somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

SOmew#[-R[- 1 #4v3 Neve/^ tr@\/3l|_ed, gla[>LY |33`/o|\|d
4n`/ exP3r!e/vce,y()|_|/^ 3ye$ HaV3 t|-|e1r silence:
iN Your mos~|~ f/^A1/_ 93st|_|RE @/~[- t#i/v9s which e|\|c/_ose mE,
o/~ \\/hi(|-| i [A/v|\|0~|~ t()U(|-| |3ECause THEy Are ~|~oO N3@R

v/()ur 5|_Igh~|~3S~|~ LoOk w1/_l [-asIly (_)NcL0s3 m[-
thOugh I h@v3 c/_oseD Mv/$3LF A5 Fi/vg3r5,
v/()U O/>3n a|_|/\|a`/S p[-tal |3y pe~|~4|_ MysE/_ph as 5pr!ng 0Pens
(TO(_)c#!|\|9 s|<!/_phu/_ly,|v|v/st3/^Ious|_y)h[-R ph!r$t rOse

OR iph Y()|_|/^ wis# bE t0 C|_()se me, i 4ND
my l1/=3 wiLL 5#u~|~ V3/~`/ beAuti/=u|_|_Y ,$(_)d|)EnLy,
as \\/hen TH3 He@/^t ()/= +|-|15 FL()\\/er 1M@9iN[-5
tHE sn()w cA/~3/=|_|l/_`/ evE/^`/\\/He/^3 d[-5(e/v[>iN9;
NO~|~|-|1/vg wh1[# we a/~E ~|~o Per[3iv3 iN ~|~|-|I5 \\/o/^lD 3qU@l5
~|~he />O|/\|E/~ ()F Y()|_|r 1/vt3nSE ph/~491L!tY:w|-|O53 +eX+Ur3
cO|v|/>El5 m3 W1T|-| tH3 (O/_()/^ of I~|~s c()(_)/vtri35,
REND3/^1/v9 |)Ea+# And /=Or3v[-r w!+H E4(|-| B/^eatH!Ng

(i do N0T kno\\/ |/\||-|@t !t 1s 4b0|_|T v/O(_) +h@t CloSe5
anc| ()P3nS;oN/_v/ 5o|\/|3~|~|-|!NG IN m[- u|\|[>erstAn|)s
+H3 v01(3 oF v/()UR e`/3$ iS de[-/>e/^ t#@n @|_l /^oseS)
n()|3o|)v/,n0t 3veN t|-|E /^Ain,|-|@s SuCH 5mal/_ hanc|s