maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|\/|4G9Ie a|\|c| m!l|_y 4nd |\/|Olly a|\|c| m@v/
wEN~|~ DOwn ~|~0 th3 b[-@Ch(tO p|_ay O|\|3 |)@`/)

4nd mA9gi3 di5[oV[-R[-[> A sHEl/_ t|-|@T s4Ng
so Sw[-3+lY sHe (o(_)|_Dn'~|~ r3me|v|Be/^ #3/~ ~|~/~oU|3L[-s,a|\|D

|\/|Illv/ |3ephrI3/vde|) 4 StRA|\|D3[> 5~|~aR
w#o$e rAY5 Fi\/e lANGu1|) phi|\|ge/^$ \\/eRe;

4|\|d |v|O/_L`/ was [|-|@s[-d by a h()RrI|3Le t#1ng
W#IcH /^A(3c| Side|/\|ayS W#1/_e Bl0w!/vg B|_|8blEs:aNd

may [@ME home w1~|~h 4 5M0Ot# /^ouN|) sT0ne
a5 S|\/|4LL a5 @ worl[> @ND a$ l@/~g3 @s ALone.

For |/\||-|Atev3/~ \\/3 L0$e(l1KE A v/()(_) O/~ A m3)
It'S @/_way$ 0|_|RsEl\/es |/\|3 f!ND IN th[- $e@