Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


spr1/vg Is lik3 @ />[-r#ap$ hanD
(wHi(|-| c0|\/|3S CA/^EfuL|_Y
()u~|~ o/= nOw#eRE)aRrAng1ng
@ w!|\|c|o\\/,i|\|to w#i(# pe()p|_e l00k(|/\|Hil3
p3()P/_E s+4R3
ArR@/vGiN9 4|\|d [HAng1/vG />l@[iN9
C@reful|_v/ +#eR[- @ $~|~r@/v93
TH1nG an|) a K/vo|/\|N +hI/vg hE/~e)4|\|D

c#4/vg1nG 3VeRyTHi/vg cA/^[-/=(_)L|_y

SP/^1n9 is li|<[- a P3/^hA/>S
#a/vD I|\| 4 w1Ndo\\/
((4reph|_|l|_`/ +()
@|\|c| Fro MOving |\|3w aNd
()/_[> +|-|ings,\\/hile
P3op/_e S+Are [aRefully
M()VIng @ /Oe/~haP5
Fr@c~|~I0/v ()ph F/_O\\/E/^ h3/~[- p/_4cIn9
AN INCh OF Ai/^ ~|~|-|e/^e)@/vd

wI~|~HO|_|T br34k1Ng 4nv/+hiNg.