maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|v|a9g!e And mIlLy a|\|D |v|()/_l`/ 4/vc| |v|AY
\\/ENt |)OW|\| To t|-|E |3[-aC#(~|~0 />/_A`/ On[- day)

4ND m@G9ie [>1$[()VERed a s|-|El/_ Tha+ s@ng
so $weeT|_`/ SHE c()ULdn'T R3M3m83R Her tr0(_)|3LeS,ANd

|\/|!|_lv/ 83f/^IEnc|3[> a stRand[-c| S~|~aR
WH0se /~A`/5 ph1ve l@|\|Gu!c| fi/vgE/~s |/\|e/^e;

An[> |\/|oLl`/ |/\|4S (ha5Ec| BY @ |-|o/^RIBlE Thi|\|G
|/\|hICh race[> si[>Ewa`/s whiL3 |3l0\\/iN9 bu|3b/_Es:4/vd

m4v/ (A|\/|3 HO|\/|e |/\|!T|-| A 5mo0t|-| rou/vD $t()n[-
a$ 5m@|_L as A WORLc| @N[> a$ /_a/~9e 4s @l()NE.

fOr |/\|hAt[-ver \\/e /_05e(lIk3 A y()(_) Or a mE)
IT'$ alW@`/s ouRSelv3s \\/e fI|\|c| 1N +#E $e4