somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

so|\/|e\\/he/^e i #4ve n3v3R +/~av[-|_l3D, g|_@c|ly be`/0nd
a/v`/ ex/>3/~ience,yO|_|/~ [-yE$ #av[- tH3IR $I/_en[3:
i/v v/o|_|/^ moSt f/^Ai/_ 9E5+(_)/~3 a/^e t#i/vgs whI(H 3N[|_Os3 |v|[-,
()r w|-|1(H ! [annot t()U[h b3caus3 t|-|[-Y a/^e +()o Ne4/~

`/()ur sl!g#~|~[-$t Look W!ll [-4$1l`/ Un(LoSe |v|3
Th0(_)Gh ! have [|_o$[-D |v|y5eL/= aS Fin9ers,
`/ou ()/OEN A|_wa`/s />3~|~aL BY />eT@|_ |\/|`/seLph As s/Or!/vG ()pe/vs
(+oUCh!ng s|<i|_Ful/_y,My$+3/^1ousLy)H3/^ F!r5t /~os3

o/^ i/= yo|_|/^ \\/!S# B3 +o [/_0Se m[-, i and
|v|Y |_!fe |/\|I/_|_ s#|_|T \/e/^v/ 8eauTifullY ,suD|)3|\|ly,
a$ wh[-n +HE h3aRt oF +H!s F/_()|/\|3/~ i|v|Ag!|\|[-S
thE 5|\|()|/\| cAReFu/_Ly [-vE/^v/\\/h3r3 c|[-s(ending;
NO~|~H!nG wh1ch w[- aRE To pe/~(EIve iN Th1s w0/^lc| 3qU@ls
th[- /O()We/~ ()/= v/0uR iNtEn$E fR4gIli+`/:\\/|-|oS3 teX~|~u/~e
comp3|_s Me WITH ~|~He c0/_()r 0f !~|~s (0un~|~/^i3S,
R3N[>e/^INg [>E@tH 4|\|[> fore\/3r w!+H eACh BR34thI|\|9

(i d0 |\|0~|~ k|\|o\\/ w#At It I$ @B0|_|~|~ `/ou Tha+ (|_()S3s
4nD O/OE|\|S;()NLy s0m3~|~#!|\|g I|\| m[- |_||\|c|ErS+@/v[>s
+|-|e voi(e 0ph v/()uR EYE5 IS D33p3/^ +#An 4Ll rOSe$)
/v()bOdy,n0t 3v3|\| T#3 /^4I|\|,|-|a$ s(_)(|-| small #a/vDs