my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


|v|y /=4T#3/~ M0VeD THro(_)gh |)oomS o/= |_0v[-
T|-|r()u9h $4meS Oph @|v| th/~()ugH HAv35 0ph 9Iv[-,
51/vGi/vg ea(H |\/|ORnIng oU+ Of [-acH nigh~|~
|v|y Fath3r mo\/E|) T#r0uG|-| c|E/OTh5 ()f HEIg#t

t#i5 |v|otionlE$S fO/^ge~|~ful wH3r3
tu/~n3[> A~|~ hI5 GlA|\|[E t0 s|-|i|\|inG #eRe;
thA~|~ !ph($0 +i|\/|1c| aiR !s /=iR|\/|)
u|\|der #i$ 3`/[-s |/\|0uLc| stIr @/vd $qUirM

|\|[-|/\|Lv/ as f/~oM uNbuRIe[> w|-|iC#
float$ t#E Fi/^sT |/\|ho,h1$ 4PR!l T()U(H
|)/^ove s/_3ep1N9 5[-|_ves ~|~() $|/\|aRm t|-|[-!r fa+E5
Wo|<e drEa|\/|3/^$ ~|~o t#e!/^ 9|-|()ST|_y /^o0+S

anD 5|-|0ul[> $0m3 |/\|hy co|v|pleT3|_`/ weep
MY phAT|-|3r's f!Nge/~s br()|_|9|-|T #3R S/_[-e/O:
v@iNLv/ |\|0 5m@L|_e$T voi(3 |v|igh+ cry
f0r |-|3 (oUl[> fEe/_ ~|~He |v|oU/vtA!|\|s 9r0w.

/_iF+iNg t#e va|_L3ys OF th3 s[-a
mv/ f4thEr Mov3D thROUg|-| 9/^i3phs o/= j()v/;
/>r41S1nG 4 /=o/~[-h3Ad c4lle[> the M00/v
$ing!nG |)esI/^[- inTo bE91n

j0y \\/4S #1$ so/v9 ANd j0v/ sO /OUr[-
a he@/^t oF s+Ar by Him cou/_d S~|~eE/^
an[> />|_|re so N0\\/ a|\|c| n()W 5() ye5
t#e wRist$ of Twil!GhT \\/0(_)|_D re_/0Ic3

k33n 4s mid5|_||v||v|[-r's k33N Be`/ON[>
cOnc3!\/1n9 |v|Ind oF suN |/\|i|_|_ S+A|\|D,
s0 s+R1Ct|_y(oVEr U~|~|v|ost him
s0 h(_)9[-ly) StoOD |v|y f4+|-|3/~'s |)re4m

H1s /=l3sh |/\|aS F/_ESH #is BL()0d \\/@S b|_0oc|:
no #u/vGR`/ m@n 8u+ \\/!s#[-d hI|v| f()OD;
/v() [r!/O/O/_E |/\|O(_)LdN't c/^[-[-P 0ne |v|I|_e
|_|phiLL to ()NLY S33 |-|!M s|\/|ile.

SCO/^ni/v9 tH3 /OOmp of |\/|US+ 4/vc| 5|-|4l|_
mY /=4+h[-r M0v3c| T#r()|_|9|-| [>o()m$ ()f f33|_;
h!S @/vGe/^ \\/as @S RiGHt as R@in
hIs /OitY w@S aS grE3N AS g/~a!/v

5[-/>+E|\/|bEr!/vG a/~MS ()f v/3ar e><t3n[>
yes Hu|\/|bl`/ \\/eA|_th T0 fo3 4/vd F/~i3nD
tHA|\| he To fO0|_I5H 4nc| To |/\|!$e
0phphe/^e|) i|v|mea5(_)/~@bl3 i5

/O/~ouDlv/ 4n|)(by ()C+0beRI/vg fla|v|3
|3[-ckO|\|E|))aS [-@rTh w1|_l [>()\\/N|/\|arc| [|_!|v|8,
s() |\|A|<eD /=()r 1MM()/^ta|_ W()rk
#!S s#o(_)l|)3r5 Mar[hEd a9@INSt the [>@rk

#is 5or/^()w w45 as t/^u3 a5 8r34c|:
/vo Li@/~ loOkEd #1m iN +he #3@d;
iF ev[-r`/ fr!e/v|) b3c@me hI5 /=o3
He'D |_aug|-| A|\|[> BuilD 4 |/\|o/~ld \\/!~|~h Sno|/\|.

|v|y f@tH[-r moveD th/~()|_|9h ~|~heYs 0F w[-,
SINg!N9 3ac# n3W leA/= 0ut of [-a(H t/~eE
(@nD EV3/~y [H!lc| WA$ $uR[- +#A+ s/ORInG
dan(eD w#3n $#3 #eArc| |v|`/ /=A+HeR si|\|g)

T#en L[-T |v|3n k!ll wH1[H cA|\||\|O+ sha/~E,
/_[-~|~ |3L0()D 4Nd f/_35# |3e |v|ud a/vd mi/~E,
5(H3|\/|inG 1magI/v3,/>4$si()N WI|_Le|),
FR33|)o|\/| a c|ruG t#4~|~'s 8ou9ht @/vd sold

gi\/i/v9 T0 $teal An|) C/~ueL kiNc|,
A HeaRT t0 phEar,T0 |)OU8t A Mi/v[>,
t() |)Iph/=3r a [>IS3a$e 0ph Sam[-,
c()n/=0rm the /O1NN4c/_e of @m

T#ough [>Ull w[-r3 @/_L WE tast3 as |3R1GhT,
|31+TEr 4|_l (_)tT3rlv/ T#!/vg5 sweE~|~,
M499()t`/ m1NUs And d(_)Mb DeATH
Al/_ \\/E 1|\|#3/^it,4Ll BeQ(_)3aT|-|

an|) no~|~hI/vG Qui~|~[- sO |_ea$t AS tr(_)th
--i $Av/ ~|~#o(_)G# H@+e |/\|e/~e |/\|hY m3N b/~3@t#e--
bEC@u$3 |v|Y /=aT|-|3r L1vEd Hi5 5OU|_
|_oVe !5 ~|~|-|3 w|-|Ole A|\|D |\/|()re ~|~ha/v @ll