my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


|\/|y faT#3r M0ve[> +|-|ro(_)Gh [>oo|\/|$ Of L()V[-
t|-|ro(_)G# Sam3$ 0f 4M THroUgH |-|@ve5 0/= giVe,
$inGinG eaC# morn!nG o(_)+ Oph E@[h nIghT
my phAt|-|3/~ |v|oveD tH/~O|_|9H d[-P+h$ Of HEi9HT

~|~His |v|otionl3ss /=or93~|~F|_|l wH3/~3
tur|\|3D @+ His g/_a|\|cE To s#ining h[-r[-;
tHA+ !f(so tI|\/|![> air i5 firm)
un[>e/~ H!s eY3$ W()(_)|_d 5t!/^ a/vD sQu1r|\/|

nE\\/lv/ as ph/^0m |_|Nb(_)/^Ie|) \\/HI[|-|
f|_0aTs the f!RsT whO,hIS AprI/_ toUC|-|
Dr()v3 5l3ePi|\|9 $eLV3S ~|~() sw4R|\/| +h[-iR fA~|~Es
wOke Dr3am3rs TO ~|~HeI/^ 9h05Tly r()Ot$

aND 5hOuLd s()m[- w|-|Y co|v|/O|_3Te/_`/ w3Ep
|\/|v/ F4+he/^'s F!Ngers b/~()(_)ghT |-|eR sleEp:
\/aInLY n() S|\/|A/_L[-sT \/oIc3 mIGh~|~ (/^v/
pho/^ |-|e c()(_)Ld ph[-3/_ Th3 |\/|o(_)NtaIN5 gr()w.

/_iFt1ng th3 \/4llEYs 0F T#3 sEa
|\/|y /=a~|~Her M0v[-c| THr()|_|g# g/~i[-F$ oph J()y;
/>/^ai5I|\|g a F()/~3HeA|) c@|_|_e|) ~|~he |\/|Oon
SI/vg!ng |)e$Ire !Nt0 |33gIn

j()y |/\|4S Hi5 s()|\|9 4n[> _/oy so P(_)re
@ |-|[-4/~t oF s+4r b`/ hi|v| [0|_|Ld sTe[-R
AND /OU/^E $() nO\\/ aN[> /vOw s0 `/es
+he w/~1S+5 of ~|~wiLigHt w0|_||_d R3jo1Ce

|<ee/v A5 |\/|iD5u|v||\/|3r's ke3/v |3e`/()/vd
(on(3I\/!nG |v|Ind 0F SuN |/\|Il/_ sTaND,
so 5T/~1(t/_v/(OV3r |_|~|~mos~|~ HIM
so hug3|_y) stooc| |v|Y /=4T#Er's d/^34m

Hi5 fleSh |/\|as fle5h hI$ |3lo0d wA$ B|_()Oc|:
no #(_)N9Ry |v|a/v 8u~|~ wis#[-c| h1|v| foO[>;
NO Cr1/>p/_e wo(_)l[>N'~|~ (/~e[-p ()ne m1Le
|_|phi/_L to 0N/_y s[-3 #i|v| sm!Le.

sC0Rn1NG tHe P()mp oF |v|Us+ and sh4/_/_
M`/ Fa+H3R Move|) t#/~OugH doOms ()ph /=3El;
h15 4ng3R wA$ a$ /^iGh+ A$ /~Ain
|-|1S /O!Tv/ w4$ aS 9/~E[-/v a5 G/~AI|\|

sEp+E|v|bER!/vg arms Of y[-Ar e><tE|\|D
Ye$ hu|\/||3LY W[-4/_T|-| to fo3 a/v[> f/~i3nD
tHa/v HE T0 phoo/_1sh aND t0 \\/!s3
()ph/=3/^3d !mM[-A5u/~ab|_e 15

PR()Ud/_y Anc|(|3Y octo|33ring flAm3
BEC|<oN3c|)As e@r+H \\/1|_l d0w/vW4/~|) [L1M8,
$() na|<3[> F0r !MM0/~TaL \\/()rK
h!5 sho|_|lc|3rS ma/~ch3c| 4ga!|\|sT th3 [>A/~K

|-|iS 50Rrow \\/a5 @$ TR(_)3 4$ 8r3@[>:
N0 /_Iar |_ook[-d h!m I/v th3 hE@d;
IF evE/^y /=r!EnD 83Came #iS fO3
#e'c| L@|_|g# a/vd |3(_)I|_|) A \\/ORLc| Wi+h SNOw.

|\/|Y FathE/^ M()V3d tHR0ug# theYS Of W3,
51/vG1ng 3ACh /ve|/\| |_Eaf ()ut ()F e@[|-| T/~ee
(a/v|) evEry (hilc| WAs sUr[- ~|~|-|at 5pr1ng
|)ANCe[> \\/|-|En Sh3 heaRd |v|y /=a~|~hER Si/vg)

+|-|3n /_3~|~ |v|3|\| ki/_L |/\|h![h ca/v|\|oT $|-|ar3,
/_ET |3lO0d aNd FLeSh b3 m|_||) aNd |v|irE,
sCH[-m1ng imag!|\|e,pa5s1O|\| WIlle|),
fr3ec|om a [>R(_)9 +#at'S b0ugh+ anD 5Ol[>

g!v1ng t0 $T3a|_ 4nd cR(_)e/_ k1|\|d,
a |-|[-4rt to F3ar,T() d()(_)|3T a m!n[>,
~|~o [>1fph3r @ |)1seASe oph Sa|\/|e,
conphOR|\/| +he pIN|\|A[L3 0ph a|v|

+hoUGh |)(_)LL w3/^[- al|_ WE ~|~4$Te as b/~IGht,
b1++er aL/_ (_)ttErl`/ t|-|iN9s 5weet,
Ma9gO+y m1n(_)5 4|\||) |)Umb [>3@+|-|
A|_l w3 inher1t,all 8[-Qu[-a+h

anc| /vo~|~hINg Qu1t3 5o |_E4$T As tRuth
--i 5ay +hoUgh hAt3 W3r3 W#y |\/|eN Br3A~|~hE--
bEC@US3 |v|y f@~|~#er lIv3|) #iS s0uL
Love Is th3 |/\|h0/_[- 4N|) |v|0/^e t|-|aN all