somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

s0M3wh[-/^[- ! #aVe nEVEr ~|~/^a\/[-|_L[-c|, 9lA|)l`/ BEv/()nD
A/vY 3x/O3/~I[-/v[3,Yo|_|/^ eyE$ Hav[- TheiR S1|_3/vC3:
IN v/o(_)/^ mo$T /=ra!l ges~|~|_|/^e a/~e +h1/vgs W#iCh e|\|c/_05E m[-,
oR Whi(# i c@NNot t()|_|CH Be(@(_)Se +|-|ey ar3 ~|~Oo n[-a/~

yo(_)r $LiG#te5t l()OK |/\|I/_L 345IlY |_|n[/_o$[- m3
THO(_)gH 1 hAVe [L0s3d mys[-Lph a5 f!Ng3rS,
yOU ()Pe/v aL|/\|@yS P[-+a/_ by P3+a/_ |v|`/S3Lf as 5/>/^InG Ope/vs
(t()u[|-|ing Sk!LfUL/_y,mv/s~|~er!0(_)s|_y)h[-r /=Irs+ ros3

()r !F yO(_)/^ wIsH 83 T0 (/_05[- m[-, i @nc|
my /_IfE \\/i|_L $h(_)T \/e/~Y Be4Ut!f|_||_Ly ,5(_)dc|e/vly,
45 |/\|h3/v the hEar~|~ oph +#is fl()\\/3/~ ImagIn[-S
th3 SnoW C4/~Eph(_)lLy 3ve/^v/|/\||-|eRE [>E5ce/vc|iN9;
|\|()t#1ng \\/h!Ch w3 a/~E TO P[-/~c3ivE in +#i$ \\/ORlc| 3q|_|@/_5
th3 Po|/\|3/^ 0/= youR inte/v$[- FrAg!/_ity:\\/h()s3 TEx~|~(_)Re
[()mPE/_S |v|e Wi~|~H T|-|[- (o|_or 0f !ts (oUnt/^I3s,
R[-N|)ERi|\|9 c|3a+h a/vd fOrEv3/~ w!~|~|-| e4(h |3rEA+hiNg

(I d0 Not kno|/\| whAt 1t 1$ aBout yo|_| tha+ c|_0s3s
a/v|) 0P3|\|$;0N/_v/ s()|\/|[-+hINg In |v|e |_||\||)3rSta|\|Ds
+H[- v()i[e oF Y0ur 3Y3s i$ |)[-3PEr T|-|@|\| AL/_ RosEs)
NO8ody,|\|O+ eVeN ~|~#3 /~@1n,|-|a5 5|_|[# $Ma/_/_ HA|\|ds