my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


|v|Y f@~|~#er |\/|0\/e|) tHr0Ug# c|()0M$ OF l0v3
+Hrough sa|v|Es of @m +H/^oUG# h@V3$ oph g1V3,
$i|\|G!/v9 [-ach |v|OR/viN9 oU~|~ OF [-AC|-| ni9Ht
mv/ FATh3r |\/|0V3[> Throug# d3/Oths o/= h3iGhT

th1$ |\/|o+i0n|_e$5 /=O/^g[-tful \\/here
tU/^nE|) At hiS 9/_AnCE t() 5|-|1|\|1/vg h[-r3;
+H@~|~ if(5O T!M!c| Ai/~ is firm)
u|\|[>3/^ Hi$ Ey3s |/\|ouLd Sti/^ and Sq(_)irm

ne|/\|LY a$ f/~om u/v|3|_|r!Ed WH!C|-|
f/_0a~|~$ ~|~h[- ph1rs~|~ \\/|-|(),|-|!S 4/>/^il ~|~()U[H
c|Rove s/_e3/>inG s[-LvES t0 s|/\|4/~m t#eI/^ f@+35
|/\|Oke drEA|v|erS +() thE!/~ G#0$TlY roo+s

aND s#o|_|Ld sO|\/|3 W#y (oMP/_eTEl`/ weEP
My fat#[-r'S /=1ng3/^S bRO(_)gh~|~ HeR 5/_33/O:
VaInLy No $|v|Al|_35t voic3 migh~|~ cr`/
FOR #e C()UL|) feeL t#[- mou|\|t4!ns 9R()W.

|_ift!|\|9 t#3 VaL/_EY5 of th3 S3a
|v|Y f4~|~|-|E/^ moVed THrOugH G/~i[-/=$ of j()`/;
pr4!5ing @ ph0/~ehE4D caL|_ec| +he m()on
Sing1ng [>[-si/^3 1nT() beg1/v

J0v/ w4s Hi5 5oNg aNd jov/ 5() PuR3
4 #ear~|~ oph s~|~@/~ 8`/ Hi|v| Cou/_d st[-[-/^
A/v[> p|_|/^3 so NO|/\| an[> |\|0W 5o v/E5
~|~H3 wrISTs ()f t\\/ILi9H~|~ wOUl|) RejOi[3

K[-3n aS MI|)sumMe/~'s K3En B3Y0ND
coN[31v!NG |\/|i/v[> oF s(_)n WI/_l 5T4nd,
so s~|~/~1CtL`/(Ov[-R |_|T|v|o5t |-|I|v|
so #|_|93LY) StOOd |\/|v/ FAt#er's d/~eAM

hIs Fle$# was ph|_3sH hiS |3loO|) |/\|@S 8|_o()[>:
|\|o hunGry |v|an |3u+ wish[-c| him FO0[>;
No c/^iP/>Le Wouldn't CrE3P O/v3 |v|1l3
Uph!ll T0 O|\|Ly s3e #1|\/| sM1LE.

s(o/~N1|\|G tHe pO|v|p oph mUs~|~ @nc| sh@lL
|v|y phat|-|eR |v|Ove|) th/~o|_|g# Do0m5 ()f F33L;
hI$ ANG3r w@S @5 RigHt as /^A1n
h1s pI+v/ |/\|as @5 grEen a$ G/^aI|\|

5[-/OTem8[-/~Ing A/~|v|s O/= `/eaR 3><~|~ENd
YE$ H(_)Mbl`/ we@L+h t() FO3 Anc| phr![-|\|d
+#A/v |-|3 T() phoO/_ish 4|\|D +() w1S3
O/=phe/^3[> ImMea5u/^A8l[- !S

/OrOudLy 4/vd(|3`/ o[t()beR!Ng /=/_A|v|[-
B3cK0/vec|)@s [-4/~~|~H wiL|_ d()W/vwa/^c| c|_I|v|8,
5O nAK[-d /=or IMm()R~|~al wor|<
|-|is 5HO|_|/_de/^5 ma/~C#3D aG@INST th3 c|ar|<

his SO/~/~OW |/\|@s 45 T/^(_)e A5 br3a|):
|\|o |_IaR l0oKEd h!M in THe |-|3@c|;
1ph 3V3/^y phrIe|\||) B3cAm3 |-|is FOe
He'|) |_A|_|G|-| ANd 8u1/_d A wO/^lc| |/\|1T# s/v()W.

|v|y pha+#eR m()vEd ~|~Hr0(_)gh TH3y5 ()F |/\|E,
siNGI/vG [-A[# /vEw l3@f o(_)T ()f EacH tree
(anD [-\/eRv/ Chi/_|) w45 S(_)/~e thAT 5/>/^inG
c|a/v([-[> \\/h[-/v $#e he4RD mY f@~|~|-|[-r si|\|g)

T#e|\| L3t |\/|3n kI|_L whI[h c4|\|N0t $|-|a/~E,
/_eT b/_o()|) aN[> /=/_esh 8E |\/|ud and mi/~3,
sch3m!|\|g i|\/|@G1|\|3,pA$5iOn wI/_l3c|,
Fre3c|0m 4 c|RuG that'S |3oU9hT a/vd sO/_|)

G1\/Ing +() 5+3A/_ a/v|) cRu3L KiN|),
a h3A/^t +o fEAr,t() [>OuBt @ m1nd,
To dIf/=Er a c|iSea5e ()f 5Am[-,
Conphorm +h3 pinnAc/_e of a|v|

t#()|_|9|-| |)ull w3r3 @ll wE ta$~|~[- A5 8/~!9ht,
8it~|~[-/~ aL|_ uT+3r|_v/ t|-|i/vgs sw3e+,
mA9g0Tv/ mInu$ an[> c|u|\/|8 Deat|-|
4ll \\/3 1/v|-|3riT,4ll |3[-que4th

a|\|c| |\|()Thi/vG qUi~|~E so L3@st AS +/~(_)+#
--i $a`/ ~|~ho(_)9H HAtE wEr[- \\/#`/ |v|en 8R[-Ath3--
Be(aUs3 mY FatH3R lIV[-c| #IS 5()u/_
l0v3 15 ~|~|-|3 \\/|-|O/_3 a/vd mORe th4n Al/_