my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


mY phA+h3r |v|o\/e[> thr0ug|-| |)()0|v|5 oph l0ve
T|-|R()|_|9# Sa|v|es O/= 4M thro|_|g# #@v3$ 0ph GI\/3,
sINGinG ea(h mO/~nI/vG o|_|t ()/= EacH N1Ght
|v|Y phAt|-|E/^ m0ved ~|~|-|/^()U9h de/O+H$ oF H[-1gHt

~|~h!S motioNles$ phOr9EtF(_)|_ |/\|he/~e
+Ur/ved @t his Gla|\|(3 to $#iniNg heRe;
t|-|at if(5o tI|v|1[> 4!/^ is f!/~m)
|_||\|deR |-|Is [-y[-$ wo(_)|_d stir 4|\||) $Qu!rm

/v[-|/\|ly As fRo|v| UNbu/~i3|) \\/H!ch
phL()@ts +#e ph1/~sT wh(),H15 a/>/^!|_ t()(_)(H
|)r()v[- $le[-pin9 SE/_\/3S t0 sWA/^|\/| t|-|3I/~ /=@t[-$
|/\|0k3 dreamE/^s ~|~() Th3Ir gh0STlY /~0ot$

@|\|D 5#0(_)|_|) s0|v|[- wh`/ cOm/>L3T3ly W3ep
|\/|y fat#3r'5 ph1|\|gE/~5 |3R()uG#T H3r sl[-eP:
v4!nLy nO sm4|_le$T vO!c3 m!gHt [r`/
/=oR he c()|_|LD /=e3L ~|~|-|e |\/|o|_|n~|~ain$ GrOw.

LIphTINg T|-|E va|_L[-ys oF tHe s3@
|\/|`/ phaTh3R |v|()\/3d +|-|rOU9h gr1efS oF _/()Y;
p/~ai$1Ng a /=or[-he@d [a|_/_eD ThE MOon
$!ngi/v9 De5IR[- !nTo |3391|\|

_/oy |/\|4$ |-|i$ SO/v9 A|\|d J()v/ $O pure
4 |-|eArT o/= $+ar |3Y H!m c()|_|/_D STEe/~
@nc| pu/~3 $0 N0\\/ a|\|c| |\|o|/\| s0 y3s
T#e wr!stS ()f +Wi|_IgH+ \\/0ULc| reJoIc[-

|<[-en 4$ M![>SuM|v|3r'$ |<e[-N Beyo/vd
[()NC[-1viNg mind oF su|\| \\/Ill stA|\|c|,
sO 5tR1[tly(Over U+most HIM
5O #|_|gely) s~|~o0d my Fa+h3r'S |)ReaM

hi5 FL3s# \\/a$ ph|_3s|-| hI5 b/_()0D |/\|as 8|_o0d:
no |-|(_)nGrY mAn 8U~|~ w1s#E|) #im ph()od;
/vo (R!/>/O|_[- w()U/_[>|\|'t c/^E[-P 0Ne Mi|_e
upHI|_/_ +o 0Nly s[-3 Him $mi|_E.

$(OR/vin9 t|-|[- p0M/> of |v|U$t 4nD $hA/_l
|v|Y /=AthEr |v|0v3D Thr()(_)9# d0o|\/|$ oph f3[-l;
hiS @N93r \\/a5 a$ /^Ig#T A5 /~aI|\|
h!s P!+y wa$ A$ Gr3[-N as Gr@!N

s3/OT3M8[-/^!|\|9 4/~|v|s O/= y[-AR eXtEnd
yes #u|v||3ly W[-4/_T# ~|~0 Foe 4Nc| /=/~Ie/vd
~|~h4N #e to FO0l1s# a|\|D ~|~0 wIsE
()/=F3red im|\/|3aS(_)/~ABl3 is

/Or()UdlY @nd(by OCt0|3E/^1/vg Fl4m[-
b3(|<on3D)As e4/^+h w!|_|_ DoW|\|W4rd C|_1Mb,
S() n4kec| f0r i|v||\/|O/^+@L w0rk
h!$ $H0uLDer$ m4/^[h[-[> 4Ga!/v$t t|-|[- da/~K

Hi5 s()/^r()w |/\|@s A$ TRuE as BrEa|):
nO lIA/^ lo0|<e[> |-|im In ~|~#3 Head;
1f Eve/^y F/^13nd 83came |-|Is /=Oe
he'd l@(_)9H and BUi/_D @ Wor/_d Wit|-| $now.

|\/|Y Fa~|~|-|er m0v3|) +hRoug|-| t|-|[-yS ()F wE,
$I/v9I/vg eAc# /v3|/\| l3AF O|_|+ ()F Ea(# tr3e
(@|\|[> eV3/~y c|-|!/_D wa5 s(_)r[- THat 5prI|\|g
c|AncE[> wheN $He |-|eard |\/|y f@t|-|[-/~ s!ng)

+heN |_3~|~ |\/|[-N k!lL |/\|Hich cannot s#@r[-,
L3t b|_o()d And phl3$H be mU[> @|\|c| mire,
s[|-|emIn9 imagIn3,/O@$51on W1lle|),
/=r3[-D()|v| a [>/~u9 thaT's b()(_)9#T 4/v[> sol[>

g1V!n9 ~|~O steA/_ 4/v|) CRuEl kInD,
a |-|3A/~t t() f3aR,t() do|_|8~|~ @ minD,
To [>1phF3R @ DIS[-as3 oph SAm3,
(O|\|/=or|\/| +|-|[- p!NNa[/_e Of Am

+#ou9h DUlL were a|_|_ wE tast[- 4s 8R!ght,
8!t~|~E/^ a/_|_ UTtE/~/_`/ +hIN9s 5|/\|[-e~|~,
|\/|aGGo+v/ |\/|I|\||_|S @n[> d(_)m8 DE4~|~h
@l|_ w3 1N|-|ER1+,4/_l b[-QueAT|-|

@n[> no~|~H!/vG Q|_|iTe sO LeaSt as T/^Ut|-|
--i sA`/ t|-|ough H@t[- |/\|eR[- W#y |v|e|\| bRe@t#e--
BE[@usE m`/ FA~|~h3r |_!V[-D HIs s()(_)/_
lOv3 1s th[- whole A/v|) |\/|O/^3 thA|\| Al/_