Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


sp/~I/vg i$ li|<e a PeRha/>s #a|\|d
(|/\|#ICh c()Me$ ca/~3fuLl`/
()|_|t of Now|-|3RE)4rraNg!ng
a |/\|iNd()w,!n+o w|-|iCh />eoPL3 |_0ok(|/\|hiL[-
/O[-0plE 5ta/^e
4r/~4|\|9i/vg AND [#aNgi/vg /Ol@C!/vg
Ca/~3f|_||_Lv/ th3r3 @ str4ng3
+HING A|\|d A |</vOWn t|-|I/v9 |-|[-r3)An|)

(|-|a|\|9in9 eVeR`/tHiNG (@/~Efu/_lv/

5p/~1Ng Is L1|<e @ /O3rhaPs
H@/vd i|\| A \\/in|)oW
(C4REfu/_|_v/ ~|~o
aN|) fr0 m()\/i|\|g |\|3w 4|\|[>
o|_d +#1ngS,W|-|i/_e
pe()pl3 s~|~4/^E Ca/~efuLl`/
|v|ov1ng 4 pe/^HaPS
frA(tiOn of /=LO\\/[-r h3/~E p|_aci|\|g
4N I|\|[h of A1/^ t#er[-)a|\|c|

w1~|~HO(_)t bR[-@K1/vG anv/T|-|i/vg.