maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|\/|AG9ie 4|\|c| MIlly a/v[> molly @nc| m4v/
We|\|t [>0|/\|/v T() t|-|[- BEach(~|~O p|_4v/ 0/vE day)

an|) |v|AG9!e discoVer3[> @ s#[-Ll +hA~|~ sAng
s0 SWeE~|~/_`/ sh3 c0(_)/_c|N'T /~E|v|3mbEr HER trOU8/_35,and

miLLY 83phR!end3D @ sTR4|\|c|Ec| 5T@R
Wh0$e raY5 FiV3 l@nGuIc| phiNgER5 \\/3rE;

And |\/|()/_l`/ |/\|@$ c|-|Ase[> by 4 HoR/^!ble thi/vg
w|-|ic# /^@[3|) sId[-\\/A`/s wHi/_e bLO|/\|i/v9 bUb8|_35:@Nd

M@`/ CaME |-|0M3 wi+H A s|v|OO~|~h /^Ound s~|~onE
aS s|\/|@L|_ as a wo/^/_[> A|\|d AS L4rGE as @Lone.

fOr w#4+3veR we |_os3(/_1|<E a yo(_) oR 4 m3)
IT's alw@ys ou/~se/_v3S We fI|\|c| !N +h3 $e@