maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


maG9!3 AND mI/_|_y 4n|) mOllY @|\|c| Ma`/
|/\|3|\|T dOwN tO thE b3ACH(t() p|_ay onE |)@Y)

@n[> mAgG13 D1s(o\/[-r3[> a Sh[-|_L +H@~|~ saNg
So SWe3+ly SH3 (Ou/_[>n'~|~ rE|\/|3mB[-r |-|er +R0|_|Bl[-S,@nd

|\/|iLlv/ |3e/=r!3/v|)[-d a Str4/v[>E|) S+aR
wh()S[- r@ys fiv3 LANgUi[> F1ngER$ W3Re;

a|\||) m()|_l`/ was (|-|as3|) bY a #0/~/^i8l3 +h1|\|9
\\/h1Ch /^AcEd s1d3w@v/s wh!l[- Bl0|/\|ing b(_)8b|_e$:a/vD

|v|4`/ (A|v|E #o|v|3 |/\|i+h a 5|v|o0th r()U/vd $T()ne
As $|\/|@LL 4S a w()/^ld a|\|c| a$ large @5 @|_0ne.

For \\/H@t3v[-R |/\|e l()5e(li|<e 4 `/o|_| o/^ @ Me)
it'$ @Lw@ys ouRs3lve5 \\/3 phIn[> 1n +#e SeA