somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

5()Me\\/#3/^[- 1 h4Ve Ne\/E/^ T/~A\/ELl3D, 9L@dl`/ B[-YOn[>
a/vv/ 3xP[-rIe|\|Ce,`/0uR ey3s h@V[- ~|~h31r $1leN[e:
iN yO(_)/~ M()5T /=R@IL ges~|~|_|/^[- A/^3 +|-|Ing$ W|-|1[h 3/vc|_os[- me,
0R w#Ic# i CANnot t()(_)c|-| |3[-c4use ~|~hey A/~[- +o() nE4R

yO|_|/^ slIgh+eS+ l()oK WI/_|_ ea$1/_y u/vc/_O5e |\/|e
~|~Ho|_|g|-| i haV3 c|_0$3[> mYse|_f 45 /=in9Ers,
`/()u op[-n A/_wAy5 />e+A/_ By p[-ta|_ m`/$3lF @$ $/>r1ng o/Oe|\|s
(tOuch!/vg 5kIlF|_|/_lv/,m`/st3riousL`/)#e/~ phIrsT rOs3

o/~ 1/= Y()(_)/^ wis|-| 8e ~|~o (l()53 |v|E, 1 Anc|
|\/|y |_Ife WiLl 5h(_)t VerY b3AuTifUllY ,5uD|)3|\|Ly,
aS w#[-n thE |-|e4r+ ()ph T|-|!s /=|_0\\/[-r imaGin3S
+H[- S|\|ow Car3FUllv/ 3v[-rYw#3Re [>3$ce/vDi|\|g;
/v0+hIn9 wHi(h WE a/~e +() /O3rc3!\/3 !|\| t|-|1s \\/0Rl|) eQUAlS
thE />0wer Oph v/ouR i/vt[-|\|sE ph/^@gilI+y:w#os[- +e><+ur3
c0|\/|pel$ me W!t# t|-|e (Olo/~ 0f iT5 C()|_|NTRi[-s,
r3ndE/^ing D3a+# anc| fo/~evER WiTh [-a(H B/^[-atHin9

(! d0 /vot KnoW \\/h4t i+ 1s @boU+ y()u ThAT [lO$e5
an[> oPE/vs;O/vly $o|\/|etHi|\|g 1N m3 Un|)er$tanc|s
~|~He v0!c3 0ph `/O(_)r [-`/[-s 15 |)[-EPe/^ Tha|\| 4|_l rOse$)
|\|ob()D`/,n()t [-VE|\| the /^@!n,|-|4S S(_)(H SmalL haN[>5