my father moved through dooms of love

by E. E. Cummings


M`/ F@th3R m0v[-d +#r()|_|gh [>0o|v|s ()F /_()VE
~|~|-|r0|_|gh $am[-s of A|v| +h/~()|_|9h haVe$ Of G1ve,
s!nG!/vg ea[h |v|0rn!|\|9 0uT Oph E4[|-| |\|Igh~|~
mv/ faTh[-R |v|ov3|) T|-|RoUgh de/OT#5 of #[-1g|-|~|~

T|-|1s |\/|OtIo|\|L3s$ /=()/^ge+f|_|l whe/^[-
~|~(_)/^NEd 4+ hi$ 9/_a/vc3 ~|~0 5HiN1ng |-|3r3;
t#4t iF(s0 ti|v|1d a!/^ I$ ph!/^|v|)
U/vde/~ H!S 3Y[-S w0Ul|) Stir AND Sq(_)1R|\/|

ne\\/L`/ 45 f/^()|v| UNB(_)Ri[-d |/\|HIC#
ph/_o4~|~s tH3 fir5~|~ w#(),|-|is @/O/~!l ~|~0u(#
[>/~0ve s|_E[-pING S3lVeS T0 s|/\|a/^m T#[-1r f@+3s
W0|<3 |)/^e@|v|ers to ~|~heI/^ 9H0sT|_y Ro0ts

aNd shou|_d S0|\/|E |/\||-|v/ comPle~|~[-lY We3/O
MY /=AtH3R'$ fing[-rS |3/^0|_|gh+ |-|Er 5l3eP:
v@inL`/ n0 s|\/|4|_|_[-st Voic3 |v|i9ht cR`/
/=o/~ He cO|_|l[> fe[-|_ +He M()|_||\|taiNs 9/~oW.

/_iFti|\|g t|-|3 V4LL3`/S OF T#3 sEA
mY /=@~|~#eR |v|Ov[-D t|-|rOuGh g/^i3/=S o/= joY;
p/~a!S1N9 @ foreH[-Ac| (@|_/_e|) +he mOon
5iNging c|35iRE i|\|~|~0 |33g!N

j()y w4s |-|i5 sO|\|G aND _/O`/ $o /OUr3
4 |-|EaR+ Of staR b`/ #I|\/| COU/_c| stEEr
anD /O|_|/^e $o N()W 4|\|d No|/\| so Ye$
t|-|e wrists 0f tWi/_!g|-|t \\/()|_||_c| r3j()i[e

K3en a5 Mi[>s|_||\/||\/|3R'5 K3E/v 8Ev/O|\|c|
co|\|(3ivI/v9 minD ()F 5u/v wil/_ $t@nd,
$o sT/~1c~|~|_v/(ovE/~ u~|~m()$~|~ hi|\/|
s0 #Uge|_Y) $~|~Oo[> my faTh3r's [>/~ea|v|

hIs phl[-5h \\/as ph|_E5h #1S |3/_ood \\/aS B|_o()d:
nO |-||_|NGRv/ mAn BU+ |/\|Ishec| #im /=oo|);
no C/^iP/>|_3 wo|_||_c|/v't (REe/> o|\|3 |\/|!lE
uphi/_l tO only $33 hiM Smil3.

5[()rn!/v9 +he p()|\/|p ()ph |\/||_|s~|~ 4nd 5hALl
My F@the/~ M0ved ~|~h/~oUg|-| Doom5 0/= fEel;
#1s ang3R Was AS r19Ht @$ /~@i|\|
#!s /Oi+y Was 4s 9/^EeN 4S gr4I/v

S3pT3mber1Ng A/^Ms of yEAr ExT3/v[>
YEs HumbLy W[-4LTH T() F()e a/vc| fRI[-|\|c|
ThAn #E t() fo()|_i$# a|\|[> ~|~() \\/ise
OFfe/~ED iMMeas(_)/^4b/_e is

p/^ou[>lY a/vd(bv/ O[T08e/~I|\|g fLaME
b3ckOn3d)aS E@rT# WIlL dow/v\\/4/^c| c/_imB,
S0 NAkec| ph()r !MM0Rt4/_ WO/^|<
hiS sH()uL[>E/~S m4R[hEd 4g4i/vs~|~ T|-|3 |)@rk

Hi$ 5oR/~ow wa5 aS t/^|_|e a$ 8/~EaD:
|\|0 l!@R |_0()k[-D hi|\/| !N thE hEaD;
if Ev3rY phrIe/vd be[am[- H15 phOe
he'd lA|_|g# aN|) 8|_|Ilc| a \\/Orld WiTH 5n()\\/.

m`/ f4tHe/~ mOVed T#/~()ug# ~|~HeYs 0f we,
SIN91/v9 Eac|-| |\|[-W L3af ()|_|T Oph 3@[|-| +/^33
(ANd 3\/ery C#IlD \\/A5 5(_)r[- t#at S/OrI|\|g
c|aN[3D \\/he|\| S#3 h[-ar|) my /=At#er Sing)

~|~#E/v |_ET |v|3n KILL WH!(# [AnNoT 5Ha/~3,
|_Et blo0[> and /=lE$H b3 mU[> aN[> mI/~e,
5[he|\/|in9 Im4g!Ne,Pa$s1o/v |/\|Il|_Ed,
ph/^33DOm A D/^uG t#4~|~'S B()(_)g|-|+ a/vc| sOLd

G!\/1ng to 5t34/_ A/v[> C/~(_)3l K1N[>,
4 #[-Art ~|~() f3ar,TO [>0(_)bT A |\/|1nd,
To difph3/^ a d!5e4$E o/= samE,
[onphOR|v| +#[- PiN/vac|_3 Of aM

T#OuGh [>(_)lL w3/^E @ll W[- ~|~@s~|~[- As bRig|-|+,
B1~|~T3R @/_/_ Ut~|~3rly t#!Ng$ 5|/\|[-Et,
|\/|4gg0tY minuS 4nd d(_)|v|B d3at#
4/_l w3 I|\|h[-/^It,alL bEQu34T#

4|\|c| n0~|~#i/vg quI~|~[- 50 L[-aS+ 45 ~|~r|_|th
--! $Ay Thou9# HaT3 W3/~[- why me|\| 8r34~|~he--
be[4u5e My F@~|~#e/^ |_!vEd his s()u|_
|_0\/e !s t#[- wHo/_[- a|\|[> |\/|0r3 t|-|a|\| ALL