i sing of Olaf glad and big

by E. E. Cummings


! 51|\|9 of ()|_A/= 9|_ac| 4n[> bi9
|/\|H0S3 W@r|v|[-5~|~ h[-@/^+ rE(()1L3D 4~|~ \\/@r:
a (0/v$cIeNt1()us 08jeC~|~-or

h1s WE|_L83lOvéd C()/_o/v3/_(tr1G
|/\|3$T/>OI|\|+eR |v|0$+ $|_|[[Inctly BrE[>)
+ooK erriNG 0|_af $o0n I|\| hanD;
|3ut--~|~|-|o|_|Gh An hoS+ of ()v[-/~JoY3d
|\|0|\|[()m$(phI/^5+ k|\|0cK1/vG 0N t|-|e |-|[-A[>
#im)dO TH/^0(_)gH !(Y wate/^5 /~0l|_
th4t |-|[-/_pleS5/v[-sS w#!cH ot|-|eRS s~|~/~oKE
W1th |3r|_|$HeS r3(3nt/_y 3|\/|/>/_0v/3D
4|\|e/vT TH1s mUd[>`/ +0il3tb0wL,
w#i/_3 K1n|)red I/v+E/_|_3[T5 3voK3
AL|_[-g!a|\|C3 p3/^ Bl(_)Nt INST/^um3N+s--
0laf(b3!nG TO alL inteN+$
4 cor/O$3 aND wa|\|+!/v9 Any R@9
(_)p()/v w|-|at g0[> Un~|~O h!|\/| 9av3)
r[-$Pon|)s,w!tH()UT getT1/vG a|\|/v()y3c|
"i |/\|!lL /v()+ |<i$5 Yo(_)R fuCKi/v9 fl49"

st/~4IgHt|/\|a`/ T|-|e s1LVe/^ B!/^c| l()oked GRAVe
(D3/Oa/~+1NG h|_|/^r1edlY t0 sH@vE)

|3U+--~|~h()u9h al|_ Kin[>s ()f OFf!Ce/~5
(a ye@/~Ning /vA~|~i()|\|'s |3lU33yed p/~1[>[-)
th[-!/^ />45s!v3 PrEY |)1D |<i(|< aN|) curs3
|_|ntIl /=0r \\/3AR +h3!R cLarIoN
\/OICEs @/v|) |3ootS We/~e |\/|(_)Ch ~|~#[- \\/()r$e,
@|\||) Eg9ec| T#e fI/~st[l455Pr!va+e$ ()|\|
h!S recT(_)|v| wIcke|)ly ~|~o t[-A$e
BY |\/|[-an$ 0f sKiLF|_|l|_v/ 4P/>lied
b@y0n[-+S ro4$~|~ec| |-|OT |/\|itH #[-a+--
0laf((_)PO|\| w#@T \\/3/^e O|\|C[- |<n[-[-5)
|)o[-5 al|\/|o$+ ceA$[-|_3sslv/ /~epEAT
"ther3 I5 so|v|[- sHit i |/\|ilL No+ [-AT"

our p/^3$i[>e|\|t,be1Ng of |/\|hiCh
a$S3Rt10n5 [>uly NotIfI3|)
~|~Hr3w tH[- ye/_l0W50N0fa|3ITch
!nto a [>ungE0n,wHe/~E |-|e [>i3d

c|-|Ris+(oph H1S m3r[y !|\|F!NI+E)
i pr@Y to 5ee;a|\|[> ()laf,~|~oO

p/~3/>0N[>er@+i|\|gL`/ B[-c@Use
unl3Ss s~|~atis+!Cs /_i3 |-|e w@s
m()rE b/^ave tha/v ME:moR[- |3l0/v[> Th4n Y()u.