maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|v|AggI3 anD m1|_lv/ and |v|()/_|_Y a|\|d |\/|4Y
|/\|3/v+ c|Ow|\| tO +|-|e b3@Ch(~|~o PlaY One c|A`/)

4Nd |v|AG9![- c|!SCovere[> @ 5|-|El|_ t#At sAnG
$() s|/\|[-Etlv/ $he C()ul[>N'T r[-mE|v|b3r |-|3/^ +r0(_)8L[-s,@/vc|

m!/_/_y 8[-Fri3n|)Ed a str4NdED $tA/~
wHO$[- r4Y5 Fi\/E LaNgU1d /=in9[-/^s |/\|eRe;

@nd m0l|_y |/\|as (ha5ed BY A #()rribl[- T|-|inG
W|-|!ch /^ac3D S![>ewa`/S WH1|_3 bloW!/v9 |3ubb/_[-5:@nc|

MaY c@m3 |-|Om3 |/\|I~|~h a s|v|()oTh ro(_)|\|D s~|~0n[-
as $mALl 45 a wo/~/_d and @5 /_argE as ALoNe.

fo/~ \\/|-|4+[-Ve/~ we /_O5E(lIke A Y()U o/~ a Me)
It's AL\\/ays o|_|/~5e/_ve5 |/\|E /=ind in t#3 $e4