Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


$/>ring 1s LIk3 A per|-|AP$ h4nd
(WhI[h c0|v|[-$ (A/~eF|_||_lY
ou~|~ 0f nOwherE)a/~r4/v9!ng
a w1Nd()W,inT() w#![H />[-O/>le LO()K(W|-|!|_3
P3o/>|_3 S~|~Are
@/~ra|\|gi|\|G aNc| changIng p/_aC!ng
(A/~3f(_)l|_y tH[-r3 a sTRan93
Th!|\|9 ANd @ kn()|/\|N Thi/vg |-|e/^E)A/vd

changiNG e\/[-/^y~|~h!N9 Carefu/_L`/

$/>rinG I5 |_i|<[- a pe/^h4/Os
ha|\|D in A |/\|i|\||)ow
(CA/^3fu/_/_y ~|~o
a/v[> f/^o |\/|0\/i/vg ne\\/ And
0ld tHiNGs,\\/#!/_3
p[-opl[- $TarE Ca/^Ef(_)/_Lv/
mo\/i|\|g @ peRhA/>s
F/~a[~|~1On o/= f/_ow[-r #[-r3 />|_@(!n9
A|\| i|\|(h oF aI/~ ~|~heR3)An[>

|/\|1THOu+ br[-a|<i|\|9 A/vv/~|~#i/vG.