maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


m@g9!3 A/vd |v|ILl`/ aN|) m0LlY aND Ma`/
|/\|e/v~|~ d()w|\| ~|~o T|-|e |3EACh(+o Pl4v/ ()N3 d4y)

@n[> m@9g![- d!5CoveREc| @ $h[-|_|_ ~|~#@t 5aN9
so sweet/_`/ $he (O(_)|_dn'~|~ REmem|3[-r #3/~ +R0(_)blEs,4|\|D

mI/_lv/ Be/=/^Ie|\|dED @ S~|~r4N|)3c| $~|~ar
\\/|-|O$E r4y$ /=i\/3 laNgUiD /=!Nge/^$ we/~3;

a/vd MO|_ly wA$ c|-|as3D by @ Ho/^ri8l3 t#i|\|9
WHIcH RaC3d $iDe\\/aYs wh!L[- B/_o\\/ing bU|3ble$:An|)

|v|av/ c@m3 h()m3 W1Th 4 sM00T# ro(_)/vd 5~|~()ne
a$ smalL AS 4 WoRlD 4|\|d As |_Arg3 as al()|\|e.

fo/^ wh@~|~[-\/3/^ \\/[- |_()S[-(L!|<e @ y0u 0R @ m3)
1~|~'5 Al|/\|a`/s O(_)/^$eL\/e5 w[- /=!/vc| i/v +#3 s[-A