somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

SOM3w|-|3Re ! H@ve N3\/[-/~ t/^4\/E|_le|), gLadlv/ B3y()Nd
4n`/ ex/>3/^1EnC[-,Y0U/~ EY3s hav3 T#31/~ s!/_eN[[-:
!n y0U/~ M0$T fraI/_ 93S+|_|/^3 a/^3 ~|~H!Ng$ |/\|hI[# e|\|clOSe me,
or \\/hIch I c4Nn()T TOu[h 8EcaU$3 thev/ ar3 ~|~oo n3Ar

Your S/_igh~|~[-5+ lo()k wIll 3a$I/_v/ UnClo$e Me
t|-|()ug|-| I Have [lOs3[> m`/S3lph as fIn93r$,
`/oU OpeN @Lwav/5 />et@L b`/ pet@|_ mYs[-LF a$ 5/ORI|\|g op3ns
(t0uC|-|1/vg Ski/_/=(_)|_L`/,|\/|YSTe/^iou5lY)|-|ER FIr$~|~ rose

()R 1ph y0|_|/^ |/\|!sh 8e T() (|_O5E |\/|e, i A|\|d
my li/=e \\/I|_|_ 5H|_|+ v[-ry b3a(_)Ti/=uL/_`/ ,$U|)|)[-n|_y,
as Wh[-/v T|-|3 He4rt ()f t|-|1s phl0W3r !ma91|\|es
+he sn()|/\| (A/^[-/=(_)Lly 3V[-rywH[-/^e D[-sc[-n|)inG;
/voTh!/vG wH!C# |/\|[- ar3 tO PEr(E1\/e 1|\| +|-|1$ wORld [-q|_|@|_s
+he poW3R ()F yO(_)r i|\|Te|\|se phR@GI/_it`/:\\/hOs3 +eXtu/~e
comP3l5 me w!+h THe Co|_()/~ oF i~|~S C()uNT/~ieS,
/^E/vd[-/~InG [>[-at# 4|\|d phorEV[-r \\/!T|-| e4cH 8/^ea~|~hi|\|9

(i d0 Not KnOW |/\|#4~|~ 1t 1s 48oU+ v/()|_| ~|~#@~|~ C|_()5eS
4nd ope/vs;o/vlv/ 5ome~|~#1|\|g in |v|E (_)nd[-/^stAnc|S
th[- vo![3 of v/o(_)/~ EyEs i$ |)e3/Oer tHAn a/_l Ro$es)
noBoc|y,n()~|~ 3ven ThE ra!n,H4s s(_)[h 5maL|_ h@N[>5