Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


spri|\|G is l1k3 a pEr|-|a/>s |-|An|)
(wH1(h coMEs ca/^[-phully
Out Of nowh3rE)ARr@nginG
a |/\|1/vDow,in+O \\/#!c# /Oe()/Ole /_00k(Wh!l3
/O30pL3 ST4r[-
a/^/^An91|\|g anD C|-|AnGing />LacIn9
[A/^efu/_Lv/ T|-|E/^[- a st/^4nge
+H1|\|G aN[> A k/voW|\| thi|\|G h3re)and

c#@/vgiN9 [-v[-rYtH1N9 (4/^3fU/_Ly

sP/~inG iS liK3 @ perhA/OS
h4Nc| IN A wiN|)ow
(c@/^3fu|_/_v/ To
4ND frO movIng n3W anc|
0ld t|-|ing5,|/\||-|1l3
P3()/O/_e st@r3 (a/^ef(_)L/_`/
|v|0vI|\|9 A PEr#a/O5
fRacTiO|\| Of fLow[-/^ #[-re P|_@cin9
4|\| i|\|ch 0f @!/~ +#3/^3)a|\||)

W!T|-|Out 8/~34k1nG a|\|v/+h!/vg.