Alpha Complex

Alpha Complex

This is a solo Paranoia game written by Sam Shirley, taken from the Jan/Feb issue (No. 77) of Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer magazine. This is a public domain adventure and may not be sold or otherwise used for profit.

Paranoia images are Copyright © West End Games and used without permission.

How to Play

As you read through the story, you will be asked to make decisions for your character, Philo-R-DMD. Select one of the options to continue with the story. Not selecting an option is treason. Always choose the least dangerous option. Continue doing this until you win.

At times you will use a skill or engage in combat and will be informed of the outcome. These sections will be self-explanatory.

How to Die

As Philo-R-DMD you will die at times during the adventure. When this happens you will be given an new clone at a particular location. The new Philo-R will usually have to retrace some of the old Philo-R's path; hopefully he won't make the same mistake as his predecessor.

How to Win

Simply complete the mission before you expend all six clones.