maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


m4GgIe a|\|c| mI|_lv/ @|\|c| |v|()|_lv/ 4|\|[> ma`/
WE|\|T |)o|/\|n to TH[- bEacH(+o PL@y One D4Y)

ANd m4ggi3 DI$C()\/3R3D 4 s#E|_/_ ~|~|-|4t s@|\|9
s0 5|/\|33t|_`/ s#E (0|_|lD|\|'t /~3me|v|b3/~ |-|Er t/^O|_|8L[-5,4|\|D

mi/_lY B[-f/^iEnDeD @ s+/~4|\||)E|) sT@r
who$3 raYS F!v[- /_Ang|_|id /=i|\|Ger5 \\/3/~[-;

4/v[> |\/|o|_|_`/ \\/aS [HaSec| bY A HoR/^iB|_3 thi/v9
W|-|!ch /^@c3d sic|EWaYs |/\|h1/_[- |3l0|/\|iNg b(_)88lEs:AnD

m4v/ (aM3 #om3 w!+h A s|v|o()+# RO(_)|\|D 5+on3
45 $M@L/_ As 4 WoRlD anD @5 /_@rG3 as AlonE.

fOr w|-|a+ev[-/^ We lo53(l!ke 4 v/0|_| or A Me)
It'$ 4/_|/\|av/s 0(_)R53lvE5 \\/3 /=I|\|d In th3 s3a