my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


m`/ f4~|~He/^ mo\/3c| ~|~#r()ugh [>0()|v|$ 0f l()\/3
+|-|Ro(_)g# 5@|v|3s ()ph Am t|-|/^Ough #@v3s 0ph G1v3,
5Ingin9 3aCh |\/|OR|\|1/vg ouT ()f [-ac# Ni9h+
|v|y FAt|-|3/~ M()vEc| ~|~H/~O(_)9h de/O~|~hs o/= HE!g#+

this m()~|~io/vlEs5 fo/^9E~|~/=u/_ whe/~[-
turn3|) aT H1$ 9l@/v(e tO $#ininG hE/^e;
t|-|at if(50 Tim!d Ai/^ 1s /=!rM)
Unc|3R hIs e`/3s w()ul|) s~|~!r and sQu1R|\/|

/v3|/\|ly as /=/^om (_)n8u/~13d |/\|hic|-|
/=/_o4t5 T|-|3 First \\/#0,#is A/O/~i|_ tou(#
c|/^()V3 5/_3[-ping $3lv3S ~|~o Swa/^m T|-|[-1R f@TEs
w()k3 d/~EaME/~5 T0 +h31R GHo5+ly r()ot$

4|\|c| SHo(_)/_D 50M[- wH`/ (()|\/|/>L3+ely w3ep
my /=@TH3/~'s fiN9E/~s 8RO|_|Gh~|~ #e/^ $|_e3p:
VA1Nlv/ No Smal/_ES+ vOIc3 mi9Ht (r`/
fOr h3 c()ulc| f33/_ ~|~|-|e |v|o|_|/vTAInS gROW.

L!f~|~1Ng ~|~|-|e Va/_Ley5 ()F +#3 SeA
my FaTh3/~ |\/|o\/e|) Th/~oU9|-| g/~ieFs ()F _/Oy;
/O/~@151NG 4 /=o/~3h3@D c4/_|_3c| the |v|()o|\|
sI/vGi|\|9 [>3$!/~E 1/vto B[-g1n

J()y \\/4S #is $O|\|9 4/vd j()Y s0 p(_)/^e
A HE4rt oF 5+A/^ |3v/ him Could s+e3/^
AnD p|_|/~[- So no|/\| 4n[> NoW s() y3$
thE |/\|/^ists oF T\\/1|_ig#T |/\|0|_|lc| Re_/0i[[-

ke3N @$ MIdS|_||\/||\/|er's k3[-n 8eYonc|
[o/vc31V1n9 |v|i/v[> Oph 5u|\| W1Ll s+and,
5O $trI(Tl`/(O\/eR utM()sT hi|v|
$o |-|ug3Ly) s~|~o0D |v|v/ f@t#er'5 |)r3@m

hIS F/_3$H Was /=l[-Sh |-|I$ bL()o|) w@5 bl()oD:
/vO h|_|Ng/~v/ m@N |3|_|+ w1shEc| hiM foOd;
/vo cRi/>pl3 W0(_)ldn't cr33p oNe |v|I|_E
UphIll to o|\|lv/ seE Hi|v| sMil[-.

sco/~|\|i|\|9 ~|~He pOmp ()f mUs+ A/vc| $|-|@ll
|v|Y /=4Th[-r |\/|O\/eD ~|~hro|_|Gh d0omS oph phe[-/_;
h1s An9E/^ |/\|A5 @$ /~I9H+ AS /^aI|\|
#is />1ty \\/a$ A$ 9/^3en as 9rain

se/>+3Mberin9 armS ()f y3@r [-><t3Nd
v/es |-|(_)|\/||3Lv/ w[-ALTH tO f0E 4nD Fri3/v|)
+#4n hE ~|~0 fo()lI$H AN|) to W1s3
OFf3reD 1|v|m3A$(_)/^@bl3 1s

Pr()uD|_`/ aNd(b`/ O[t0|3ER!Ng fl4mE
b3[konec|)As [-A/^Th wIlL c|0wNwaRD c|_imB,
s() /v@Ked f()r 1|\/|mort4/_ |/\|0/^K
h1$ 5|-|()uLDEr$ m@r(#ec| aGAIns+ T|-|[- [>4/^K

Hi$ s()/^Ro|/\| waS as t/^|_|3 @S 8r34c|:
|\|() |_Ia/^ /_oOked H1m In +he hEac|;
iF 3VeRY /=/~1E/vD Bec4|\/|e H!s Fo[-
h3'[> La|_|Gh and b|_|!lD a W()/^ld |/\|!+h s/v0\\/.

my F@TH3R |v|()\/ed +hr()uG# +hey5 of wE,
sI|\|9i|\|g e@[h n3W /_eA/= 0(_)t O/= 3ach +/^[-e
(4n[> [-vErv/ c|-|!Ld wa5 s(_)R[- thAt 5P/~!|\|g
Dan[ed w#3/v s#3 heA/^D |v|y fat#3r si/v9)

T#En let men kIll \\/Hi(h (4nN0t 5har3,
|_e~|~ Blood @|\|c| f|_Esh |3e |v|U[> AN|) |\/|!/~E,
s[H3Mi/vg I|\/|A91/vE,/>@s5!oN wiL|_Ec|,
phReedo|\/| a |)Rug ThaT'$ b0u9|-|t A|\||) So|_|)

gIVing ~|~O ST3A|_ 4/v|) cru3/_ |<!n|),
a He@rT tO ph3@/~,tO [>O|_|Bt a |v|1|\||),
~|~() [>1ffEr a [>15[-ASe 0/= Sam3,
C()nf()rm t#E />inN@[/_3 of a|\/|

~|~hoUgH c|Ul|_ wE/^E 4Ll |/\|e +a5+E as |3/~ight,
8!+~|~3R 4l|_ |_|TteRlv/ +hIng5 sw33t,
maGg0+Y mInus An|) c||_||v|8 |)EA+h
AlL w[- in#EriT,aL/_ 8eq|_|e@+h

aNc| n0th1/vg q(_)i~|~e so le@$+ 4s tr|_|~|~h
--! say t|-|Ough h4te wErE \\/#v/ m3n b/^Ea~|~He--
becaus[- mv/ /=atHer LiV3[> hI$ soul
|_OVe !s Th[- WhOL3 ANd MORe tha/v AlL