maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|v|A99!e @|\|[> |\/|I/_/_Y @Nd Mo|_/_Y A/v|) may
\\/3/vt do\\/n +o ~|~he |33a(#(T() /OL4y o/v[- day)

@Nd |v|@g9iE |)iscOVe/^ed a sh3Ll tH@t sA/vg
s0 5w3[-t/_Y 5h3 [oU|_dN'T r3m3m8[-r |-|[-R Tr0UB/_e5,a/v|)

mil|_Y 8eFr1[-n[>ed @ sT/^A|\|dec| s~|~Ar
wH()se /^ays ph1Ve LAn9|_|I[> fI|\|gers w[-R[-;

Anc| MolLy wa$ ch4seD 8Y a |-|O/~R!B|_e +hi/vg
Wh1(|-| /^4C[-d 51|)[-w@y$ whil3 8|_o\\/!ng bu8|3/_es:Anc|

|v|AY (A|\/|3 |-|()m[- WIt|-| @ SmoOt|-| R()unD sT0N3
As 5|\/|4lL A$ A |/\|orLd @nd As lArG3 a5 al()ne.

For Wh@teveR |/\|E l0sE(liKE A YoU Or @ m3)
1+'$ a/_wA`/S 0|_|rS3lv[-s we phINd i/v t#e 5[-a