Spring is like a perhaps hand

by E. E. Cummings


$p/^i|\|g iS L1k3 A />3/^H@/O$ ha|\|d
(|/\|h![# c()m3S (aRefUll`/
oUT Of nowh3/~e)4/^RA|\|Ging
a \\/ind0w,1nt() W#i(H p3()/>|_e loOk(|/\|hi|_[-
P[-0/OL3 st@r3
@/^RaN91ng an|) c#A|\|Ging />l@[ing
CaRefU|_L`/ Ther3 a straNg3
th1nG an|) a kN()\\/n t#i|\|g H3/^e)4|\|c|

CHANging 3ve/~`/+|-|I/v9 C@/^[-phuLlY

SprinG i5 Lik[- 4 />e/~h4/>5
hA|\|d 1n 4 W1|\|dow
([AreFuLlY ~|~o
And fRO Mov1ng ne|/\| anD
Ol[> +HiNG5,w|-|il3
peOpl3 StA/^3 [@re/=ullv/
|v|()v1ng @ P3/^hap$
phRact!()|\| 0/= ph|_0|/\|E/~ He/^[- /Ol@Ci/v9
an 1|\|(# o/= 4i/^ T#3/~E)an|)

w1tH0(_)t 8/~e@|<1|\|9 a/vy~|~#I/vG.