my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


My /=@+hE/~ |\/|O\/[-d th/^O(_)gH |)()O|v|s oph l0V[-
Throu9|-| Sa|\/|3S o/= AM t|-|/^O|_|9|-| h4ve$ of G1v3,
s1N9Ing eacH moRn!nG out 0f E@cH |\|igh~|~
|v|y Fat|-|3r |\/|ov3|) t#r()u9# [>3pth$ O/= h3IG|-|~|~

+HiS |v|otIo|\|L355 ph()RGet/=u/_ w#Ere
turNe|) 4~|~ |-|i$ gL@n[[- to $h1n!ng |-|3R[-;
tha~|~ 1/=($o timid ai/~ !s fIrm)
u|\|dE/^ hi$ eYES WOu/_d $T!R @nd SQUir|\/|

n3wLv/ A$ fr0m |_|/vb(_)RI[-[> wh!c#
FL0AT5 +he phiRs+ wHo,#Is 4pRIL +ouc#
DRov3 s|_eEPi|\|G Se|_\/[-$ TO swArm th3ir ph4TeS
w0|<E |)Rea|\/|3rS ~|~0 th3iR 9h()ST|_Y /~00~|~s

aN|) sH()|_|/_D som3 w#v/ CO|\/|/>le~|~[-lv/ wE3/>
my phat|-|3r's F1NGErS brO|_|GhT He/~ $/_eeP:
v@1nly /v0 sm@l/_3st v()![E M!G#t CRv/
F()r #[- cOuld f[-3/_ th3 m0uN~|~4!|\|s 9R0w.

l1phT!|\|G T#e vAl/_eys ()ph tH3 sEa
|\/|y ph@t|-|3r m0vEc| +h/^oug# grie/=S oph j0Y;
pRai$I|\|9 a /=oR3#E4d c4|_le[> Th3 m0O/v
si/vgi|\|9 [>3S1/^[- 1n~|~o b39In

_/0y w@s H15 so|\|g AND jOy S() p|_|R3
a #Ea/^T o/= $ta/~ by h1m [ouLc| $t33r
4nc| pUrE 5o n0w aNd |\|()w 5o `/eS
the WRi5tS of ~|~W1/_IG#T w()(_)L|) r3Joice

k3en @$ M!DsUm|\/|e/~'s |<E3n |3ey()nD
[()nc31\/1ng |v|ind 0F 5UN |/\|iL|_ 5Ta/vd,
S0 5~|~/~ic~|~|_y(0V3R ut|\/|()s~|~ him
$() h|_|93l`/) $~|~O()D |v|v/ /=AT|-|[-/^'$ dr[-am

hIs /=lE$# wa5 F|_EsH |-|I5 blO()[> \\/a$ b/_o0D:
|\|o h|_|NgRy M@n 8|_|T wi5hec| #i|\/| f0()D;
nO C/^i/>pL[- Wo(_)Ldn't (/~E[-p ()NE Mi/_3
u/>h!LL +o o/vlv/ $e[- hiM S|v|il3.

S(Or/vi/vg th[- p()|v|/O Of muS+ An[> S|-|4Ll
Mv/ pha~|~her mO\/3d +hrougH |)Oo|\/|s ()f fEEL;
#is a|\|geR W4s a5 /^1G|-|T AS r@!n
His />1~|~`/ |/\|as 4s Gr33|\| 4s gra!/v

s3/>t[-Mbe/^i|\|G arM$ Of YE4R ex~|~[-|\|d
v/Es H(_)|\/|blY |/\|e@|_+|-| +o phoe @nc| fr1eNc|
t#4|\| he tO /=oo|_1$h a/vD T() w!sE
0ff[-/^3d I|\/||\/|EaS|_|/^A8lE I5

proUd/_y a|\|d(|3Y o(t0bEr!/vG Fl@|\/|E
|3Ec|<O|\|ed)4$ 34/^+h wILL d0wnw4/^D Cli|\/|B,
s0 naK[-|) F()r 1|v||\/|ORt4l Work
hiS shOulD3rs |v|@r(#[-d aga1ns+ ~|~|-|E da/^k

H!5 So/^/^()|/\| wa$ 4S tr(_)e a5 8/~eaD:
/v0 li@R l0okE[> hIm I|\| The #34d;
iF Ev[-R`/ ph/~I3/vd B3[AM[- h!$ ph()3
H[-'d /_a(_)Gh a/vd B|_|!/_d A w()Rl|) wi~|~h sNow.

mY F@+#3/^ |\/|0\/3D t#/~0ugH +heY$ Oph w3,
5iN9I|\|g ea(# n3w L3aF OUt OF e@(# T/^E[-
(an|) 3\/[-/~v/ ch!l|) \\/@s $U/^[- t|-|a~|~ $/ORing
[>@N(ed w#en $He #e4rD |v|Y /=aTH3R 5inG)

The|\| Let |v|En ki|_l \\/hIc# [A/v|\|()t sh4r3,
l3T 8/_ooD @|\||) f/_[-SH bE |\/|Uc| 4|\||) |\/|iRE,
sC#E|\/|!Ng 1magIne,Pa5si()|\| W!ll[-d,
FReeD()M 4 c|Rug thA~|~'$ b()|_|9#T @/vc| 5ol|)

giv1/vg to ST3al a|\|D CRuE/_ k!/v[>,
A #[-4R+ ~|~() f3@/~,to d()uB~|~ A Mind,
to |)1phf3r A Di5e4s3 of sam[-,
cOn/=()Rm T|-|e Pin/v4(LE 0/= @|\/|

tHOuGH [>Ull W3RE @/_L we T@5T[- A$ |3/~igHT,
8it+3r 4/_|_ |_|~|~te/~/_Y ~|~hI|\|g$ s|/\|e3~|~,
|v|@ggoty |\/|!n|_|s 4nc| d(_)Mb [>Eat|-|
A|_/_ w3 !/v#Er!~|~,4Ll B3qu34Th

@/v[> NO+#i|\|g Q(_)i~|~3 sO /_[-@$+ As Tr(_)th
--1 5Ay ~|~hou9|-| |-|a+3 We/~E whY |\/|[-n |3r34tH3--
Bec@use |\/|y phAthEr |_ivec| #1s s()U|_
/_oV3 Is THe |/\|hol[- @Nc| |v|0/~E tHan @lL