou9h c|e/Ot#S Of h319ht

ThIS m()T10n/_3SS f0/^Ge~|~f(_)/_ \\/#e/^e
tURneD At #is glaNce +() S#1|\|1|\|G h[-re;
tHa+ If(So tiM1|) aI/~ Is /=i/^m)
UNder hi$ [-`/[-$ |/\|o|_|L[> 5t1r @nD sQu1/^m

n3\\/ly 4S phr0M UN8uri[-[> \\/#ic|-|
phLoa+s THE FiRsT \\/ho,|-|i5 @p/~il ~|~ou(h
dr0\/3 Sl3e/O!Ng $3LvE5 To sWa/^m ~|~hE!/^ phates
\\/()|<3 dr3@m3r$ To T#eIr g#o$+Ly R()Ots

4|\|[> shOu/_d $O|\/|3 |/\||-|y (()MPLEtelv/ weep
Mv/ f@ThEr'$ /=!nGe/^s brOu9#~|~ #[-r slee/>:
v4!/v|_y /v0 sMAl|_EST v0ICe |\/|iG#+ c/^`/
phoR h3 cO(_)L[> /=3[-|_ +he moU/vTai/v$ 9r()\\/.

/_!ft!|\|g th3 v4L/_[-Y5 ()ph t#3 sea
|\/|v/ f4tHe/~ |v|Ov3[> TH/~o|_|gh 9/~1EfS o/= Jov/;
/OraISinG a ph()/~E#e@D (A/_Lec| t#3 M0ON
sIn9in9 [>3si/~3 1Nt0 8EGI/v

_/0Y wA$ his 5O/vG 4/v|) _/oY s() />|_|/~e
a H3arT o/= $T4/~ By HIM [Ou/_|) $t3Er
@nd p|_|r3 50 /vo\\/ 4nd no|/\| s0 v/E5
T#e \\//~I$t$ 0f T\\/1li9#+ \\/()|_||_d /~EJoi(E

kEE/v 4S m1ds(_)m|v|3/~'$ |<33N 8ev/0|\|[>
c0/vc3!\/I|\|g |\/|1|\|c| of $un \\/!l|_ S~|~@nc|,
5O S+/~i(~|~/_Y(0vEr UT|v|()s~|~ hi|\/|
S() h|_|g[-lv/) s~|~o()|) mv/ phATh3r's Dr3Am

h!5 fL3SH w@s f/_35|-| h!5 b/_()0|) |/\|As b|_oOD:
no #|_|ng/~Y ma|\| 8Ut Wis#ed hIM /=Oo[>;
n0 c/~!P/>Le \\/()uLc|N't (/^[-3/> ()|\|3 |v|Il3
uPHil|_ +() 0/vL`/ 5e[- H!M s|\/|ILE.

ScornIN9 the /OO|\/|P of m(_)$+ an|) sh4LL
My fA~|~|-|3r M()v3D ~|~H/^ou9h [>O0m5 of Feel;
H1s 4|\|Ge/^ \\/as a5 Rig|-|~|~ aS ra1n
hi5 pity \\/As 4$ 9/~EE/v 4s g/~@1|\|

$ep~|~[-MB3ri/vg A/~m$ 0F y34/^ ex~|~enD
YEs huMb/_y |/\|3al+h TO fo3 4|\||) f/~1E|\|c|
~|~h4N |-|3 +o foOl1S# a/vc| ~|~O \\/ise
Ophf[-r[-|) im|\/|34surab/_3 1$

p/^o(_)dL`/ aN|)(by Oc~|~O8e/~1/vg fLaM3
b[-[KOn3D)as 3ART|-| Will D0w/v|/\|ar[> c|_i|v||3,
5() n@kED fO/~ imMort@l \\/()rk
hI5 S|-|0uL|)ers |v|4/~[H3c| @g@iNSt ~|~|-|e |)4rK

h!$ 5o/^Ro|/\| w4$ aS t/^|_|e 45 bR3ad:
no lIAr /_ooK3d |-|i|\/| !n T|-|[- |-|[-Ad;
if EV3Rv/ frie|\|c| be(@|\/|e #is F03
|-|e'd /_a|_|G|-| 4|\|c| buIl[> a \\/o/^|_|) wi~|~# 5/v0W.

|v|y Fat#e/^ MOvEd th/~o|_|gH ~|~h3ys of W[-,
S1Nging 34C# |\|3W /_E4/= ou+ o/= ea[h tree
(A/vD EVeR`/ [H1Ld w@s $ur3 ~|~Hat s/OR1ng
[>AnC[-[> wH[-n she h3a/^|) MY phaTh[-r $Ing)

tHen lE~|~ M3/v kil|_ wh1ch (@nn0T 5#a/~3,
|_e~|~ bl00d A/vd f|_esh b3 |v|Uc| ANc| m1re,
$chEmin9 I|v|Agi/ve,/Oa$5io|\| w!lL3d,
Fr33dom @ dRUg ThAt's BoUGHt an[> 50/_|)

9IvIng +o $+3aL AND CRue/_ KiNc|,
4 |-|3@r+ to F3@/~,to dO(_)B+ a Mi|\||),
to Di/=fer 4 |)iSeA$E OF sa|v|3,
Co|\|/=o/~|v| +h[- /O!|\|nacl3 of A|v|

t|-|Ou9h c|u/_/_ w[-re 4/_/_ \\/[- t@$t3 @S |3/~iG#t,
|3it~|~3R alL uTT[-/^/_`/ +|-|1nGs s|/\|33+,
|v|aGg()t`/ |\/|inu$ anc| c||_||v||3 |)eath
aL/_ \\/e InheRit,Al|_ 8eQ(_)EA~|~#

a/v|) Not|-|1Ng QUi+E sO |_3@$t As +Ru+|-|
--i s@Y THo(_)9h hAT3 w3/^[- WHv/ |v|3N b/^3A~|~He--
beca(_)5e |v|Y Fa~|~#3/~ L1VED h!s 5()ul
lov3 is T#3 |/\||-|()|_e 4Nd |v|O/~3 tHan 4/_l