maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|\/|@gG![- anD |\/|il|_v/ aNc| |v|0lly 4|\|d |\/|@v/
wE|\|t |)0\\/n +o The |3[-a(h(T0 />L4`/ 0/ve Da`/)

an[> magg!E c|1scover3c| A 5H[-lL thaT s@ng
sO 5\\/3e~|~/_y 5he (Oul[>|\|'T /~3|v|3|\/|Ber |-|[-r T/~oU8/_3$,And

|v|i|_|_v/ |33phrIEnd3D @ st/~4N[>3D sTAr
wh0S[- /~AyS fi\/3 lanGUi[> FInGer$ |/\|Er3;

4N|) |v|0l/_y wa$ Cha53D |3y a #OrRIble T|-|!n9
|/\|#Ich R4CE[> S![>ewaY5 |/\|#!|_3 8lo|/\|i|\|g |3Ub|3L3s:ANd

m4y (@m3 H()M3 |/\|ITh A $|v|()oth RoU/v|) $ton[-
4s smAll as 4 WO/~LD @nD AS |_a/~93 AS aL0n3.

pho/~ wha~|~eV[-r w3 |_OSe(|_iK[- 4 y0u or a |\/|e)
!~|~'$ aL\\/aY$ 0u/~5El\/[-5 w3 ph1/v|) 1n ~|~#3 53a