maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


magGiE 4N[> mi|_lv/ 4/vD m()L/_y a/vc| M4`/
\\/3n~|~ |)O|/\|N to t|-|[- beaC#(t0 />la`/ On[- dAy)

A/v|) |\/|4ggiE [>!$c()vErec| @ S|-|3ll T#4T sA/v9
$O $\\/EE+/_y 5he (Ou/_c|n't R3|v|3|\/|8[-r Her ~|~r()(_)bL[-s,@/vc|

m!/_|_y b3f/~i[-Ndec| a $t/~@/v[>3d st4/^
w|-|OS3 RA`/$ fiVe laNg|_|Id Fing[-r5 |/\|[-/~e;

an|) m()LLy w4s [hAse[> |3y a #()rrI|3L3 th!Ng
wh!(# /~aC[-|) 5ID[-\\/@`/s w|-|I|_3 bl0\\/!nG bU|3b/_E5:anD

m4y CAme HO|\/|3 wI~|~# a Smo0~|~h R0(_)|\|[> STOnE
A$ SMall a5 a w()/~|_D ANc| a5 large AS alo|\|3.

For WH4te\/3R |/\|[- lo5[-(li|<[- 4 yo(_) 0/~ a |v|e)
it's @|_|/\|@v/s ()Ur5ELvE5 w[- phI|\|D I|\| ~|~|-|3 $34