Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


s/>/~!|\|G i5 LIk3 a PeRh@P5 #@nc|
(whICh com[-5 carefuLl`/
O(_)t oF |\|o\\/#3r[-)4/^r4/vGi|\|g
a wI/v[>()w,1NTo wh1C|-| P3o/>|_E |_00K(|/\|hI/_E
/>3Opl3 s+AR[-
AR/~A/vGi/vg aN|) c#@nginG Pl@Ci/vG
C4r3f(_)/_Ly T|-|erE 4 5tRaNGe
+#!/vG An|) A |<n()wn t#ing |-|er3)@nd

cHA/vg1/v9 [-V3ryTh!ng (@R3full`/

sp/^1nG iS l!Ke a p3rhaps
hANd !n 4 win[>0\\/
([4/^efU|_ly ~|~o
an|) frO Mov!|\|9 n[-W @nD
()l[> THiNg$,\\/hi/_E
peo/OlE S+AR3 c@/^EfullY
mov!ng a />Erhap5
FraCT10N of FL0wEr h3r[- />|_4(I|\|g
4N inCh Of 4!/^ +H3/^E)An[>

|/\|1thouT bR[-A|<Ing 4|\|yTHinG.