i sing of Olaf glad and big

by E. E. Cummings


i sIng ()F ()/_@ph 9|_@|) a/vd bi9
Wh()$3 W4r|v|3s~|~ H34Rt /~3(()!Led a+ W4r:
a (onS(13n+I()u5 ()8jEcT-()R

h!s weLlbE|_O\/[> [OLOn3L(tRi9
we5T/>01NTe/^ most 5(_)(Ci/vcTl`/ b/^3d)
t()0|< e/^ri|\|g 0lAf soo/v 1/v hAnc|;
bU+--~|~|-|ough @n hOS~|~ of ov3/~joyED
NO|\|c0mS(fIRs~|~ KnoC|<i|\|G ON t|-|3 h3ad
H1m)do +hrOuG|-| i[`/ W4ters R0/_|_
~|~hat |-|e|_/>/_ESsn355 \\/hI(h oT|-|eR$ st/^0K[-
wItH Br(_)$H3s r3[e|\|+|_`/ emPloY[-c|
4n[-nt +|-|is Mu|)|)`/ ~|~()i|_3tb()w/_,
\\/h1|_e |<indrE|) 1N+e|_leCts evo|<3
allE91anC3 P3/^ B|_|_|nt I/vS+/~Um3/vt$--
()l4f(83iNg tO aL|_ 1nt[-N+s
4 c()/^/>s[- @Nc| |/\|a/v+1|\|G aNY /^ag
(_)/O()n wH@t g0d |_|n~|~o H!m gave)
/~35/>0nd5,\\/1TH0Ut Gett!/vg ann()y[-c|
"! w1/_L Not k!ss y()uR fu[|<in9 phl4G"

$t/~aIghtW@Y Th3 SIlV[-R bIrd |_Ook[-|) g/^av[-
(d3pAR+IN9 hu/^Ri3[>Ly +o $hAv3)

8(_)~|~--ThOugh a|_|_ kinds oF ()ffiC3/~$
(a yEa/~/v1ng nAtiO|\|'s bLUE[-Y[-d P/^1[>3)
tHe!R p@5$i\/[- pRey c|Id kic|< a/vc| cu/^S[-
untIl f()/~ w[-@/~ t#e!/~ (l4r!oN
vo!c3s An|) b()O~|~$ were |\/|ucH th3 \\/()rsE,
4n[> 3Gg3d th3 fi/^$T(LA$sP/~ivaTes on
hIs rEct|_|m wIck3c|lY TO teasE
bv/ |\/|e@N5 o/= sKil/=|_|lLy 4pp|_ied
8@yONEt5 rOASTed Ho~|~ wI+# |-|3a~|~--
olaF(Up0n |/\|hat |/\|er[- on[E k/ve[-s)
c|()Es aLmost (3ase|_3$$Ly /~3/O3a~|~
"tHeRe !5 sOM3 $Hit i wI/_|_ |\|o+ ea+"

()(_)r />reS!c|E|\|~|~,B3iNG OF w|-|1[#
a5$3R~|~i0n$ |)|_|lY nOtifie|)
t#/~e\\/ +h3 yEl|_o|/\|$o/vOpha|3i~|~cH
i|\|tO a dUng[-()|\|,|/\||-|3/~3 |-|3 Di3[>

[Hr1$~|~(oF h1$ M3/~cy !n/=1ni~|~3)
1 PRay T0 se3;An[> 0Laf,T()0

/OrE/OoN|)E/~ati/vg/_`/ 83c4us3
UnL[-SS $tA~|~15+!c5 LIE |-|E was
mo/^E Br@Ve +Han M3:MORe Bl()n[> thaN you.