maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


m@Ggi[- 4|\||) |v|1l/_y @|\|[> |v|0/_|_Y anc| mAy
we|\|t c|()|/\|n +o t|-|3 bE@ch(To p|_av/ 0NE dAv/)

a/vd MagG13 |)!s(ovER[-[> A $heL|_ tHa~|~ sang
5() S\\/33~|~|_y s#e [()|_|l|)|\|'t reMe|v||3[-R hEr tR0U8/_3$,a/vc|

mIl|_Y b[-f/^i3nDed @ ST/~a/vdec| s+@/~
\\/H0SE rAv/$ fiV[- l@|\|g|_|Ic| /=!n93r$ wEr3;

and m()LLv/ wa5 cHas[-D by a #0Rr!bLE tHINg
wh!c|-| rA(3d SIDe\\/ay5 w#i/_[- |3|_O\\/INg |3(_)8|3les:an[>

|v|4y (@|\/|E h0|\/|E \\/I+h A sm0otH ro(_)/v[> s+0ne
as s|\/|4lL AS a WOrL[> @nd 4s l@rg3 4s @LOne.

phoR wha+EVEr W3 lOs[-(li|<e A you ()r a m[-)
1t'$ aLw4ys Ou/~53lveS W[- ph1|\|d !n Th3 se4