maggie and milly and molly and may

by E. E. Cummings


|v|@gGi3 @Nc| mi/_Ly anc| moll`/ @nc| Ma`/
weN~|~ |)ow/v To t|-|E BeA[#(+O />lay ()n3 c|ay)

AnD mAgGi3 |)Is[()\/3R3|) A sh3|_L T|-|A+ SanG
so $|/\|eeTl`/ sh3 [()(_)lc|N'+ RE|v|3MB[-r #E/~ T/^o(_)bl3s,4/vc|

m1/_|_Y 8E/=r![-/vc|[-d a 5tra|\||)3[> StaR
\\/|-|os3 R@yS /=iv3 |_ang|_|i|) ph!NgE/~S weRe;

a/vD |\/|Ol/_y \\/@S [haS3[> By 4 h0/^/^1BLe thiNG
\\/#!(|-| /^4c3|) sIdeWaYS Whil[- |3|_ow!Ng b|_|8|3leS:An|)

|v|a`/ [a|v|[- hO|\/|[- w1th @ 5mo0+|-| /~()uND StoNe
a$ $m4/_l 45 A \\/oRld @ND @S |_aRG3 4s al0n3.

phor |/\||-|atEve/^ |/\|E l05E(l1k[- a `/0(_) O/^ @ M3)
!t'$ @|_\\/av/$ ()URse|_v[-$ \\/e ph!/v|) i|\| +h3 5[-4