my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


M`/ ph4t|-|ER M0\/ed Thr0uGh dOo|v|S of |_0\/[-
T#rOU9# sam[-S ()f A|\/| t|-|R0Ugh #Aves ()ph 9iV[-,
5!ngIN9 [-@(# M0/~ni|\|G o(_)~|~ oph E@c# /v!ght
|v|Y /=4+#er m0\/[-d tHR()ugh dEpths 0f he!g|-|~|~

~|~HIS |v|0tionLesS FOrge~|~/=|_||_ W|-|3rE
+|_|RNed @~|~ h1$ GlaNce t() sHI|\|i/vg h3RE;
~|~Hat if(5O timid AI/~ is ph!/~|v|)
u/v|)3R hiS E`/35 wo|_|lD 5~|~!/^ A|\|d $Qu1Rm

|\|[-\\//_v/ As /=roM u/vB(_)ried whicH
ph|_OA~|~5 +h[- Fir$T |/\|H(),H15 @/>/^i/_ +()(_)C#
|)/^oVE sl[-[-pi|\|G se|_\/3S +0 sWarm th3ir /=a+[-$
\\/Ok3 D/^[-4|v|3rs t() +H31/~ Ghos+Lv/ /^ootS

@/v[> 5|-|oU|_d so|\/|e whv/ co|v|/O/_3TEly weep
|\/|`/ /=4t#ER's Fin9e/~S bROUg#~|~ hEr $leEP:
Va1|\|/_v/ n() sM4L|_e5t voI(3 Mig#t (ry
for he cO(_)Lc| f3[-L T|-|[- m0U|\|T@in$ gr0\\/.

|_iFt!ng ~|~H[- vALle`/S ()/= th3 sea
|v|y /=4t#[-r |\/|Oved ~|~hr()(_)GH griE/=s ()f Jov/;
/OrAIs1N9 a fo/~EheaD c4/_L3d thE |\/|()0|\|
S1Ngi|\|g Des!/^3 iNto b3GiN

JOv/ Was his Song @/v[> _/ov/ sO p(_)r3
A H3art o/= s+a/~ by #!M co|_|/_d sTee/^
an|) PuR[- 50 |\|ow 4Nd N()|/\| 5O y3s
ThE Wris~|~S 0F TwiLigh+ wOu/_|) /~eJ()i[[-

Ke[-n @S MI|)s|_|M|\/|3R'5 k3en 83v/0|\|d
[0N[3iviN9 |v|!nd Of $uN wIL/_ STand,
So s+/^i(tLy(ove/~ utmosT #!M
s() hugeLv/) $~|~()oD |\/|y FaTh3r'$ Dr[-am

#1s phLE5|-| wAS FlEsh HI$ b/_()0d Was bl()od:
/vo HuN9/^y |\/|An 8(_)+ w!$h[-d hIm /=O()c|;
|\|O (/^ip/Ol3 wo|_|/_d/v't [re3P 0N3 |\/|1L[-
u/OH!/_l +o oNl`/ s3E hIM s|\/|I|_E.

S(()rNI/v9 t#E /OOmp oF M|_|st 4Nc| s#a/_l
m`/ fAt|-|E/~ mOve|) ~|~hrou9h do0m5 0f /=33l;
H1S ang3r waS 4$ RIgHt 4s /~a1n
#i$ />I+v/ WAS 4S g/~33/v As g/~ain

53pt3Mb3/~1NG @rms of yEar 3xTENd
y[-5 HumbLv/ wE4/_~|~h t0 FoE aN|) fRi[-n|)
+hAN #e +O phooLiS# ANd to |/\|iSe
offereD !|v|meASUraB|_e IS

p/^ouc||_Y A|\||)(bv/ ()(tober1ng Fl4m3
B[-[|<o|\|3D)aS E@/~T|-| W1|_/_ c|0wnwaR|) [lIm8,
s() /v@k[-[> for immOr+A/_ WoRk
#is s|-|0|_|ldeRs m4/^c|-|3[> @9Ai/vs~|~ THE D@rK

hiS SO/~/^O\\/ |/\|A5 as +/~|_|3 as BRe4[>:
nO L14r Lo()Ke[> #1|\/| I/v t#e #3a|);
!f 3v3Rv/ f/^I[-/vD BECaM3 h!$ ph()3
#E'd l@(_)9# aNc| |3Ui|_[> a w0/^LD WIt# $|\|()w.

|\/|`/ fat#er m()veD Th/^o|_|gh th3Ys Of \\/e,
SI/vg!n9 e4[h n[-w l[-@F ()(_)t ()/= 3a[h tRe[-
(an|) ev[-ry [Hil|) |/\|aS SU/~[- t#At 5Pr1/vg
da/v[3c| |/\|#en 5#E h[-@r[> |\/|Y F@th3r sing)

T|-|e|\| Le~|~ m[-n k1/_l W#ich cAn|\|OT sh4r3,
/_eT 8|_oo|) aNd fL3S|-| |33 muc| @n[> |v|I/^E,
ScH3M!/vg iMAGiN3,/OAsSI0|\| w!|_LE[>,
frE[-d()M @ dr|_|G tH4~|~'5 Bou9|-|+ aN|) $Ol|)

9!vING To st34l a|\|D C/~u[-/_ |<I|\|d,
a H3@R+ +0 f[-@/^,t0 dO(_)bT @ mi|\||),
+O di/=/=3r 4 dis34SE of Sam[-,
(()nF()/~|\/| th3 PiN/v@cLe of 4m

tH()ug|-| c|(_)/_l w3r3 AL|_ We tAS~|~e AS b/~1gH~|~,
|3I~|~t[-/~ @lL |_|+~|~Er/_`/ +H1ng$ $|/\|e3t,
maggOTy |v|1nuS And d(_)|v|B dea+#
a/_l \\/3 In|-|e/^it,A/_|_ bequ[-A+h

and /vo~|~h!ng q|_|ite SO lea5+ as t/~uth
--i saY +h()ugH hatE |/\|3r3 wHy m[-n BRe@~|~HE--
|3ecAusE my F4TH3r |_!\/[-d hI5 s0uL
/_()\/[- is t#3 WhOlE a/v|) mo/~E t|-|4/v 4|_|_