somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

So|\/|eWhE/^3 I #@vE neVer t/~AVElled, gl@|)/_Y b[-yo|\|D
4|\|y exP3RiEn(e,y()(_)/^ ey3s h@\/E Th3iR $I/_en[3:
iN yO|_|/~ MosT F/^a1/_ 93$t(_)/^3 Are ~|~|-|1N9s \\/h1Ch Enclo5E Me,
O/^ \\/hic|-| i c4/v/v0T +()(_)ch bEca|_|5e tHEy 4R[- ~|~o() |\|e@/~

y0Ur $/_1gh~|~e5+ L0ok |/\|iL/_ [-@s1ly (_)/v[l0sE me
~|~HO|_|gh i hA\/e Cl0SeD |v|ys3lF as /=1/vGerS,
Y0(_) 0pen a|_w@v/s />3TAL 8v/ Pet@|_ |v|v/s3lf 4$ sp/~ing oPeNs
(To(_)(|-|InG 5k!Lfu|_|_y,|v|ysT3/^iO|_|s|_Y)|-|[-R F1/^sT /~o$3

Or iF `/()U/^ |/\|iSh 8e t0 cLos[- |\/|3, i a|\|[>
mY |_I/=e wi/_l sH(_)+ \/ery 8ea(_)tiphu|_|_y ,5|_||)|)[-|\|ly,
4$ |/\||-|en ~|~he #EA/^t Of th1S fl0wER I|\/|aGin3$
T#E s/voW ca/^E/=ul|_y [-\/ErywHeRE de$ce/v|)I|\|G;
|\|0+h1Ng |/\|hICh \\/E @r[- To P3Rc3I\/3 !n ~|~Hi$ \\/OrL|) 3QuAls
+H3 p()w3/^ O/= yO|_|r in+3n53 phR49!li~|~v/:W|-|ose ~|~3><+ure
(oM/>3l$ |v|3 w!+h the cOLo/~ 0f its (oUNtri35,
ren|)ErinG |)E@+# and f()R3\/3r WI~|~h each B/~3@tHI/v9

(i c|O n0+ k|\|O\\/ \\/#AT i~|~ !s 480U+ You tH@~|~ [|_oS[-5
@n|) opens;oN/_v/ 50Met|-|ing i/v |\/|e Un[>e/^S~|~4nds
THe voiC[- 0/= yO(_)/~ eye$ is DE3/O3/~ T#A|\| a|_|_ /~o5[-s)
/v()8()|)v/,Not e\/En +hE /^a!n,h45 Suc# s|\/|ALl h4Nd5