somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

s()mEwheRe i |-|@Ve N[-Ver travellEc|, 9/_4[>lY 8eyond
aNy EXPe/~ie|\|c3,v/0UR 3v/E5 Hav[- tH3i/^ si/_3nce:
in y0(_)r Mo$t phr@i|_ geS+ure a/~e th1|\|gs w#![H 3|\|(|_()5[- |\/|e,
oR \\/h1c# i (4Nn0+ T()uc|-| |3ecA(_)s[- T#3`/ ARE tOO n[-a/~

y0u/^ sLIg|-|T[-5~|~ /_()()|< \\/ill 3asIl`/ |_|/vCl()se M[-
+|-|Oug|-| ! #4\/E c/_os[-d M`/53Lf 4s fingErs,
y0U o/OEn @/_w4ys /O3tal |3v/ />3Tal mySeL/= as s/>/~I|\|g ()p[-n5
(T0(_)Ch1|\|g s|<!|_fU|_/_Y,|\/|yst3/~iOusly)#3r ph1r$t Ros3

O/^ 1F yo(_)/^ w1S|-| |3e T() c/_0s3 |v|e, ! @nd
my l1f3 W1|_|_ sHu+ \/[-/~y b[-@uTiph(_)llY ,sudde|\|L`/,
4s W#eN ThE he4/~t oF th1$ FL0|/\|3R 1mA9iNES
th3 $/v()\\/ (AR3ph|_||_l`/ EverYwherE [>3s(E|\|c|inG;
|\|0~|~h!NG w|-|1ch \\/[- arE t() />e/^c3!V3 iN This W()rl|) Equ4L5
th3 />Owe/~ o/= youR i|\|Te/vs[- fr@9iL1~|~Y:W|-|0se tE><+UrE
c()mP[-ls |v|[- wiT|-| tHE cOL()/^ oF i+s [ounTRI3s,
rend[-/~Ing c|eA~|~h @n|) F0r3vE/^ \\/IT# E4ch breaT#i|\|g

(1 [>0 N0+ k/v0w |/\|Hat It I5 @8()ut you th@+ [L()53s
@nd 0P[-|\|s;o|\|ly sO|\/|[-~|~#I|\|9 !/v m3 u|\|D3/^$+@|\||)s
+hE voic[- ()F `/ou/~ 3y[-S 1S c|[-3/OE/^ +han a/_/_ RoS35)
|\|o8oDv/,|\|0T ev[-/v t|-|E r41N,#as s|_|CH 5|v|A|_/_ Ha|\|D$