my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


m`/ f@t#3/~ |\/|0V3[> +hRoUg# dO()|v|S oF /_OVE
thR()|_|gH $4me5 ()/= a|v| +#/^Oug# H@vE5 of Gi\/3,
Si/vgin9 3ACH mor|\|!/vg ()ut of eA[H ni9h~|~
MY F@THEr mo\/eD Th/~O|_|9H D3/O~|~hS o/= h3IGh~|~

+hI5 moTIoN|_3ss FOrG3~|~fu|_ |/\|h3r[-
+|_|rn[-[> 4t hIS glAn(e t() s|-|in!Ng #[-/^e;
t|-|4t If(s() +I|v|1c| 4Ir 15 fiRM)
|_||\|c|E/~ #!s EyeS \\/OUl[> $tI/^ 4ND SqU!/~|\/|

Ne|/\|/_Y 4$ phrom u|\|b|_|/^!3d |/\|h1[h
FLoat$ thE f1/~5+ \\/ho,hIS ApRil to|_|(|-|
Dro\/E slE3p1/vg S3|_\/3s t0 s\\/A/^m T|-|eir fa+es
wo|<e [>/~3am3/~5 ~|~o +h3i/~ g#oSt/_v/ r()Ots

aNd s#0uld 5()|\/|E w#v/ (()|\/|p/_Et3ly w33p
|v|y fA~|~|-|3r'$ fiNgeRs BR()|_|gh+ h3/~ 5|_eeP:
vai/vlY /v() sm4Ll35t v()Ic3 |\/|iG#+ cry
For h3 (0UL[> fee|_ +hE |v|()untaIn$ g/~Ow.

lIphT1ng ~|~hE va|_LEYs of ~|~h3 5Ea
|v|`/ /=4t#ER M()ve|) t#r0UGH gri3fs ()f joy;
/O/^aiS1/vG a Fo/~EheaD [@ll3d t|-|[- m()on
si|\|ging c|[-51r3 1n+O Beg1N

j0v/ w4s H!S s0/vG 4nd j0y 50 PUrE
A |-|eart oF StAr bY HIM coUlD Ste3R
4|\|[> PUr3 $O now a|\|[> Now S() yeS
Th[- |/\|rist$ ()F t|/\|!/_!Ght W0uLc| /~[-j0!c[-

K33N 4$ MIDsu|\/|M3/^'S K3e/v 8Ev/()nd
(oNC3iving miNc| ()f s|_|/v wI|_l st@|\|[>,
SO st/^i(tLy(oV3/~ UT|\/|0s~|~ h!|\/|
$o |-|ugE|_Y) $tood m`/ fat#[-R'5 dre@m

hiS f|_[-s|-| wA5 f|_eS|-| hI5 8L()()[> |/\|4S |3|_()od:
n0 |-|u/vg/^`/ MAn b|_|~|~ \\/i5|-|[-d #!|v| f0Oc|;
/vo CriPp/_3 Wo|_|/_DN'T [/~E3/O o/ve M!/_e
u/>hil|_ tO o|\|LY se3 |-|iM 5mi|_e.

S(o/^N!n9 +He />()mP Oph M(_)s+ @/vD 5hall
|v|y F@The/~ moveD ThrouGh d()0ms of ph[-e|_;
HI5 4ng[-r |/\|as 4s right as r4i/v
hi$ p1+y w4s @S 9r3E|\| @S 9/~ain

se/>temB3r1/vg @r|\/|5 ()ph yEa/~ 3x+E/vd
Ye$ #Um|3|_v/ WealtH t() fo[- anc| F/^I3|\|[>
THA|\| |-|E tO fool!$H 4nd T() w!s3
0fFe/^ed i|v||v|3a5Ur4b|_3 iS

PRO(_)Dl`/ a|\|d(bY ()c+ob3rin9 fl@m[-
bEcko/v3D)As 3@Rt|-| WilL d()w/vwar[> c|_I|\/|B,
5o N@|<e|) /=()/~ I|v||\/|()r+@|_ w0rK
|-|i5 $houlc|ers mAR[|-|Ed 4gA!nst +|-|3 d4rk

#iS SoRroW w4s 4s tru3 4$ bR34c|:
/vO |_ia/^ |_oOkE[> hIm in T#3 h[-4|);
!/= 3verY F/^IEnc| b[-C4M3 Hi$ phO3
he'|) L4(_)9# An|) Bu!l[> A W()r|_[> \\/ith sNOw.

|v|y /=at#[-r Mov3D +hroUg|-| T|-|3Ys 0ph |/\|e,
s!nG1|\|9 [-@C# n3\\/ LE@f ouT 0ph Ea(h t/^[-e
(@ND e\/[-Ry (|-|i|_[> w4s sUr[- Th@t 5prIN9
[>anC[-c| |/\|He/v $h[- |-|34/~d mv/ /=athe/^ si/vg)

t#3n /_[-~|~ MEN KilL \\/h!ch cAn/v()+ sh4/^3,
LeT b|_()oc| @/v[> f/_E$h Be MUc| 4nc| |v|I/^3,
Sc|-|E|\/|In9 !MA91n3,p@sS1()n w!ll3D,
/=r33d0m a |)ru9 th4+'S |3OuGHt An|) $o|_c|

GiviNg t0 $TEal 4nd [/^U[-|_ K!nd,
4 h[-4/~+ TO fea/~,~|~o d0ub+ 4 |\/|1|\|[>,
TO D!/=f[-/~ a D15Ea53 Of 54|\/|[-,
CO/vph()Rm t#e Pin|\|A(|_[- Of am

~|~h0uG# c|(_)lL |/\|E/^E @/_l \\/e ~|~4st3 a$ |3/~IG|-|t,
|3i~|~+3r al|_ UTTerLy tH!n9s s\\/3Et,
MaggO~|~y m!n|_|s 4N|) c|um|3 c|34t#
a|_l We 1N#eri+,@ll bEqUeaT|-|

aN|) not|-|in9 q|_|ite so le@sT @s tRut|-|
--1 sa`/ t|-|OU9h |-|at3 \\/3rE w|-|y |\/|eN bR[-@tHE--
b[-(a|_|5e |v|v/ f4~|~#Er lIv[-D |-|1$ s()ul
l()vE i5 t#3 wHoL3 4/v[> |v|oR[- +|-|an All